Children’s bathroom – 25 original decoration suggestions –

Children’s bathroom – 25 original decoration suggestions

bathroom child deco wall idea

Decorating a child's room is a good activity because it allows us to experiment with color schemes and furniture ideas we would not use elsewhere in our homes.

This applies both to the room of the small members of our families for their game room and, of course, for Children bathroom.

Room child bath, a playground and learning

child deco idea bathroom

The child bathroom is much more than a place where our little princes and princesses do their toilet. Like any other room in the house, this space can also easily take the role of a place of learning. Yes, it is the most suitable room to teach our children to take care of themselves from a young age! And when we talk about learning techniques, each parent will confirm without a shadow of doubt the easiest way to establish good reflexes in small, is to make them work in a fun atmosphere!

Deco bathroom child: what color to choose?

Children's furniture deco bathroom

To successfully create such an atmosphere, choosing a color palette is essential. blue shades are a classic solution for decorating a child's bathroom as they are linked, in the minds of young and old, to the color of the water, that is to say the element that defines any bathroom.

Harmonize the colors in the child bathroom

children's room with bathroom photo

White is another option used long for the decoration of a small bathroom as great. But while this piece can remain painted completely white in an adult inside the small will need a few touches of brighter colors, like green, yellow or red.

Idea child bathroom and wedding colors

child deco bathroom accessories

Of course, one is not forced to paint the entire room in various colors to give a joyful and welcoming air for children. On the contrary: the glut of bright shades is often considered unpleasant by small, like the great beyond.

What furniture for child bathroom?

bathroom furniture deco children

paint color and furniture for child bathroom

sink bathroom of'enfants

However, everyone will enjoy an interior in which the background emphasizes the color of the furniture!

Deco bathroom child marine theme

bathroom child theme deco curtains

Deco idea of ​​child bathroom with characters animated series

bathroom child deco wall tiles

One can also use a theme to the decor of a child's bathroom: animals, cars, characters from animated series marine theme (SpongeBob, the Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo) A ... you see what would appeal most to your little darling!

Room child bath, a functional space and secure

footboards bathroom Layouts

To teach children the small daily rituals to practice mandatory in the bathroom, we must put them at ease and give them the best possible conditions. The practical furniture is a must for this interior space.

Choose practical furniture for the bathroom of her children

bathroom furniture modern design child

Think of tall cupboards adapted to the size of your daughter or your son as well as small furniture (running boards, stools) they can move where needed.

Teach his child how to put clothes with appropriate furniture Bathroom

child furniture decoration bathroom

Proceed in the same way by locating the rest of the furniture: it should be easily accessible to small if you want to teach them to put away their business!

Develop a child bathroom and protect small risk of falling and injury

bathroom child deco original idea

Children do not usually pay attention to wet surfaces and slip hazards in the bathroom. It not only belongs to you to explain what the risks of falling into this room but also provide them with means of protection.

Deco female girl Bathroom with curtains

child deco interior bathroom

Do not forget to provide curtains, non-slip mats for the floor and possibly for the tub too!

Create a child friendly bathroom with funny toys

child toys bath tub

playful accessories bathroom girl or boy

child bathroom accessory toys

Like other living areas and small games, the child needs bathroom accessories corresponding to the age and interests of your daughter or son. Today, there are many toys specifically designed for this room in the house for a bath or a pool: choose in those that match the taste of your child.

Idea room wall deco baby bath

idee boy child deco bathroom

Small table wall decoration for room for girl or boy baby bath

child wall decoration bathroom

Have decorative wall paintings or posters in your bathroom or toilet? So why not put one or two child side? It would suffice to adapt the decorative items from wall to the age of your daughter or your son.

Wall sticker for kids bathroom

bathroom wall sticker child

The water-resistant stickers are a simple and friendly way to further customize the walls of a room bath child, girl or boy.

Choosing bathroom accessories for children

child towel deco bathroom

Towel for kids and bathroom decor

child decoration bathroom towels

Another essential accessory for the bathroom: towels. Assorted with the theme of the decoration of the interior or the favorite toys of your daughter or your son, they are preferably made entirely of organic materials and antialergènes.

mirror idea for modern bathroom

bathroom mirror ideas child

Every parent knows: small love to imitate adults and are inspired by their behavior. And since you have a mirror in the adult bathroom, so why not put one also in that small? This is also a question they will ask themselves if they saw the absence of this accessory.

Photo bathroom mirror and child

bathroom deco Son of'enfant

Fortunately, it is possible to quickly correct the omission by opting for a mirror suitable for decorating the space for child you can find easily on the web or in supermarkets!

child bathroom or teen girl

child bathroom decoration teen

modern bathroom child Photo

deco bathroom children's bedroom

* Photo and Deco idea by Count & Castle Interior Design

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