Marble bath room: 50 Planning examples –

Marble bath room: 50 Planning examples

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With these 50 examples of planning Marble bathroom, we explore the reasons and ways to use this luxury material in a modern interior.

The marble has been used for hundreds of years for the construction and for the different buildings decoration. In the Mediterranean region, this kind of stone was prized for its beauty and it was extracted for the production of temples and public buildings, but also small everyday items and sculptures. It is considered today as the name of the stone has origins that go way back in time: it is probably attached to a word from the ancient Greek meaning "shine".

Bathroom marble bathroom: wall coating with shades in white and gray

interior layout marble bathroom

In the past, marble was so valuable that the regions that produced had the opportunity to become large shopping centers and even to colonize other areas. The Greek island of Paros, marble source of highest quality in antiquity, developed in part through the sale of this material. This was used to create famous works like the statue of Venus of Milo, we can see today in the Louvre. Because of their origins quite natural, all the marble pieces are different both in their shades by their decoration. This is one of the best features and the most esteemed of the stone.

Luxury interior marble bathroom and gold

deco marble bathroom or bath

Marble is an easy material to work and shape, making it perfect for the manufacture of several components: tiles for covering walls and floors, countertops, furniture surfaces, sinks, bathtubs, as well as many accessories. Modern homes owners and a wide range of products made by this stone. They may decide to convert their entire bathroom with the material or to use small varied products.

Small bathroom with marble sink

small room deco marble bathroom idea

Marble is a rock that contains minerals and, in particular iron. The development of a bathroom with this stone is always linked to a risk of rust development on marble surfaces. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the coatings and objects you selected will tolerate the humidity in the room. The board of experts about this is to conduct a test as follows: take a small marble item of your choice and place it in a container of water for two days. At the end of this period, let it rest for two more days and examine its surface for color changes or other signs of rust.

marble bathroom decorated in black

color black marble bath room

Marble is also a type of stone that easily absorbs liquids. This is one of the major drawbacks of this material. showers of coatings, bathtubs, sinks and marble worktops facts may be stained by the various beauty products or cleaning. For example, some hair dyes may leave permanent impressions on the surface of a worktop manufactured with this luxury material.

Example marble bathroom furnishings by Lee Ann Baker Interiors

design marble bathroom

Many people today prefer natural cleaning products less harmful to health. If you follow this trend also know that marble surfaces are sensitive to liquids which contain acidic substances like lemon or vinegar. We advise you to always test a cleaning product on a less visible part of your bathroom before applying it to all the marble surfaces. Knowing these benefits and luxury stone disadvantages now examine more examples of bathroom furnishings with it:

Marble washbasin and minimalist bathroom

marble basins deco minimalist bathroom

Marble bathroom in black

color marble bath room

Luxurious marble bathroom

Luxury home bathroom marble bath

Bathroom white marble

color coating marble bathroom

Bathroom marble bathroom contemporary design

marble ensuite bathroom contemporary design

luxury bathroom in marble

room decor marble luxury bathroom

Marble Flooring and luxury bathroom

marble tile luxurious bath rooms

Marble Flooring, modern bathroom

marble tiled bath room modern design

marble cladding for bathroom

marble bathroom coating

beautiful marble bathroom Photo

deco marble bathroom

Zen Deco marble bathroom

Photo marble bathroom zen deco bathroom

marble bathroom furniture in white

stone furniture white bathroom

marble vanity and bathroom

marble furniture bathroom design

Idea to use marble in the bathroom

marble bathrooms bathroom decorations

deco marble bath room furniture

deco marble bathroom

deco black deco marble bathroom

marble bathroom decoration

ideas marble bathroom

Layouts small room with marble bathroom

ideas deco marble bathroom

decoration ideas marble bathrooms

Layouts interior marble bathroom

decorations white marble bathroom

ideas room white bathroom and wood

color room black and white bath

luxury bathroom pictures

Layouts private marble bathroom

Contemporary decoration marble bathroom

decorations white bathroom

marble bathroom tiles

decoration modern marble bath rooms

design and interior marble bathroom

deco marble bathrooms

interior decorations bathroom with marble

style luxury marble bathroom

marble tile bathrooms

contemporary marble bathrooms

coating black marble white bathroom

revetment Marble modern bathroom

decor marble tiled bathrooms

marble decoration beautiful luxury bathroom

marble tile bathroom facilities

decoration interior marble bathroom

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