Bathroom color design bathtub – 50 ideas –

Bathroom color design bathtub – 50 ideas

pink bathroom tub

In recent years in the eyes of designers and owners the decor of the bathroom has become just as important as the decor of the rest of the house. It spends more than in accessories and luxury bathroom furniture and the desire to create a home spa has completely changed the design of the contemporary bathroom.

A recent trend is the bath tub autonomous. If you also love this type of baths, in this article you would find 50 ideas of bathrooms with standalone bathtub and color of all possible designs.

Bathroom Design Bath

bathroom tub heel color

The bath tub color is always a good idea. The color of the bath will create a cheerful atmosphere in the room and will help you set the color scheme of the decor. This may be a new tub into a modern flashy color or you can just repaint your old bathtub. Whether you Set up a new bathroom or you redecorate the old, the color bath will help you create a stylish and contemporary place.

Bathroom with original bathtub

bathroom bathtub design

In the photos below you will see a lot of old bathtubs that have been repainted and redecorated. The reason is that in a bathroom classic design renovate the old tub is always a better choice than buying a modern piece that does not follow with the rest of the decor. And if there is a bathtub with feet, these can even be painted a different color for more originality.

Bathroom Decorating way spa

bathroom manner spa tub

Buy a real antique bathtub with feet is also a great idea but it can cost you really cheap. Modern replicas by cons are much cheaper and you can easily experiment with color. If you intend to place such a bath in a modern bathroom, then paint in pastel colors is a great choice. The painted tubs in gray and black also appear more modern and vintage.

Modern bathroom with gray bathtub

Gray bathroom tub

But the color baths is not confined just to the antique pieces with feet. The pedestal tub is also a perfect classic to be redecorated. This type of bathtubs have a real royal appearance and a strong presence in the bathroom. Since usually the bathtub does not take much space in the bathroom, paint it a bright color will not overcharge your decoration. There are also a lot of contemporary designs in ceramics and bright colors. You will not find them in red or green, for example, but it will always be better than the white bathtub.

extravagant bathroom decoration

Red bathroom tub

If you decide to paint your bathtub, it is always best to first choose the color scheme of the bathroom and then choose a color for the tub to the increase. If your bathroom is neutral monochrome or color, then the possibilities for the color of the bathroom are really endless. Remember however that the shade you choose will play a key role in the atmosphere you want to create. Here are 50 original ideas for modern bathrooms with bathtubs color that will surely inspire you:

Bathroom deco idea with standalone bathtub

bathroom tub feet

Room stylish bathroom with black bath

Black standalone bathtub

design Bathroom Bath

Modern design red bath

Bathroom Deco black and white

Black elegant bath

Bath autonomous orange

orange bathroom tub

Idea bathroom with black and white bath

luxeuse black foot tub

Modern bathroom with white bathtub and red

bath room bath red white

Bathroom decoration design

Contemporary bathroom Bath room

Bathroom with bath decorated

deco room bath tub

Luxurious bathroom with bath

luxeuse room bath tub

Bathroom retro style

antique style bathtub

elegant yellow tub

ultra modern yellow tub

Original Deco bathroom tub

deco original bath room bath

deco black white bath room

idee deco creative bath room

deco bath room idea

Contemporary bath room deco idea

deco room modern bathroom idea

beige bathtub room

neutral colored bath bath room

Original design room bathtub

pedestal tub bath room

bath room bath feet

bath bath room curtains

hall bath antique style bathtub

baignoiretransparente bath room

coloree bath room bath

deco room bath tub

Original deco hall bath

room deco green white bath

bath room deco vintage

bath design bath room

Original bath design bath room

Green bath design bath room

contemporary design bath room

interesting design bath room

minimalist design bath room

Original design bath room

bath room red black elegant

minimalist bath room

modern red room bath tub

vintage style bath room

ultra design bath room

ultra modern bath room

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