Bathroom Scandinavian decor in white and wood –

Bathroom Scandinavian decor in white and wood

Photo bathroom Nordic design

Like the Nordic design? In this case you would be interested in our dining suggestions bath Scandinavian decor and white with touches of wood! Our loyal readers know: Scandinavian style decoration, very trendy right now, it characterized by the use of neutral colors, clean lines and use of natural materials.

We have already discussed the many ways to introduce this style in other parts of the house such as the living room and the bedroom. Today we will see how to enjoy it to beautify her bathroom.

Photo Scandinavian Deco bathroom with wood furniture light shades

Nordic design bathroom

The contemporary bathrooms are often small area spaces. This is a major drawback that seeks to circumvent many ways in order to make them more comfortable and more spacious areas. Scandinavian design can work wonders for such small spaces. Neutral colors and especially the variations of white, which are characteristic for the Nordic interiors, give us the opportunity to make mini bright bathrooms. The brightness of the white also has the effect of increasing the interior space.

Bathroom Scandinavian deco white and wood and soil with geometric patterns

deco interior room wooden bathroom

Those who dare to use furniture and flooring and white walls, will also have an added benefit: their bathroom will always look flawless. For as in kitchens, here white is a color we associate with the idea of ​​cleanliness and hygiene.

Wood furniture for Nordic Deco bathroom

room furniture and white wood bath

Fans of Scandinavian design well know: For successful Nordic interior, we can not be content to paint walls or buy neutral colors furniture. Yes, this style favors simplicity and functional decor. But that does not mean that people in northern Europe do not like beauty. So if you really want a bathroom with Scandinavian decor, think of ways to create interesting accents.

Development of Scandinavian Deco bathroom with design by Studio Frank

idee colors Scandinavian room decoration bath

To enroll in the Scandinavian style, these accents should evoke nature. The wooden furniture are therefore an ideal complement to a white bathroom Nordic inspiration: they are natural and they make us think about the landscape of snowy forests in northern Europe. But be careful to avoid mold problems, choose the types of wood that are resistant to moisture, such as teak which we recently discussed in this article about the bathroom.

Scandinavian Living Deco bathroom with furniture for wooden sink

Photo Nordic design bath room

The major drawback of the types of wood naturally resistant to moisture being that they are often much more expensive than the other species, it is also good to know that you can now find furniture and bathroom coatings made other types of wood. These are treated with products that protect their surfaces when exposed to water. So many architects and designers we are able to offer solutions for bathroom with oak, walnut and ash. If you are enticed by one of these solutions, remember to educate yourself on how to clean and polish this kind of furniture to enjoy it longer. This photo gallery will give you more examples of decorative elements in a Scandinavian style bathroom:

Wooden furniture for Scandinavian decor bathroom

Scandinavian interior design bathroom

interior of Nordic-inspired bathroom

Scandinavian decor bathroom

Fitness Scandinavian deco bath with neutral colors and wooden furniture

bathroom wooden furniture idea

wooden sink cabinet Scandinavian decor bathroom

room wooden bathroom furniture

Nordic Deco Bathroom Interior

Scandinavian interior ideas deco bathroom

Deco idea - bathroom in white and wood

room deco white wood bath

Modern bathroom Scandinavian inspired

bathroom wooden furniture

Bathroom Scandinavian decor in black, white and wood

Scandinavian interior deco bathroom

Scandinavian-style furniture to white bathroom

room decor bathroom design

white bathroom with wooden accessories

Scandinavian decorations bathrooms

Idea of ​​wall covering and Scandinavian bathroom decor

Nordic Deco bathroom models

Luxury Bathroom influenced by Scandinavian design

luxury bathroom

Modern Home for Nordic Deco bathroom

bathroom deco interior Scandinavian

Bathroom decor picture of Scandinavian design

Deco Scandinavian style bathroom

bathroom decor wood furniture

white bathroom paint

deco room white wooden bath

Scandinavian decor bathroom picture

small wooden furniture bathroom

color paint room Scandinavian baths

Scandinavian decor bathroom models

Scandinavian furniture bathroom

Nordic design furniture bathroom

room furniture ideas Wood bath

Nordic design furniture white deco bathroom

Scandinavian design furniture bathroom

Deco wooden Scandinavian baths

Layouts idea bathroom furniture

Scandinavian furniture deco bathroom

ideas for my deco bathroom

room decoration picture Nordic baths

ideas room decor Scandinavian furniture bath

Scandinavian decoration bathroom

Scandinavian interior design bathrooms

deco white bathroom

decoration wood room bath

Scandinavian decoration ideas bathroom

Nordic style deco bathroom

deco bathroom tub

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