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hippie chic style – enjoy the spring and summer in style

hippie chic short red dress trends spring woman was

You will have noticed: the end of winter makes us think more about ways to welcome spring in style. After talking makeover ideas from inside and tableware to for this season, today we will look to fashion trends.

Let us say at once: here, no surprise, held in light fabrics will dominate our wardrobes, with possibly some jackets or blouses on which we can count for cool evenings of spring and the end of summer. And if it is a style that is worth looking in more detail, this is certainly the hippie chic style.

Fashion and woman hippie chic style for the spring summer season

woman hippie style blue and white tunic printed denim vintage outfits

Characterized by casual outfits and natural materials, the hippie chic style is inspired by vintage fashion and, in particular, typical clothing of the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. It is at this time that the hippie movement was at its peak, first in the US and also in Europe.

The hippie chic style emphasizes femininity with nature inspired prints

hippie chic clothing pants fashion trend female prints

The hippie movement was one of the first examples of contemporary culture in that it is influenced by several traditions that have existed in the past and in various corners of the world. Thus, for example, prints and colors that appear on the hippie chic clothing resume, often typical patterns of Indian traditions.

hippie chic clothing for cooler spring Zara

clothing woman cheap bohemian chic style trend

Having enjoyed great popularity in the US, the hippie movement was also influenced by colors and ethnic grounds and in particular by the typical elements of the indigenous cultures of North America. It's very successful mix of all these components is the origin of contemporary hippie chic style.

hippie chic style woman early spring or late summer Ralph Lauren

clothing bohemian chic style woman hippie dress trends spring 2017

Natural materials are another well-known feature of this style. It is reflected in the production process of almost everything hippie chic clothing.

The hippie style encourages us to express our personality

boho chic style women clothing long coat red shorts bag

In fact, the hippie movement emphasized a lifestyle close to nature and respect for the environment and, therefore, required members of the hippie culture put evidence, logically, this trend.

Keeping wife and hippie chic dress by Free People

hippie style clothing woman fashion long pastel pink dress

In this sense, we discover, in the hippie fashion, several traits that symbolize the philosophy of this movement, as the free and feminine silhouette, lightweight materials and organic colors or floral prints.

hippie chic dress and fashion woman Free People

white lace dress women clothes bohemian chic style

The term "contemporary chic hippie style" is usually regarded as synonymous with the term "bohemian chic" since both types of fashion also have many elements in common, such as natural materials, bright and romantic colors and expression of multiculturalism through the outfit.

Spring Fashion Trends and hippie chic summer dress by Paul Joe

clothing trend spring summer female short red chic bohemian style dress

Thus the appearance of the modern hippie style is closely related to the tradition of fashion and bohemian chic décor.

Idea hippie bohemian chic outfit Edited by The Label

fashion spring summer woman hippie chic clothing female cardigan trend

As the bohemian chic, contemporary hippie is characterized by great freedom. It belongs to those who have opted for a hippie chic clothing and accessories freely combine various outfits that best express their personalities.

How to wear a hippie or bohemian chic outfit this season by Urban Outiftters

hippie chic clothing online shorts Women cheap

At present, the hippy chic fashion is a mixture of several styles and traditions inherited from the past and associates according to the taste of each to reflect their lifestyle and ideas.

Short dress woman hippie boho chic Valentin

hippie chic dress blue floral printed tunic dress

That's why you can combine a contemporary leather pants with a top and a vintage style jacket and qualify this outfit hippie chic.

woman fashion and fashion trends of hippie style by Tutaj

hippie chic clothing fashion woman short dress trends

In the past, the hippie style was more than a fashion trend: he also expressed belonging to a type of culture which existed in society and the commitment to a lifestyle and a philosophy that were his.

Little short dress with geometric patterns for hippie woman by Mary G World

hippie chic clothing trends spring summer dress female fashion short printed

But in the years that followed the heyday of the hippie movement, Western culture has seen the advent of other styles of fashion and music that have taken up and recycled some fashion elements and the hippie philosophy.

hippie black dress with floral print by Urban Outfitters

hippie chic short dress tunic woman floral prints

Grunge style, popular in the 90s of the 20th century, has built small print dresses with floral patterns on darker tones than those typical of the classic hippie fashion. Individualistic and nonconformist, grunge has, meanwhile, been quickly embraced by the bohemian hippie culture and contemporary.

hippie fashion trends for spring and summer short tunic in neutral colors

gray tunic hippie style boots chic woman fashion bohemian trend

So, today, many fashion designers are experimenting with dresses and tunics hippie woman in modern and dark tones, such as gray, black and beige taupe.

Dress boho chic and hippie fashion for summer

bohemian tunic chic woman fashion short summer dress hippie style

The short dress is a dress obliged to classical and contemporary hippie wardrobe. Comfortable and sexy, it comes in a thousand different colors and can be worn in town or on vacation.

Dress chic boho style lace hipster by Guess

hippie chic spring summer 2017 fashion woman lace tunic

If the boho hippie style or you like and you're wondering where to start to create your own look with clothes like this, give yourself a little white dress.

short white dress and hippie fashion for women by Anthropologie

bohemian chic style trends spring summer woman holding cheap clothes

Chic and natural, it is a must for warm days of spring and summer and joins perfectly with jackets and cardigans for cooler periods.

Little Black Dress for hippie style woman with lace by Romwe

little black dress hippie hippie chic bohemian bag

A little black dress hippie chic release? It exists ! Often supplemented with black lace on the sleeves, she easily carries at parties and even at work.

Dress for hippie-style woman in white by She Inside

bohemian chic style woman white dress hat brand clothing

Of course, these two basic models also come in long dress release.

long black dress and accessories hippie boho by Choies

hippie chic bohemian style clothing woman dresses black dress

White or black, long dresses are usually worn with flat sandals or platform for a relaxed or romantic look.

hippie chic clothing inspired by gypsy Urban Outfitters

hippie chic style woman bohemian idea chic clothes coat

Seduced by the classic hippie style you like bright colors and combinations of bold shades? Dare a hippie outfit inspired by the gypsy style, with a short top and skirt skirts, bell-shaped!

Long skirt for woman hippie outfit in pastel colors by Anthropologie

hippie chic woman pastel skirt bohemian chic top

And if you like rather pastel shades and romantic, try a long skirt in the colors and associate it with a type of corset top with or without straps.

Tunic with long sleeves and hippie motifs by Zara
clothing line chic bohemian style shirt woman hippie style

Ah tunic hippie chic style! Timeless, it probably takes its origins from blouses and dresses in this style and is available in several variants to fit perfectly a skirt or pants.

White Lace Tunic Women hippie fashion and trends by Anthropologie

chic jeans hippie style top woman online clothing shop not expensive lace

Worn with jeans or a classic vintage, it will give you a casual and contemporary look ideal for a day in town.

printed black tunic with long sleeves and held hippie style by R and Levi's Vintage

chic bohemian style clothing cheap fashion spring summer 2017 women

And thanks to light and natural materials it is generally manufactured, the tunic with long sleeves is an ideal option even during hot weather.

White tunic patterned and short shorts by Suiteblanco

hippie chic tunic top woman bohemian blouse woman

Therefore, we see scope often with shorts and short skirts in summer.

Tunic hippie woman in blue and white shorts by English Factory

hippie chic style jeans woman holding design female top

short hippie dress in neutral colors for women and fashion spring summer by Asos

style hippie-chic clothing fashion trend woman holding cheap brand dress

Although short dress and tunic are symbolic garments for hippie fashion during the 60s, the pants also remains very worn by women who claim that culture.

hippie clothing with pants by Pearl, Free People and Lovestitch

hippie chic boho style vest pants woman

Synonymous rebellion and refusal to comply with the norms of society, flare pants type, twist or legs eph are a classic component of classical and contemporary hippie chic outfit.

Idea hippie style clothing for women by Anthropologie

hippie chic style woman holding blue top fashion clothes cheap

Combine with the tops of your choice depending on the occasion or the weather outside and enjoy organic materials for freshness in summer!

short hippie woman Tunic by The Jetset Diaries

hippie chic bohemian dress white woman color

It will be understood, contemporary chic hippie style as we offer options suited to spring and summer days he certainly worth investing in some hippie outfits this season!

Dress trend woman hippie boho chic fashion by Anthropologie

hippie chic summer dress picture fashion woman bohemian chic

hippie casual outfit by Samsoe Samsoe
bohemian chic style sleeveless womens clothes coat

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