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55 design ideas for your modern tiled bathroom

tile design bathroom mirror polished wood furniture luminaire suspension tendency

Strength, size, colors, materials: choose a design tiles for your bathroom is a real adventure! Below you will find ideas that can help you create a beautiful bathroom, practical and modern.

Contemporary tile is characterized by clean lines, wide format and dark colors. It is recognizable by its fine design and depth of its colors. Elegant by definition it gives the appearance to the entire space. Let your imagination and choose the style, color, pattern and size of your tile design for the design of your bathroom.

The design tiling your bathroom reflects your taste for relaxation

tile design room white wooden tub bath idea

Having a room of attractive and functional bathroom that reflects your personal style means you have special places to enjoy for many years to come. Turn your bathroom into a small corner zen costs by choosing a tile design patterns stones and leaves.

black and white tiles

black tiles and white bathroom shelves tend wood bath

Wood imitations are also very suitable for a cozy atmosphere. For a completely successful atmosphere, harmonize the walls and floor. Know that the sailor style, the combination of pastel colors or plain white tile design with colorful details, transform your bathroom instead of conventional trigger.

original tiling Original bathroom tile black and white idea

The tiled bathroom is the perfect solution to protect from moisture. It is decorative, durable and easy to maintain. Like everything, tile in its own specificities that need to be careful.

Choose the color range very carefullyblue tile pattern idea mirror bath

Those who fall for the love vintage baroque touches, mixing shapes and textures and the combination of current and past patterns. They will love the authentic and traditional tiles. The mosaics are also a very good choice that remains interesting. A wide variety of materials is used to design this type of tile design, which will slip because there will be many grout lines.

The combination of different tiles remains tricky

purple flowers combination details

The tile is strong, water resistant and easy to maintain. However, there are many types of tiles. For the bathroom, materials such as porcelain, ceramic or mosaic are preferred. As for the ceramic - it is rather to put on the walls and not the floor, since it may be damaged quickly.

The texture of the tile sometimes speaks better than the color

Tile decorative flowers

usually composed of floral or geometric designs, decorative tiles can create interesting designs. Using a decorative tile design in the design of your bathroom can go well with the colors used for fixtures or furniture. A design ceramic tile glazing can be made to give the impression it is made of natural stone.

The simplicity and clean lines are the new chic

beige tile bath epure

Another modern choice - design tiles made from natural materials such as granite, limestone, marble and slate. Now the présisposition absorption and difficult to clean, pose challenges to the use of natural stone in your bathroom.

modern brown clay tile

modern brown clay tile

When you choose your tile bathroom must consider choosing this one. It must be resistant to both moisture and chemicals that you will certainly use it regularly.

Designer bathrooms with a black carpet

Bathroom chic black carpet bathroom

To the floor it would be better to choose a flooring with non slip effect because it often tends to slip in this room. In addition, there must be asking a sealing system.

Eclectic combination of textures

Combining eclectic texture

You can use the same color palette for the floor and the wall, but while playing with different shades. If the room is not too large it is better to bet on a classic tile about 30 x 30 centimeters. Large tiles are rather suited to large bathroom.

Combine with sculptures or designer furniture for a modern bathroom

beige and gray sleek Tiles

You can also add decorative elements such as mosaic and friezes. These are used to ajoueter a personal touch and highlight certain parts of the room with water.

The light showcases your tiles

imitation wood tiles

What tiled bathroom choose? Earthenware is the most used material in the bathrooms for its wide range of colors and aesthetic quality.

The flower tile design details give joy to your place of beauty

Combining different colors eclectic forms

Natural stones, they are beloved for their authenticity and sustainability. The cement tile adds a note vintage piece but requires more maintenance. And finally the porcelain is less expensive and therefore much prefer. It is solid is really easy to maintain.

Choose natural materials for an en suite Zen

natural materials modern bathroom

Small details transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation and pleasure

various white tiling textures

Combine the sizes of tile design, colors or different textures

beige clay tiles

Simplicity is often the best choice

Combining different sizes cuts

For a designer bathrooms, opt for a gray tile with red and black furniture ripe

Designer bathrooms

The yellow tile design ammènne energy in your bathroom

Details harmony tiled furniture

tile colors harmony sinks

Gray sink detail

Pearl effect tiles

mixed textures tile design

Travertine beige design

Details flower color

Travertine floral detail

Accent color gray room bathroom

pearl white tiles

blue white tile design

tissue imitation tiling

Tile ethno motives

purple tiles Combination

Combination red gray design

Combining different tile size

modern mosaic tile effect

Effect black white tile design

imitation marble tiles

gray tiled sink

Modern tiled sink interesting

smooth rendering modern bathroom

mosaic tile size

white tile color details

beige tile design

color flower design Tile

wood furniture design floor tiles

purple tile design

beige faience tiles

green white earthenware tiles

Tile pastel green

Earthenware purple design

Stripes tile design

Room beige bathroom

Living gray contemporary bathroom

Room beige tile design bathroom

Room modern white bathroom khaki

modern sink tile design

orange flowers Tile details

Combination blue black tile design

bright fresh design colors

Concrete tile design with soft and elegant designs

wood effect ceramic tile design

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