The Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen Danish design icon –

The Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen Danish design icon

Jacobsen Egg chair egg chair design furniture inside interior design

The Egg chair, also known as the Egg Chair was designed there almost sixty years by the inimitable creator and architect Arne Jacobsen. Its design has undergone many different transformations.

This chair is an icon of Scandinavian design and contemporary design.

Egg chair Jacobsen Danish design icon

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The sculpted design of the Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen is an icon of Danish design functional and timeless classic. Adored by lovers of design, old and new, this chair has never been out of production and is a recognizable symbol of modernism. Jacobsen Egg chair was created in 1958 as a modern version of the shepherdess wing. Some believe it is the Womb chair of the Finnish architect Eero Saarinen, created in 1948, which influenced the design of Jacobsen for the Egg chair.

Arne Jacobsen Egg chair and

Jacobsen chair modern design concept develop egg chair

Responsible for designing all elements of the former SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (1958-1960) - the front of high-rise in its interior and furnishings - Jacobsen was able to successfully apply his theories on architecture and integrate them in practice. The egg chair is an important part of the architectural ensemble of the Royal Hotel. It was designed to sit in the lobby and in the social areas of the hotel.

Historic Photography SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen

egg chair modern historical photography hotel interior design

The chair was presented for the first time at the Scandinavian Forms exhibition at Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris in November 1958 as part of the furniture project for SAS Royal Hotel. Currently, the hotel bears the name Radisson Blu Royal. Nowadays, the modernist masterpiece Jacobsen is present in the interiors of many contemporary hotels. The chair remained constant synonymous with good design and good taste.

Historic Photography SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen to lobby

egg chair egg chair design Jacobsen Hall Hotel

A technological innovation, the chair has an oval shape. When he was placed in the Royal, it wonderfully contrasted with the architecture of the building mainly composed of vertical and horizontal lines. The organic and pure design of the chair back was a modernist and elegant touch in the interior of the rather classic hotel. At that time, Jacobsen was one of the few designers who created the organic design furniture. His humanistic approach has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity.

Armchair symbol of modern organic source Pamono

Jacobsen egg chair modern design furniture design
Jacobsen originally designed the base of the Egg chair in his garage, where he worked with clay to shape and refine its shape. In carrying out the chair, he was the first designer to use a strong inner shell foam in upholstery. Nowadays, the chair is manufactured using a polyurethane foam reinforcing glass fibers. It is then completed with a cold foam and covered in fabric or leather - there are 1200 points sewn by hand in the making of each chair. The shell of the chair has a connector inclination which is adjustable depending on the weight of the user and held on a rotating base in the form of satin polished star. As a finished product, Egg chair is a chair designed fervently made to adapt to life and make it more comfortable.

Photo collage with Jacobson sitting in egg chair

Jacobsen egg chair modern chair design

Arne Jacobsen, architect and designer, was also an artist, this influenced his work and his vision on the use of color. Many of Jacobsen's furniture designs have brilliant hues. Finally the egg chair is perfect with colorful fabrics and leathers. Below, a special edition of the Egg upholstered with dark blue canvas fabric - inspired by the enthusiasm of Arne Jacobsen for the bluish tone.

Armchair upholstered with fabric dark blue linen

Jacobsen egg chair modern trendy design
With its distinctive shape, the chair of Jacobsen has a commanding presence, elegant and inviting to settle in his comfortable seat. Once seated, the chair offers a modicum of privacy, a feature that is particularly useful in public places or when you want to be alone at home. With its swivel base, we can choose to open the conversation or otherwise, stay in his isolated little cocoon. Read or socialize, it depends on the mood of the user. The chair is often sold with footrest. In 1958, Jacobsen also designed the Egg stool. The chair and stool are manufactured by Fritz Hansen. Almost sixty years later, the chair egg remains an icon representative of Danish design.

The armchair with footrest in red

red egg chair footrest design modern chair

The iconic Egg chair in white

Egg white leather armchair design wooden floor office egg chair

Egg chair with fabric Japanese designer Minagawa

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organic design

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The chair cook dark

modern furniture trend leather armchair design

Vintage leather chair

Danish design egg chair egg chair design

Contemporary version with footstools

egg chair egg chair design footrestcontemporary version by Racing and Emotion Egg chair design modern egg chair egg chairThe armchair pastel blue

chair design armchair egg egg

The interior of the Tower in UK

modern interior design chair Jacobsen leather armchair design footrest red chair modern design interior wood pattern wooden table Danish modern chair egg chair design Egg chair design footrest modern leather Jacobsen Danish design Jacobsen egg chair egg leather designer bar stools wood

leather armchair unique design egg inside flesh gray mat

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