Room Moroccan bath – luxury, colors and exotic atmosphere –

Room Moroccan bath – luxury, colors and exotic atmosphere

Moroccan bathroom very original oriental Persian carpet bed bath moucharabieh

Colors of Morocco, this mesmerizing country ... that you can appropriate them by including a Moroccan bath home. The tile is a key element in the development of a Moroccan bath room, but also the accessories you can get the same in Europe.

Room Moroccan bathroom with brown tiles and blue bath

Moroccan bathroom tiles brown blue bathtub

It is certainly preferable to obtain them in Morocco, especially if you like the colors and tastes of this wonderful country. If some ideas enough for you to get close to the spirit of this country and to be able to recreate a Morocco's style interior, then we suggest you take a look at the photos we have selected for you.

En Moroccan bath yellow and brown with exotic lamp and mirror

Yellow Moroccan bathroom mirror brown exotic lamp

Sometimes just choosing the right colors in terms of painting and tiling for your bathroom. Whether you like the desert or the sea, you have a choice of colors. It would be nice, subsequently, that you could find some typical items from that country or, at least, objects by thinking about it.

Room Moroccan bath dark blue paint and mirror Marrakech

Moroccan bathroom mirror dark blue paint Marrakech

The broken horseshoe arches is one element that recalls the Maghreb countries including Morocco, because these arches are typical of Muslim architecture and especially the Maghreb. The opulence in ornaments shutters placed on the mirror is not only typical for architecture or North African culture, but there is no reason that the object is covered with golden color. In that way, the exotic will be guaranteed! But what belongs only to the architecture in question is the specific and typical tiles chosen for this basin that we perceive only in part.

Room Moroccan bath and marble tiles of Morocco

Moroccan bathroom marble tile Morocco

You have a better idea at the sight tiled photographed, it is exposed above. Mosaic mainly in blue is another important element in the development of a private Moroccan bath. It may, of course, whether in green, as is the case in the bathroom photographed, it is shown below.

Room Moroccan bath and pure exotic atmosphere

Moroccan bathroom exotic atmosphere

The mosaic is a decorative art that was widely used in antiquity and does not belong to a single architecture or culture. What is very important is what was represented by the mosaic. The colors chosen are also crucial to identify the focus of the mosaic.

Room spacious blue Moroccan bath with two sinks

Moroccan spacious blue bathroom two sinks

To recognize Moroccan accent of mosaic, be careful with colors and ornaments. The moucharabieh ornaments belong particularly to the culture and architecture of Morocco.

Room Moroccan bath with Moroccan tiles for bathroom

Moroccan Moroccan tiles bathroom to bathroom

The mosaic and typical ornaments recalling the Maghreb culture and especially of Morocco can be represented on metal like silver.

Room Moroccan bath with mosaic tiled silver


Have Bathroom accessories ornaments are typical especially for the Moroccan culture.

Room Moroccan bath with oriental silver accessories

Moroccan bathroom oriental silver accessories

Room Moroccan bath and typically oriental silver accessories


This blue tiles may not be typical for the interior design Moroccan bathrooms but the colors, combined in such a way, keep a certain accent. However, the mosaic decorating the floor as if he were asked a Persian rug, undoubtedly recalls the spirit of the Maghreb.

Room Moroccan bath tiled in blue and brown colors of Marrakech

of bath-room-Moroccan-tiled-blue-brown-color-Marrakech

Is there recognition zellige or typical Moroccan mosaic Moroccan bath in the photograph chosen for you just down? With typical reasons, there can be no doubt about it.

Room Moroccan bath Moroccan tiles by Elle DECOR


The mix of styles that can be discovered by carefully observing the bathroom presented below, should not distance ourselves too much from the dominant style that emerges lines beautifully decorating the place ornaments, namely lines recalling culture Muslim Morocco. The colors in the ornaments also play an important role, and the ornaments themselves.

Room Moroccan bath with tiled typical mosaic


The marriage of the colors of the sea and the desert is a typical wedding in the Maghreb countries. The color combination sought sends you the style and the image of Morocco like the refresh softened by the breezes of the Mediterranean that bring you the love of the existing diversity and nostalgia for lost unity.

Room Moroccan bath Moroccan colors and accent


Whether you are giving a prevalence in the colors of the desert and the heat ...

Moroccan bath room with the colors of sunset


Or you give predominance to the color of deep blue and eternity, the choice is yours.

Moroccan bath room with the colors of the exotic


Remember that purple will fit your Moroccan bathroom and color that combines beautifully with silver or gold colors.

En Moroccan bath violet color: the exotic and modern


The mystery of the Moroccan culture and the exotic world can be delicately revealed by illumination placed behind the extraordinarily beautiful ornaments of the latticework as he was brilliantly suggested by designer Ahmed Mady.

Moroccan bath room: decorating idea by Ahmed Mady

bath-tub-Moroccan-decoration idea

The soft lighting goes perfectly with wood and brown and white tiles. The lanterns or Moroccan lamps, vases with oriental accent or other objects belonging to the exotic culture are accessories that have their place in the Moroccan bath.

Moroccan bath room: Indoor various ideas of desert colors

of bath-room-Moroccan-interior-ideas-various-colors-desert

However, a Moroccan mosaic blue or green has all the assets that could have a unit with a place in a room moroccan style bathroom. Y install such wealth is all you need to be proud of a bathroom with that name.

Moroccan bath room: Indoor various ideas of the sea of ​​colors

of bath-room-Moroccan-interior-ideas-various-colors-sea

If you have the basin is metal, terrazzo, basalt, marble or any other material, tiles all around can take the look and Moroccan accent. Some accessories embellishing the place and you will have your Moroccan bathroom.

Room Moroccan bath and sink, tiles and objects belonging to a different culture

en-suite bathroom-vanity-Moroccan tile-objects-owned crop-different

The mirror is a must in the bathroom. Suspend a Moroccan mirror that backdrop blue zellige is an excellent idea decorative Moroccan!

Room Moroccan bath: sink, mirror and oriental tiles

en-suite bathroom-vanity-mirror Moroccan-tiled deviation Eastern

The Morocco for lovers, it's also a lot of charm and hospitality. You can convey these qualities in your extraordinary bathroom in order to benefit a private moroccan style bathroom.

Room Moroccan bath luxury: the exoticism and hospitality


Morocco is also the opulent taste and the luxury of space. This can also be expressed in a place of well-being as the moroccan style bathroom.

Moroccan bath room luxury marble and chandeliers

of bath-room-luxury-Moroccan chandeliers, marble

Moroccan bath room: a place of luxury and vanity


The tiled latticework pattern and walls ornamented in this way, what a wonderful interior, stylish and interesting!

Room luxurious Moroccan bath with mosaic tiles in white and brown

bath-bain-luxurious Moroccan-tile-mosaic-white-brown

The eight-pointed star may want to symbolize the goddess Ishtar, the goddess of love, war and procreation, represent the planet Venus or have an Islamic religious significance that eight angels support the throne of God, which is shown in particular in architectural and decorative plan.

Moroccan bath room in the house of Yves Saint Laurent in 1980 in Marrakech

of bath-room-Moroccan-house-Yves saint laurent 1980-Marrakech

In the bathroom, there was a mirror resembling an Islamic window and a combination of earth colors - brown and white representing light and the full spectrum of visible light.

Room Moroccan bath with a mirror broken horseshoe arch

en-suite bathroom-mirror-Moroccan rainbow oversteps windshield

In the bathroom, however, was a mosaic of tiles, grayish blue that perfectly illustrates the Moroccan side through the patterns formed in this unique tile and the color of the sea and the ocean caressing the Moroccan coast.

Room Moroccan bath in the typical characteristic color mosaic


Other color characterizing Morocco is the color of the sunset seen from the Moroccan Sahara. It is very well represented in the original tiles that you see in the picture shown below.

Moroccan bath room: the sign of originality and color of sunset Eastern sun

bath-tub-Moroccan-originality-color-bed-Eastern sun

Here are some decorating ideas for a room moroccan style bathroom. The objects and reasons play the main role here.

Room Moroccan bath and some indoor ideas and typical accessories reaching us from Marrakech

of bath-room-Moroccan-some-ideas-interior-accessories-typically-Marrakech

It may be that you buy you just a shower curtain depicting the Moroccan tiles.

Room Moroccan bath with the bath curtain of Moroccan tile design

bath-tub-Moroccan bath curtain-drawing-tile-Moroccan

Or, you can bet on the Mediterranean look while decorating your bathroom with furniture and objects that you brought from Morocco.

Room Moroccan bath with the colors of the Mediterranean basin and with more taps

of bath-room-Moroccan vanity-many-colors-taps-mediterranean

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