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Dining table and billiards – Fusion Table combines the two!

fusion table combines conventional pool table covered

Have you ever dreamed of a pool table in your living room? Your dream is it quickly dissipated when you realized that never will you find the necessary space?

Do acharnez more, discover more Aramith Fusion Table, the two table in one - the ingenious combinaisaon a dinner table and a pool table. What a great idea!

A billiard table behind a dining table conventional

design table converts into play billiards after dinner

Imagine a dinner with friends, disposing the table, lift the three boards that make up the dining table and, abracadabra, the table is converted into snooker table full of style! The Fusion table is available in white, black, stainless steel, but can also be customized to your liking. There is such a limited edition (99 tables) Veuve Clicquot you can find below. It is a versatile piece of furniture, really fun and functional. See for yourself and tell us what you think ...

We suspect nothing of this dining table simple and chic

dining table versatile stylish role carries billiards

But a magic trick, it becomes a sophisticated pool table

impress your guests of'un tour de la main

The two table one enjoys a modern and minimalist design

billiard table design perfect compact spaces

Merging table combines stainless steel and wood for a refined look

melting refined version table stainless steel and wood

modern and versatile pool table that also has the role dining table

dining table converted into a billiard table

Fusion Table is available in customized versions as this model of Veuve Clicquot

Widow Clicquot table merging limited edition

The dining table gives no clue as to its hidden function

elegantly simple design hides table pool table

Design table overflowing with elegance white version

beautiful dining table white version design seats

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