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21 ideas for a design bathtub unusual

Bath island chic oval bathtub

In our article today, we offer 21 ideas for a bath design absolutely extraordinary, full of chic and modernity. Whether in a room large and sunny bathroom or in a narrow space, all our examples show that with a little creativity, grace and elegance, one can transform a bathroom into a relaxing space dominated by a beautiful unique style bath.

Of minimalist design, through to the spa bath tub with transparent walls, everything is there. Just look!

designer bath rebordement tailor made for a contemporary penthouse

penthouse view rebordement city bath

This island bath is adorned with a painting relaxing in nature

Freestanding bath beautiful picture Nature

This oval tub with a quiet atmosphere

chic soothing atmosphere oval tub

In this room creatively bathroom, the tub rests in four columns

framed rectangular tub columns

Cete rectangular bathtub exudes elegance and modernity

simple modern rectangular geometry bathtub

This spa bath transparent benefit of unusual design

transparent rectangular bathtub

Rebordement bath at the Hyatt Lake Tahoe decorated with soothing candles

Bath rebordement Hyatt Lake Tahoe hotel

This large bathroom is punctuated by a round tub with unique design

large bath room bathtub original round

This transparent bathtub unusual blends into the bathroom decorated with mirrors

transparent shimmering walls bathtub

Baldi makes this extravagant bathtub made of quartz

single bath eccentric quartz Baldi

single bath rebordement transparent structure

minimalist bathtub clean lines

Rexas Unico location based meadow

bathtub'angle cabine douche adjacente

bathtub shower cabin simple design

designer bath Argopar Rexa forest environment

bath design with TV

oval bath design revetted wooden slats

design style bath pool by teuco

Bath island chic modern form bean

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