Bathroom of opulent luxury and exotic design

modern luxury bathroom

Although we think of the bathroom as a part of the overall design of a house, when you have a luxury bathroom, fully equipped with the right accessories and the right lighting, it's a pretty important part of your guests will certainly notice.

The following article examines some designer bathrooms designed by the interior designer Ahmed Mady who bear all, the essence of ultimate luxury.

Eastern luxury bathroom

Eastern luxury marble bathroom

Many bathtubs leave feeling a little exposed and less relaxed. But this is not the case by putting the bathtub in a niche with wonderful oriental arches. The golden shimmering light by recessed ceiling lights, suspensions and light tiles to the ceiling increases the feeling of mystery and intimacy. The arcade developed along the tub recalls the Taj Mahal and its unique luxury style design.

luxury bath with mosaic wall

mosaic-bath luxury bathroom

The great wall mosaic decoration and symmetric transform this luxury bathroom Abu Dhabi true sanctuary. The pedestal sink, the toilet and bidet suspended matching form, complete the design and introduce a beautiful contemporary note. The light spots and bright ribbons which emit indirect light only reinforce the atmosphere of flattering relaxation.

Cherry blossoms - typical Japanese pattern

luxury bathroom inspiration Asia

En suite eclectic: modern bulbs, suspensions and baroque motifs

bathroom luxury baroque-grounds

Room glamorous bathroom with suspended toilets

Niche luxury East-bathroom tub

Moroccan motifs and bath with canopy

bathroom luxury-Moroccan motifs

Recessed lighting, wall lights, suspension and bright ribbons

room-bath luxury bath-angle double-basin

Room opulent bathroom with gold accents

room-bath-designs luxurious Easterners

luxurious corner bath and great mirrors

room-bath-designs opulent baroque-

Sinks columns, mirrors to the ceiling and Moroccan grounds

room-bath-designs-opulent Moroccan

Room female bathroom with herringbone curtains

luxury flower bath, corner bath

contemporary luxury bathroom

luxury bathroom design

luxury bathroom elegant black white luxury bathroom