Toilet Design: design and decoration –

Toilet Design: design and decoration

white black toilet chair design wallpaper stripes

When talking about "design", we rarely think to the bathroom. In reality, it is a place of great importance in every living space. He asks a comfortable and impeccable décor furnishings.

If you are to develop your toilet and you are looking for ideas, our gallery toilet design is here to inspire you.

Toilet Design: minimalist style pervades all areasDeco minimalist toilet toilet

What design toilet? The minimalist design invades every room. It is the same, namely, the basic style for the toilet: they require functionality and simplicity. The decor is rather optional, but it is always good to have an aesthetically pleasing decorative detail. Finally, this is the place where you can relax in tranquility. Comfort is essential. How? F


Toilets black design decorated with a lovely setting

black design idea toilet toilet deco black tile

The layout of each piece first passes by coating the walls and floor. Ceramic tiles or parquet lacquer, the choice depends on the style of your bathroom and your apartment. You can, of course, make toilet of a very different style from the rest of your living space. Still, this is not advisable. It is good to follow a conductor line when you furnish your apartment to reach a harmonious atmosphere. A furnished room in a very different style risk of unbalancing.

dark gray design toilets and floral decoration
toilet modern gray tiles toilet Deco design

Black or white toilet? What color to choose for decoration? In general, to create a peaceful atmosphere, opt for white and light colors. It is possible, subsequently, to add color decorating with objects, frames, flowers, napkins or a nice mirror. The black bathroom is very trendy. It looks luxurious and elegant. Our advice is not to develop an all-black bathroom. Add color and white details to give life to the room.

Dark Gray bathroom with white toilet and two mirrors

contemporary designer bathroom decoration idea toilet

What furniture to choose? The choices are many. Wood remains the most natural and most modern material. It is the presence of nature sculpted by man in any room. When you make the choice, think carefully choose what stuff. Some species are not suitable for bathrooms because of their low moisture resistance.

Bathroom with wooden furnishings

bathroom modern decor vegetation wood pendant light

If you have a small space, there are toilets "space saving" ultra modern. To visually enlarge the space, you can install mirrors. For small spaces, it is not advisable to coat the floor and walls in very dark color (brown, dark gray, black). It is better to opt for white, install one or several small mirrors and decorate with flowers. In this way, your toilet will be bright, comfortable and fresh.

decorating idea with mirrors
toilet deco design idea mirror

For a bathroom minimalist style, choosing a beautiful (photograph, drawing, etc.) may be enough to decorate. You can also perform a composition frameworks. In the example below, the wall is decorated with a photograph of camels and a round vintage mirror.

Decorating with vintage frame and mirrortoilet design idea deco mirror

The truth is that the toilet is a place that often hosts odors. There are several solutions to this problem. A practical and economical trick is baking soda. It is a remedy that has proved its effectiveness. Simply place a little of the powder in a cup and that's it! Immediately, she will be responsible for absorbing neutralize odors. It must be changed once a week. Moreover, it is a non-harmful product for the environment. If you wish, you can put pots of flowers that will refresh the air.

white toilet with minimalist décor: pot with red flowers Deco flower pot toilet brainchild

modern toilets with original tiles


interesting and floral decoration Wall tiles
modern toilet wall tiles Deco idea parquet blue tile flower patternblue tile pattern modern idea toilet toilet suspended Deco lamp

Interior feminine styletoilet white modern interior design idea mirror arrangement

Black and white toiletwhite black wallpaper design toilets

beautiful wallpaper for trend toiletswallpaper deco idea toilet toilet

elegant wooden interior wooden toilet bath design ideas

classic design of toiletstoilet toilet design idea furniture

Decorate the bathroom with plants

toilet deco design idea shower planning

toilet design idea development Deco bathroom tile yellow towel toilet idea tile wall deco modern design development idea toilet bathroom decor deco flowers marble toilet idea Deco idea toilet carpet modern black white mirror floor toilet coating wood floor idea toilet deco idea black and white modern mirror toilet deco idea flower arrangement Interior modern bathroom design idea wood carpet
decorative modern large mirror toilet
modern wall covering black and white deco frame golden white furniture 3D wall tiles modern wood effect design idea toilet modern idea wall decoration frame bathroom toilet mat deco idea black tile bathroom decoration idea toilet Deco furnishings idea toilet original idea mirror plant deco wallpaper toilet toilet decoration idea
toilet modern steel design wallpaper original idea toilet storage idea toilet deco design idea mirror composition decoration toilet mirror frames toilet idea decoration design shower toilet deco original composition frame idea toilet idea gray tile layout toilet bathroom design idea

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