Staircase design library to optimize space –

Staircase design library to optimize space

staircase design library shelves white paint modern wall decoration idea

Optimize the space of your home with a design library stairs! This week, we zoom in on the different options to combine these two elements of architecture and decoration, storage for books on one hand and the internal staircase on the other, with forty images will inspire those who are creating a stair project or library.

Staircase Dreihausfrauen library design in white with metal body guard modern style

Layouts library staircase design staircase floating white wall shelves

When it comes to connect two apartments on each other to form a single living space on two levels, the staircase appears to be the most natural solution. Why not add to that organization from the inside storage for books, which displays your finest works and make it a showcase of your interests and your passions?

Stairs wooden bookcase with hanging and storage markets opened by Maxwan

Contemporary staircase interior design library wall unit hanging storage

Combining white and wood staircase in a library development project of Scandinavian design look, here's a nice idea for a Modern, airy and full of light. You can even use such a corner of your house to arrange an office there, with some closed drawers that house your work tools.

Staircase library design for small metal and wooden areas by Studio Mieke Meijer

Library stairs wood interior design small idea deco staircase

Some stairs can be used for storage of books in a purely decorative purpose. It is precisely this type of decoration that was operated by designer Just Haasnoot who opted for an industrial-inspired steps to adorn a compact office area with open shelves for books.

Small wooden staircase library interior design by NC2 Architecture

library staircase original design furniture storage decoration small space

Need space saving staircase that also allows the development of some hanging shelves for your books? Get inspired by the model above with zigzag steps: much more than architectural element that facilitates access to the second level of a studio or a small apartment, it is a true work of art!

Library compact interior wooden staircase by General Assembly

design model library stairs storage wall idea small spaces

The combination of black and wood is a classic option for those who love the look of natural materials and neutral colors. But be careful, remember to associate these dark shades to the wall painting and flooring of lighter shades!

mezzanine and wooden wall bookcase bed with little modern staircase by Veran Émilie

Layouts Design Library stairs loft bed wood wall shelves books

Small contemporary accommodation are often characterized by an organization of space on several levels. To gain more space, we sometimes use a loft bed that is connected to the rest of the interior by means of a compact design library stairs.

Library cabinet wall and decorative wooden internal stairwell by Fujimatsu Architect

staircase design wall storage library metal natural wood decoration

Stairs with library and similar decorative solutions are often known to form wall niches should try to make best use. If your staircase design library plan provides such a space, think about the different possibilities to enjoy: install there a work area, an area for relaxing or reading!

Idea of ​​design library staircase renovation and paint color by Gordon Walker

staircase color design trend library renovation stairs storage house books

The repainting is the simplest and most effective way to refresh a design library stairs already there. Spruce up this architectural element with some bright paint to make it a must-decorative accent!

wood and metal design staircase with open shelves on white wall by Wild Rabbits Architects

staircase design library shelves suspended wooden staircase garde Metal body

The interior stairs with storage for books are sometimes used to connect two separate apartments, for example, in a family house consisting of two or more separate dwellings. This is precisely the case of the wood and metal model.

Build a wooden bookcase with shelves staircase incorporated into the wooden steps

stairs storage design idea library books stairs modern interior decoration

How to introduce more colors in its décor dominated by natural materials? Try decorating with open shelves for your books and accessories!

Deco idea of ​​space under stairs with mini wall bookcase in white Pia Winther

Nordic design staircase library shelf small white staircase wall decoration

Sometimes the small mural libraries have a purely decorative function. This is the case in the interior of the image below, which has a storage under staircase adorned with books and design objects.

Library Contemporary wooden staircase by Farrow Design Arcaro

staircase design library metal ramp idea wood decoration contemporary libraries

If you need a design library staircase plan with open storage, consider the possibility to create shelves that form a natural extension of the steps of your staircase. This is a simple way to achieve a functional and easy to access stairwell.

modern lighting for wooden staircase design by Koch Architects

staircase design bookcase design light LED strip lighting

What choose lighting for contemporary design library stairs? The LED lights are a great solution because they do not occupy space and they highlight the open shelves, as in an art gallery!

Idea library design in wooden staircase Kerr Construction

design library shelves suspended wooden staircase library

Choose an original mural library like the one on the picture above to arrange the space under your stairs and make it a part of your decoration design.

modern design in white staircase with wooden library by Stephen Moser Architect

library staircase white wood furniture design book shelf storage

Lovers of natural decoration? Adopt a Scandinavian design library stairs, building on a type of wood to light shade, such as pine and white paint!

Spiral staircase arranged around a white library by Design + Weld

staircase design library hung steps wooden modern furniture books

Atypical spaces need an original staircase that can fit into the overall ambiance of the housing without occupying much space. This spiral staircase that revolves around a small white library is ideal for this kind of decor.

Plan staircase library custom design by Jianxiong Liu

stairs library architecture design and decoration wood library wood model

And if you fancy a custom-made staircase library to offer you a really artistic atmosphere, why not take to model the image above?

Deco idea of ​​floating white staircase with steps by Design + Weld

staircase inside small library modern library design idea decoration cage staircase

Devotees reading inhabiting a small area home usually need a library that takes up little space but is able, together, contain many volumes. The staircase to the upper frame provides both benefits while providing easy access to all books stored on the shelves of the library.

Idea to build a wooden staircase design library with storage for books by Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti

design library stairs small furniture storage library workspace

Like DIY and looking for a stair model library design not hard to do yourself? In the picture above, an idea that might interest you! This is a staircase with steps which take the form of open wooden boxes can be used to store your favorite books!

Example wooden staircase library easy to make yourself by Process

Library stairs inside wall bookcase design metal storage timber

This image shows another construction model stair design library you can build yourself. Ladder-type wooden box vertically disposed therein to house more books.

Photo custom staircase with vertical shelves for decorative items for the honey workshop

Library stairs contemporary furniture design decoration idea cage staircase

Modern stairs with elongated wall shelves vertically fill a very elegant decorative. Combine them with door to storage to get more space and better organize the different types of papers and documents that you keep at home!

Solid wood bookcase with small storage by Studio Farris

library wooden staircase deco apartment office space loft furniture

If you like wooden furniture, experiment with a staircase library doing material that incorporates the typical forms of rustic houses and wooden beams. Above a picture of a contemporary interpretation of such an architectural element.

bookcase image for storage under the stairs in a light color by Jochen Specht

Contemporary wall decoration library storage timber staircase idea stairs

Wooden wall cladding is perfectly married with stairs made of the same material. Select a type of dark wood for a vintage air or a light color for a modern look.

Staircase with storage, guard body glass and wooden stairs floating by Studio 25

library shelves books staircase wall glass and raw wood

In industrial interiors, library stairs are often made of wood and metal. But the pattern on the top picture adopts an alternative solution, building on a combination of wood and glass, all of which are installed on a rough concrete wall.

Large contemporary staircase with library center by Moon Hoon

Wall libraries wooden staircase Layouts idea interior modern design

Those who are fortunate to live in a large area home have the opportunity to make their interior stairs a focal point of their decoration. To make this even more attractive staircase, arrange ahead your library in the heart of wooden steps!

Library on two levels with spiral staircase to a contemporary bookseller atmosphere by Siemasko + Verbridge

Layouts library deco interior contemporary wood furniture

Spiral staircases are we save space, which is ideal for those who need more space for a large mural library.

Open lounge with staircase Half-turn and large library into two levels by Paul Cremoux Studio

library lounge staircase design staircase suspended shelf wall decoration

This contemporary staircase combines several interior solutions very clever. His steps facilitate access to all books stored on open shelves and includes an enclosed storage compartment hidden beneath its steps and a room divider furniture that hides part of the kitchen!

Mini modular staircase with decorative shelf Scandinavian design by One Girl Interiors

home decoration stairs storage wall Scandinavian style furniture

Making its own small wooden shelf is also a good idea if you have an empty corner next to some stairs connecting two parts of your home. To do this, pile some mini wooden boxes and you get a modular bookcase made to measure!

Decorative staircase with wooden handrail and white modular shelves by Drexler Guinand Jauslin

furniture library plan design staircase wall storage

Contemporary design staircase with wooden ramp and cupboards open by Platform 5 Architects

idea deco library stairs light LED lighting luminaire

Play with your stairs and cupboards that accompany it! Make a library that takes the forms of markets and highlight its beauty with few integrated LED luminaires.

Design Library Staircase and idea of ​​white and wood decor by Andrea Mosca

Contemporary staircase library shelf white color wall painting

You do not need to construct a staircase at home but you like the libraries imitating the appearance of the stairs? We have an idea for you: Decorate your living room with such a library leaning against a light colored wall!

Library design with white wooden stairs Rebecca Naughtin Architect

deco timber interior stairwell shelves furniture idea separation piece

Want to attract attention on your books instead of the stairs? Opt for white cupboards that highlight your collection of literary works!

Contemporary interior with stairs in library slope El Furniture

white bookcase contemporary wooden staircase railing design idea

Cage wooden staircase with metal coprs guard by Chioco Design

decorating ideas cage common wood hand staircase large library

Create a reading nook beside his library stairs? Why not ! After all, you only need a comfortable chair and a coffee table to ask you quietly and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation!

white and wood staircase with brick wall on shelves exposed by NC2 Architecture

Photo small staircase wood furniture Scandinavian light wooden staircase design

Personalize your staircase with an open library of Scandinavian style installed on a wall in red brick Scandinavian inspired! To top it all, add one or two decorative paintings of modern style.

Storage for books and decorative wooden staircase by Design42

plan library idea wood staircase suspended storage timber

The open storage adapt even stairwells very small surfaces. To convince you, it is sufficient to consider the picture above!

ultra modern staircase with metal storage by Design + Weld

staircase inside modern design metal storage black steps

The development of a really interesting staircase also requires more or less daring choice. Above, an idea for those who like to experiment: a banister which includes storage space for books and decorative objects.

Corner of reading and modern staircase suspended by Oliver Fourny

idea cupboards deco library furniture white staircase

A modern staircase can also fade to focus on your play area with wooden wall unit. Reinforce this effect with a brightly colored furniture, such as yellow cloth chair on the picture above!

Mini wooden staircase with integrated storage for books

storage shelf wooden stairs deco books small apartment

And finally, here are two models of metal bookcase staircase and wood certainly will appeal to those who like modern design with natural materials:

Floating staircase in black and wood by Sergey Makhno Architects

floating staircase model black wood storage wall open living room deco

floating wooden staircase with metal body guard by Stone Horse Design

under stairs storage wall shelf wooden staircase small metal ramp

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