The Scandinavian furniture under the microscope –

The Scandinavian furniture under the microscope

Ole Wanscher fatueuil drawn in 1951

We all know the famous Swedish firm of furniture assembly and yet the Scandinavian furniture, with its values ​​and aesthetics, back foot and takes in the postwar 50s.

The idea is simple: purified form and function must go hand in hand and beauty should be accessible to all.

Scandinavian furniture that exudes elegance and purity (sengtai)

Scandinavian furniture by sengtai elegance purity

The Scandinavian furniture should be made from simple materials and can cost - light wood is very emblematic of Scandinavian design as it refers to the wooded nature of the country. In short, the result is simple, classy and has graphics and clean lines and paints in pastel colors.

Superb Scandinavian chair with green fabric by Kvadrat (chair by Helge Sibast)

Scandinavian design chair green fabric by Kvadrat

In this article, we look at the few pieces of furniture that have marked the history of Scandinavian design as the Scandinavian row, Anders chair or furniture designed by Finn Juhl, one of the pioneers of Scandinavian design. In a world where minimalism and ecology are a matter of increasing importance, Scandinavian design has a place very comfortably ...

Wasabi TV unit to the Nordic influence and vintage

furniture tv wasabi treated wood lines

Anders designer chairs Collection

Nordic-inspired collection chairs anders

Buffet teak vintage Scandinavian inspired

Scandinavian teak sideboard

Scandinavian Sideboard as a TV stand

As Scandinavian row tv stand

iconic Scandinavian furniture culture and tradition

Scandinavian furniture wood chair emblem row

Scandinavian armchair Rattan, simple and elegant

Scandinavian simple design rattan armchair

stripped-light wood and sleek

light wood desk clean minimalist lines

Scandinavian furniture row iconic 50s

Scandinavian furniture designed by Finn Juhl

Scandinavian furniture expo by pioneer Finn Juhl

Scandinavian teak chairs vintage retro

Scandinavian furniture refined chic black wood

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