The pillowcase cannabis Ryan Christensen

Cannabis pillowcase offers today to discover a very original and quite amazing product: a pillowcase pillow cannabis. Its US designer Ryan Christensen admits his passion for creating bizarre objects and unconventional.

By imagining this pillowcase, he said above all wanting to make people laugh and add some charisma to the somewhat boring decorating their homes. To launch the project, he worked with various companies and the result is not the least surprising.

The pillowcase is printed in relief so that we could really believe it's a whole bag full of marijuana! It is lined black and has a zipper hidden in the fabric. The designer even thought the followers of aromatherapy by adding a small pocket for this purpose inside the pillowcase.

This premium product is a very original and well thought object. Lying on a sofa, chair or on your bed, it will surprise your guests. How will they react when he saw a bag of marijuana in your house? And as a gift, would it not also a fun idea and most unusual?

If you like this work, then you may want to help the designer to improve it? In this case, and also to discover his other very original creations, visit her website Steelplant.

Pillowcase cannabis Ryan Christensen

pillowcase pillow original

The pillowcase cannabis pillow closes with zipper

chute closure

An inner pocket is added specifically for fans of aromatherapy

inside pocket

Creation of cannabis pillowcase

pillowcase Creation

An art object quite magnificent creator Ryan Christensen

pillowcase cannabis

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