Offer an original shower to your bathroom –

Offer an original shower to your bathroom

Shower cabin abstract decoration

Those of us who are already entangled in curtains cold, wet plastic when washing will agree that shower cabin represents a significant improvement to the comfort of a bathroom.

These plastic curtains, besides the fact that they are not very practical, are usually decorated with pretty kitsch motifs. We have selected what is more original in terms of shower door to help modern décor of the pond.

Shower cabin design

modern design shower partition

New technologies have allowed domestic furniture designers great freedom in the design and implementation of original patterns, often frosted glass. This allows to shower in privacy, even even if other users have to use the bathroom.

original patterns

shower art deco

The patterns can be etched into the frosted glass or be present during the molding of the element. Other ways to customize the walls of a shower are also possible, such as using decorative stickers moisture resistant, even if you know a painter on glass, manual of your cabin decor.

decorative stickers

Shower partition colored stickers

An alternative to self-realization is to build the shower using glass blocks, which allow free passage of light while providing visual protection vis-à-vis other users of the bathroom. But the result is not as exclusive as similar products that are commercially available.

exclusive results

shower transparent door

Another factor that makes it attractive to use glass or plastic walls is hygienic appearance and maintenance. Plastic curtains can not be cleaned as easily as rigid walls, and their maintenance is not obvious. The risk of mold growth make these unsavory. See our gallery.

for easy maintenance

shower floral decoration

Cab glass block homemade

shower glass blocks

a wide range available

partition abstract patterns

modern design

partition repeating units

abstract cabin and Cubist

shower geometric patterns

MOLDED turtle shower

shower kind représentantation

Shower cabin oriental inspiration Shower partition bamboo

Shower partition frosted glass

modern inspiration shower partition

decoration shower partition pixels

siren representative shower partition

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