Art and decoration – recycled art Jane Perkins –

Art and decoration – recycled art Jane Perkins

art and decorative painting Queen

The British artist Jane Perkins builds to his art by found objects. She uses everything that can be used - toys, shells, buttons, jewelry etc.

. and it serves him for his art reinterpreted contemporain.L'artiste wrote his thesis in Art and Design on recycled materials. As she wrote, she stumbled upon a religious festival in Ecuador where she saw hair accessories decorated with a mix of found objects. And she loved this idea! In 2005 the original idea became his inspiration for his work of thesis. She started making pins from old jewelry and plastic toys and memories-pin for customers with toys of their childhood they did not want to throw.

Art and decoration Jane Perkins is to make table from items found art and decorative paintings

Perkins said she does not add color and his works resulting small parts that have the right size and the right shape. Inspired by the impressionists and their famous portraits, Perkins comes to surprising results. His works are interesting from near and far. In these recent works, Plastic Classics of 2010, the old masters of painting are presented in a contemporary style. Look at these beautiful pictures of art and decoration! Do you have the urge to have one in your living room?

An artistic picture portrait of Einstein art deco paintings and decoration

Reproduction of a famous painting art and decoration Perkins tables

very interesting artistic portrait by Jane Perkins art and decoration tables recycled

multicolored original painting done by found artistic table items found

Table Contemporary Art - Portrait Table art deco recylce

very original and interesting contemporary art Tablewall art artistic Jane Perkins

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