Scandinavian chair: 47 iconic models

Scandinavian white chair and wooden deco living room stay dining room

The Nordic style attaches great importance to details and the combination of furniture and accessories in the interior. So it is no coincidence that the furniture manufacturers in this part of Europe has designed a collection of furniture that are intended to supplement the Nordic design spaces.

We selected 47 Scandinavian chair models that represent the best of the furniture manufacturing tradition of iconic furniture reproductions invented by the great names of Nordic style.

Scandive chair classic white and wood: About A Chair by Hee Welling

deco interior white chair Scandinavian idea Office Layouts

very talented creator, Hee Welling invented models that marked much of Nordic design furniture. Scandinavian chair above is an exemplary product of the designer office in the city of Copenhagen. Simple and elegant, this chair should be the decor of a private residence or a workspace open to the public.

Scandinavian wooden chair kitchen or meals: Wishbone inspired by Hans J. Wegner

Scandinavian wood chair idea deco dining corner kitchen

This chair is a reproduction of a signed invention Hans J. Wegner. Named Wishbone (bone fork), it is one of the most famous works in his office. The model in the picture above, made of walnut, takes the form of the original and aims to highlight the natural beauty of Scandinavian design.

Wooden chair Nordic style, rectangular dining table: Elbow from the original model by Hans J. Wegner

Scandinavian chair deco corner kitchen meal Layouts

Nordic design chair in wood with black seat: CH33 with design inspired by Hans J. Wegner

Scandinavian black table chair furniture design office

Scandinavian chair CH33 on this image was inspired by a piece of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, while making a number of improvements to the original model. It is available in oak and chestnut, with upholstery in black or leather effect.

Chair Scandinavian style "Presidential Election" after the model by Hans J. Wegner

Scandinavian modern wood table chair rectanulgaire

This is another model inspired by the creations signed Hans Wegner. This Scandinavian wooden chair has a remarkable story: it has become famous thanks to the televised debate between the candidates for the post of President of the United States Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, candidates who were both sitting in the original version of the chair dating from 1949. it is in this anecdote comes the cabinet name.

Scandinavian armchair in white for dining room or office: Series 7, replica furniture by Arne Jacobsen

Scandinavian design chair Eames room office room

With the next model of Scandinavian chair, we spend in the field of inventions of another great creator, Arne Jacobsen. The piece of furniture is one of the most sold product of this great designer. With the above model, you can gain a faithful reproduction.

White chair and Nordic-style wood inspired by Charles and Ray Eames

white wood chair Scandinavian round dining table

Charles and Ray Eames are two other well-known names in the world of Nordic-style decor. In 1951, the name Eames became known through the so-called chair Side Chair who combined a white chair with wooden legs. It is this iconic piece of furniture that served as inspiration for making the Scandinavian chair you see in the picture above.

Chairs and Nordic-style chairs: wooden lounge chair by Eames and Verner Panton S by Style

Nordic interior design furniture chair chair

Scandinavian wooden furniture: designer chair by Muuto Nerd

Scandinavian wood chair Layouts dining room pendant light

These wooden furniture represent contemporary trends in Scandinavian design. They were carried out in 2012 by David Geckeler on behalf of Muuto. The furnishings are made of recycled wood and feature solid wooden feet walnut, oak or lacquered ash. The model is perfect for indoor dining, a corner meal or Nordic design office.

Chairs for dining Scandinavian: Master by Kartell

Scandinavian kitchen chair neutral color office Layouts

Designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell brand, Master interpète forms of three iconic models of Nordic design by bringing together in one piece of furniture very quite remarkable. In fact, the Scandinavian chair you see on the picture above shows the forms of Tulip by Eero Saarinen (see below in the gallery), the Eiffel Eames and the Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen as we saw above. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the furniture also has the advantage of being used outside and inside. It is sold in two neutral colors, black and white, as well as yellow, red and green.

Chairs and armchairs Scandinavian design: Drop by Arne Jacobsen

Scandinavian interior design red dining room chair

Scandinavian chair Drop (drop) is a seat model that will attempt certainly lovers of Nordic style and vintage design. Getting the world there are more than 50 years by Arne Jacobsen, the original chair is now impossible to acquire. But, fortunately, there is furniture inspired by the chair that are just as elegant!

Idea of ​​Scandinavian furniture for dining room and corner meal: Cover by Muuto

Scandinavian chair picture Nordic design pendant lamp kitchen

Sold by Muuto, Scandinavian chair Cover (cover), the image above, was shaped by the designer Thomas Bentzen. Made entirely of wood and does not include anything artificial materials, it will appeal to lovers of natural decoration that can adorn their kitchens or dining rooms of Nordic atmosphere.

Black modern chair Scandinavian interior: Grand Prix after Arne Jacobsen

Scandinavian chair black living room rectangular table

The original chairs named Grand Prix were marketed in 1957 by Arne Jacobsen. They are the result of design work that is based on the shape of the human body and is intended to offer an incomparable feeling of comfort to their users. These replicas of the original Nordic furniture are available in several bright colors and black.

Modern chairs Nordic style in yellow and green: Fiber by Muuto

Scandinavian chair Photo Nordic home interior furniture

It was after the fructeuse collaboration Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin the chair Fiber (fiber) above emerged. Produced in 2014 Muuto, it comprises composite materials and is padded Kvadrat fabric or leather in a series of neutral colors. The feet that support the seats are made of walnut.

Nordic chair recycled wood and reproduction of the original model by Eames

Scandinavian wood chair idea deco interior design living room

The following example of Scandinavian chair takes an existing model signed Eames and faithfully mimics its original appearance to offer a comfortable seat, which can decorate an interior private house or public facility.

dining room chairs, Nordic-style yellow and black: Salt by Tom Kelley

yellow chair Scandinavian furniture dining table inside Nordic design

Tom Kelley is a designer who has worked for agencies and businesses around the world and whose furniture manufacturing design was influenced by the principles of simplicity and natural beauty of the typical Scandinavian style. Thus, the appearance of the chair Scandinavian Salt (salt) on the top image is undeniably inspired by the Swedish design has been adapted to modern living spaces. The legs of this stand are regarded as its most outstanding feature as make very compact and ideal chair for the design of small spaces.

Scandinavian style chair model: J104 Jørgen Bækmark

Scandinavian chair deco dining room Nordic design idea

These wooden furniture is known as the J104. Invented by Jørgen Bækmark, a designer who has worked with the Danish brand FDB Mobler, they illustrate one of the typical features of Scandinavian design and products of the brand: the natural and purified air of its products. In addition to the natural wood version they are available in black, red, white and gray.

Chairs Nordic-inspired vintage black Thonet

black chair Scandinavian furniture kitchen small space Layouts

This is a furniture model akin to the Scandinavian design without belonging to a collection of Nordic brand. Indeed, Thonet model was made in Germany and it is influenced by vintage style and country houses of the decoration in the countries of Central Europe and Scandinavia. The furniture pieces on the upper photograph is a replica of the original furniture that is particularly difficult to find in the current market.

Scandinavian design chairs for dining table: Model 42 by Kai Kristiansen

Scandinavian upholstered chair wood Nordic style furniture

The comfortable chairs are a copy of the Model 42 chair by Kai Kristiansen. With their distinct look, typical of the popular decoration during the second half of the 20th century, they incriraient well in a space of minimalist, traditional style. The models are made of solid walnut and have seats dressed in upholstery in taupe gray.

Nordic interior armchair Oslo by Torbjørn Anderssen & Espen Voll and Swan by Arne Jacobsen

Scandinavian chairs chairs interior modern design object

chair Nordic design model for workspace or dining Tulip by Eero Saarinen

Scandinavian chairs house work space Layouts

Eero Saarinen is an architect and designer who worked on the chair Tulip (Tulip) by taking classical forms the beginning of the atomic age (mid 20th century) and in particular, the fascination of the technology and its use in the service of homes in the United States and Western Europe. These chairs are a faithful copy of the original model, made with an aluminum base, a plastic seat and cushions removable fabric. These are available in many colors to be incorporated more easily into modern interiors.

transparent chair modern style: Louis Ghost by Philippe Starck

Layouts transparent chairs Scandinavian kitchen design

Another emblematic creation of Philippe Starck, the transparent Louis Ghost chair said. The furniture pieces shown above borrow the lines of this chair to offer us a stackable version, in several translucent colors.

Wooden chair with fabric upholstery Black Shell inspired by Hans J. Wegner

Scandinavian style Nordic wood chairs chairs

Shell chair (shell) is another invention of Hans J. Wegner who is behind this high quality reproduction model made of walnut and leather from Italy.

Nordic style armchair wood Cuba Morten Göttler

wood chair Scandinavian design house modern style

The design armchair Cuba was directed by Morten Gøttler in 1997. It is a piece of furniture that was produced with great attention to detail: the linen parts were handmade, oak wood structure has been lacquered, metal materials were made of high quality copper. Cabinet space saving par excellence, Cuba is foldable and easy to store in a corner of the room.

Idea of ​​contemporary Scandinavian decor with lounge chairs by Jens Risom

Nordic design lounge chair decoration beige

Next in our list, the chair for Deco lounge and living invented by Jens Risom and influenced both by Scandinavian design and the style typical of US residences of the 20th century. The replica on the top image is made of linen and wood to provide the ultimate feeling of comfort.

wooden armchair Deco Nordic style: CH25 inspired by Hans J. Wegner

Nordic wood lounge chair Layouts idea

With this picture, we find another chair inspired by the works of Hans J. Wegner and particularly by its CH25 chair. The furniture is made of ash with seat and backrest rattan handmade.

Scandinavian design chairs for living room: POANG by Ikea and wooden chair by Jens Risom

Scandinavian interior furniture wood chair fabric

Wood furniture and leather Nordic style: Model 45 by Finn Juhl

leather chair wooden deco lounge Nordic design style

This furniture is a reproduction of the Scandinavian chair 45 by Finn Juhl, designer known for exporting Nordic style in the United States. The chair on the top picture is to be accessible without losing its quality and durability. The elements of the original model have therefore been replaced by more economical products: painted beech wood in a shade close to that of walnut and a mixture of linen and cotton which replaces the leather trim.

Scandinavian furniture for home interior: Z Selig Poul Jensen

Wood deco chairs Scandinavian style lounge eclectic style

Another piece of really iconic furniture, Selig Z chair is designed by Poul Jensen. It comprises a hardwood frame and a seat and back pad blue color, gray or white.

padded chair Metal Nordic style: Barcelona by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

capitonne idea cabinet chair Scandinavian design

With this chair of Nordic design, we turn to the work of the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The replica of the original Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe has a metal structue which is complemented by leather cushions available in white, black and red.

modern style leather chairs: Grand Confort by Le Corbusier and Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair by

living room furniture Nordic design black leather armchair

padded chair Nordic style stool with footrest: Womb by Eero Saarinen

Nordic lounge chair deco design stool

It is through the creative efforts of Eero Saarinen this elegant Scandinavian chair was established in 1948. Dubbed Womb (uterus), it is the source of this copy made of fiber glass padded cashmere. The model is available in several colors, like orange, red and purple and comes with a stool footrest of the same shade.

modern lounge chair inside for: LC4 by Le Corbusier

modern chaise lounge Nordic interior design

This long indoor chair mimics the look of the famous model LC4 by Le Corbusier. It is made of steel and covered with a black leather trim, black or brown.

Scandinavian modern design chair: Egg by Arne Jacobsen and Diamond by Harry Bertoia

chair chair Nordic interior home furniture

Modern Home for Nordic interior: Butterfly by Hardoy

leather armchair reading corner Layouts Scandinavian style

The Butterfly chair (Butterfly) by Harody dating from 1938 is so well known that probably needs no introduction. This beautiful reproduction has a leather seat that can decorate a pillow for added comfort.

Design armchair and ottoman furniture: Contour by Grant Featherston

chair stool capitonne corner of Scandinavian living room reading

Grant Featherston is an Australian designer who invented the Contour chair with a footrest stool in the early 50s of the 20th century. The original models of this stand now part of the symbolic products of Scandinavian design and are sold, for this reason, at fairly high prices. This copy allows you to gain a Contour chair at a much more reasonable price.

Scandinavian style home furniture: armchair and padded stool: Ox by Hans J. Wegner

children's room blue chairs Scandinavian furniture

Beautiful padded chair Scandinavian style: Teddy Bear by Hans J. Wegner

Scandinavian armchair furniture design interior capitonne

Teddy Bear is another Scandinavian furniture with design by Hans J. Wegner. The beautiful print above is made of walnut and alder, with upholstery in cashmere.

Scandinavian design vintage furniture: Lumi Mod Source

Nordic furniture decoration living room chair office

Scandinavian chair Mod is a product of the brand Lumi Source whose style is typical of the mid-20th century. The furniture reproductions shown on the picture above are made of walnut wood which is upholstered in shades of black or white.

Scandinavian design chair Wood: Zig Zag inspired by Gerrit Rietveld

idea Scandinavian furniture wood chair decoration design

modern design chairs in black and white: Style Ball by Eero Aarnio

Scandinavian furniture inside modern deco armchairs Danish

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