Vasque unique design inspired by Omvivo bathroom –

Vasque unique design inspired by Omvivo bathroom

basin bath room flat design Omvivo

The layout of the bathroom is not something particularly easy to run into a convenient and pleasant place. Yet with the appropriate health and some accessories, you can transform the bathroom dull everyday space into an inspiring spa atmosphere.

Consider the following ideas on basin bathroom. Unique design by Omvivo they will change the way you view this space.

Double sink bathroom with Omvivo

double basin flat design Omvivo Washplane

The Omvivo company was founded in 1991 by designer Joseph Licciardi. With his fascination for glass, Joseph became the pioneer in Australia and possibly the world, in the production of molded glass for commercial purposes. Omvivo represents a conscious approach to the environment and holistic when the sanitary bathroom design. Its name (OM-consciousness and life VIVO-) expresses his philosophy. Today, Omvivo brand has become synonymous with quality, good design, sustainable development and considerable selection of designs.

Sink single bathroom: the pattern by Omvivo

washstand Omvivo kaleidoscope bathroom

The series pattern by Omvivo, plays with light, offering us a unique kaleidoscope. The bottom transparent glass printed patterns etched pattern of the basin acts as a filter for the light projecting unique patterns on the map shown below. As water flows into the basin, a wonderful effect occurs which creates the illusion of movement. The sink design quietly brings a Zen sense of calm and simplicity in its most refined form possible.

Glass Washplane hammered by Omvivo

double basin hammered glass Washplane Omvivo

The different collections of basins by Omvivo incorporate materials such as natural stone, solid surface (Corian) and glass. The basin bathroom flat Washplane by Omvivo defines contemporary luxury bathroom. It was designed to simplify and especially improve the ritual washing. The Washplane is currently sold worldwide. It has become an example for the design room of innovative product suite, upscale.

Basin bathroom stone baths: the Latis

basin bathroom desgin Latis stone Omvivo

Round basin marble and recessed faucet

basin white marble bathroom design Omvivo

The Mono Carrara marble

basin bathroom design Carrara marble Mono

The inspirational Reason

washstand Omvivo Reason bathroom

Dune basin tremendous irregular shape

basin unique design bath room Dune Omvivo

Geo white vanity hall bath Omvivo

Omvivo design bath room sink Latis

washstand Omvivo Geo flat black

basin bathroom desgin Omvivo Latis

basin bathroom desgin Omvivo Mono Black

basin bathroom glass bathroom design background pattern Omvivo

basin bathroom design Omvivo black Latis

basin bathroom design Omvivo wood plane

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