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futuristic furniture: The Prism Maurie Novak table

prism table maurie novak

The Prism Table was created by Maurie Novak MN Design, an architecture and design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. This futuristic furniture is perhaps surprising.

The designer borrowed a visual concept and apply it to the coffee table. Made of stainless steel and glass, this table is made up of crystals which seem to refract light and create optical effects of color prisms. The bright colors of rays rainbow sky also appear with another material added during manufacture. actually rays, are not pure illusion, they are a physical reality. This is where lies the originality of the design Maurie Novak likes to surprise the game between visual impact and materiality. The creator put us to the challenge inviting us to play the game. This futuristic design of furniture tells a story. On each side, the table offers another perspective or combination of shapes and colors, just as does the prism reflecting light. The result is both simple and amazing. The colored rays emerge from the steel frame and become through the glass volume. They twist and intertwine, which creates a smooth effect. The color mixing creates a sense of continuous movement. This coffee table is not designed to be covered with objects and trinkets, it is in itself a decorative object that deserves to be exposed in all its minimalist glory. This futuristic furniture however, is not pretentious and integrates all interior styles.

Between optical illusion and materiality

futuristic furniture novak

A futuristic and minimalist design furniture

futuristic furniture prism table
A different perspective on each side

coffee table futuristic design furnitureOptical effects misleading glass coffee table SteelA coffee table made of stainless steel and glassOriginal design coffee table
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