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Walk-in Shower: elegance, simplicity, design 38 photos

shower to'italienne design

The Italian shower now is super trendy and this is not only from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, it gives the current face of modern bathrooms supplementing their unique style, but also by introducing comfort.

It provides easy access and has a pure and luxurious design. Consider the following ideas of modern and practical Italian shower and take the opportunity to introduce comfort and style in your bathroom.

walk-in shower with a unique design

shower to'italienne design unique

This shower that impresses with its discreet installation, fits smoothly in all forms and goes perfectly with every interior design style. Since this is a walk-in shower, it requires the installation of the recipient, sometimes as pipe fittings. This last aspect certainly favors very comfortable in handling the shower in general. A smaller handling favors in principle less damage in the pipes of the shower, etc.

Italian shower or slimline receiver?

shower to'italienne elegante

You can install the shower without walls or you can opt for installation, glass door and without not to clutter the small bathroom. This is an ideal arrangement that can give a beautiful look to your pond or too small bathroom it may be.

Designer bathroom with great shower

shower to'italienne salle de bain

Bathroom with recessed shower

shower to'italienne parois

A very nice alternative to the walk-in shower is extra flat shower tray. It is a high-end design that introduces luxury in the contemporary bathroom. Both models are not radically different from each other. The catcher, though it exceeds 4 or 5 cm, still remains visible. Its advantage: the visible shower tray is a little less expensive. It's up to you !

Deco ultra modern bathroom

room bath-shower-minimalist Italian

The walk-in shower is practical, elegant, ultra modern and easy to handle. It is aesthetic only when the faucet out of the wall, the rest of the installation remains embedded in the wall. In a few years, it seemed completely futuristic. The question arose as to what would happen if there was a leak that should be repaired. Should they make real work in the bathroom to fix the leak? In reality, the problem was most often when you had the hose from the shower left free handling.

One wall and fitted shower

shower to'italienne salle-bain-blanche

Feel free to observe the bathroom shown on the photo below and honestly say you if you prefer to the traditional one where any pipe, valve, trap or other remains visible, recalling its installation, operation and its lifetime.

Shower in modern gray bathroom

Italian-shower effect rain-bath-room-modern

It is true that to get such a bathroom, one must have expected a larger installation budget but luxury was never given. If at any time you feel that you've finally earned, we will convince you that this kind of bathrooms are more beautiful effect.

Bathroom decor with Italian shower


The design is clean, their line is pure, their pace is really futuristic. You have nothing to pay when you shower, just the water temperature. Simplicity makes you want to take a bath more often because access is easier and finalization of the activity will take place in the short term.

Blue bathroom decor with Italian shower


The fixing of the shower head once and for all will make fewer movements in the shower room and wet less all around. This is very important in terms of safety in the bathroom as most accidents occur at home unfortunately spend in the bathroom, after slipping.

super modern recessed shower tray

shower to'italienne salle bain ultra moderne

To choose to install this type of shower, namely the Italian shower, you must begin to live in the future and understand that the choice of this design completely change your course of action in everyday life. The walk-in shower comes naturally when the style to which it belongs has already been adopted.

Room super modern bathroom with walk-in shower

shower to'italienne salle-bain-minimaliste

This style discussed here requires a more neutral behavior in everyday life. Clearly now neither the installation of the walk-in shower or maintenance, or its removal will depend on you. You'll never handyman at home because the style you adopt will do again. You must be mentally prepared!

built-in shower and great square head


Above the shower tomorrow and below the shower today. Luxury vs. ordinary life. What do you like most? Where do you recognize you?

single storey in Shower

Italian shower-wall-glass-modern

Elegance has many faces. It's a bit contradictory, since we seem to find such diversity in simplicity and minimalism. But now we can no longer deny that the objects that are part of everyday life are all alike. Yes, tiles can make a little difference and colors but basically it's the only thing that makes the bathrooms really differ.

Shower head rain square Italian

Italian-effect shower-head-square-plui

Furthermore, the Italian shower allows you to do your shower or your bathroom an adjoining room. Practically, you no longer need to climb the walls to create a space specially designed to install a shower room or bathroom. The elegance of this new type of shower allows you to install as it is close to the pipeline permitting. The visibility of the shower is no longer a problem in a contemporary and modern home.

Designer bathroom with shower Italian super


But if you have the space and you can install your walk-in shower and the tub in a real spacious and clear rooms, there will be no doubt that this is what will suit you and you like most !

Italian-built shower-bath-room-modern

Italian-built shower-room bath

Italian simplicity minimalism shower

shower-Italian-Built-wall glass

shower to'italienne salle bain noir-blanc


two shower-bath built-Italian-dining

Shower with Italian modern spacious bathroom

shower cubicle-Italian-room-modern-bathroom


Some ideas on the shower tray modern super extra flat

shower-Receiver extra-dish-style Asian

shower-tray-slimline-room bath

shower-Receiver extra-dish-square-head


Modern Italian shower head

rectangular in shower head

Italian modern shower in a dark bathroom

Italian design and modern shower

Italian red shower console

Italian glass shower separation

Italian black shower console

shower mat stainless design console

Italian futurism modernism design perfect shower

colored LED light shower console

concrete floor shower decoration

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