Modern library for your favorite books collection –

Modern library for your favorite books collection

modern library shelves wooden chair design

A modern library ? In the contemporary world of smartphones, tablets and various other gadgets that allow us to access information at any time with the push of a button, the book is considered outdated.

Yet even if the number of hard copy book readers have the tendency to fall, we are sure that there is a stable percentage of bibliophiles who will never replace the paper book with the eBook. For those who love books and lack the storage space or simply, they want to expand their library, a special selection of seven contemporary design libraries is subject of this publication.

wooden wall Modern Library by Cattelan Italia

develop modern library wooden living room wall decoration

Whether you are a bibliophile who loves to spend endless hours flipping through the pages of a book or someone who simply wants to tidy his collection in an elegant way, the library is an absolute must. A modern design library can easily change the look of your living room or home office, while giving it a more organized appearance and elegant. The seven libraries of models presented in our case, have been designed by the Italian company Cattelan Italia¹: versatile, modern and easy to integrate into a wide variety of interior styles.

Wall Modern Library wood painted white

Modern white wood library idea books store succulent flower pot

We start our journey in this wonderful world of creative design libraries Gino Carollo - a library wall made of wood. It comes in three colors: black, white and gray. This library is also available in bright yellow. This is a perfect way to add some color to the living room and make it more dynamic.

Modern library modern black wood and leather chair in yellow

modern library wooden black design yellow armchair floor mats

You are looking for a contemporary library, adaptable and modular that fits in a variety of decorating themes? Maybe Wally is the library for you?

Large black library to store his collection of favorite books Wally

Modern design black wooden library chair Cattelan italia

Designed by Philip Jackson, Wally is manufactured from medium density fibreboard (MDF).

The same white model library

library shelves white design idea armchair plant

Wally is available in four different colors, including black and white. A modern library par excellence!

Wally Design bookcase made of MDF

modern design home office idea library arrange wheelchair space

If you do not have much space in your living room or you want any discrete shelf, this is a way to integrate Wally behind your couch:

Wally is a library that can integrate with many interiors

white bookcase idea arrange seating mat

To delimit the space in a room, the Wally library sees ideal.

Beautiful modern design library in an elegant living room

library books store idea lounge sofa cushions

With Wally, you can choose a configuration that perfectly matches your living space and your home office.

Idea Integration of Wally library in a modern home office

home office idea develop library orange chair

Libraries are often used to separate and delineate spaces. A simple and practical solution, the installation of a library not only defines the space, but it leaves the still open and bright.

Library loft in upscale wood designed by Philip Jackson

design library lounge sofa cushions curtains idea carpet

The Library Loft, designed by the creator Philip Jackson, is a real masterpiece. It's one of those libraries you'd expect to see in an upscale bookstore.

Library an elegant and sophisticated look

wooden shelf living room sofa seating area develop idea

Its look is instantly recognizable and unique. It also helps to delimit the space with ease and elegance.

Separate the parts and design your beauty salon with library Loft

unique design library design wood arrange living room reading area

Below, we see the library loft that serves as a room divider between the living room and dining room.

The Library Loft available in different colors

develop design idea library space wooden shelves

It is also possible to install it against a wall in the living room or home office.

Library loft in elegant white design in a modern interior styling

modern library wooden lacquer develop modern design idea

Tokyo library is one of these libraries has always extraordinary look: when it is completely empty or when it serves cabinet to store books and objects.

Tokyo library of extraordinary design

library lounge develop space idea mirror wooden floor

Designed by Andrea Lucatello, Tokyo can be used as an autonomous sculptural decoration.

Tokyo Library: a true masterpiece sculpture

library lounge concept store books objects

While Tokyo may not be able to take the weight of a large collection of books, it offers a wonderful opportunity to showcase your favorite novels.

Library that values ​​the objects

modern design library lounge concept store

If you prefer a simple design furniture, Level is the perfect library for you. At first glance, it looks like a classic-style library with linear horizontal shelves, any discrete.

The Level Library is elegant and discreet

Modern elegant design of library'intérieur contemporain tapis sol

Yet there is a small touch that makes it unique and contemporary: the shelves that you can steer and configure as needed.

Modular Library sleek design and discreet Level

idea living space develop modern wood floor mat library design

Level is ideal for those who like to change the time setting time and make small regular changes in their interiors.

The Level near library

modern library design idea wooden storage lounge

Do you like industrial style ? Hudson is a library with a simple, functional and metal. With its ornate finishes, Hudson seems both modern and industrial. Designed by Giorgio Cattelan, this modular library is ideal for saving space.

Hudson Library Industrial Design designed by Giorgio Cattelan

hudson design library modern room

Hudson can be placed in the smallest corners of the house, in addition, it is possible to modify and expand by adding additional units. Your collection grows, your library too! The open design of Hudson also ensures the uninterrupted passage of natural light, giving the open living space an airy feel.

Hudson allows natural light to enter and creates the feeling of airy ambience

idea lounge arrange convenient storage library shelves design idea

We finish our tour of these libraries with our favorite fashion model - Giotto. Designed by Andrea Lucatello, Giotto library is a unique style that can easily find its place in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices to modern home.

Library Giotto designed by designer Andrea Lucatello

Giotto modern wooden bookcase design wall wallpaper

All seven libraries of models presented here are, in the most classic style with rustic touches. Giotto's design is more contemporary and sophisticated.

Library Giotto made of solid walnut

library wooden living room design idea develop modern design

Built with a frame solid walnut Canaletto, this library can bring a unique touch to a modern interior.

Library with a frame solid walnut Canaletto

develop modern library design idea interior living room

¹ Cattelan Italia

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