Suit casual wedding to celebrate the feast of love –

Suit casual wedding to celebrate the feast of love

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Marriage is both an act of love and a sacred union. The mutual love of a married couple is a step toward a new life. To be consistent with the celebration of this union, it is important to choose her outfit.

Today we'll show you our suggestions casual wedding dress in pictures.

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Who says marriage says costume! It is not absolutely necessary to choose a strict dress. Some married parties do not even require. For weddings at the seaside or simply in the open air you certainly do not feel comfortable in a black suit with white shirt. If it's summer and the sun beats down, it is clear that you will get too hot.

casual wedding dress, white and blue jean invites

Sometimes the costume can get really stuffy. This is why it is essential to choose the color and fabric of it. Light colors are best suited for the spring season - was as dark shades attract sunlight. As for accessories, you only have to leave room for your imagination to choose your tie, bow tie, watch, and even socks.


Anyway, let's be honest! When we speak of marriage, all attention is focused on it! From reception to the exotic location of the honeymoon, in general it is she who chooses. So what is left for men? In short, not much, except to choose the man wedding suit.

What you should know about choosing the man casual suit


Many men wish to rent their suit. And rightly so, since they probably plan to wear this outfit for a few hours. Only rented the costume man has been worn several times and this will really please your future wife. To escape the cliché "uncomfortable costume", go for a casual wedding dress.

The suit casual wedding is your personal reflection

suit-wedding-coupons-boutonniere and tie-yellow-striped

After all, this day is supposed to happen only once in your life. This is why we must give importance to this outfit. This will please your future bride but also will get a message to the guests. Whether you like it or not, you will be the center of attention on this special day.


If you do not want to take your head crawling in all stores in your area, choose the services of a tailor. You just have to choose the right fabric and color that will be consistent with the theme of the wedding or the dress of your future wife. After all, without a good base fabric, it is difficult to create a man wedding suit. If the big event takes place during the summer, go for a linen fabric.

suit-wedding boutonniere-coupons-pink-beige-tones-clear

If you are invited to a wedding celebration, no need to go spend much money. Just get out all your costume wardrobe and choose a few pieces that a new suit. For a personal touch, go for accessories that are unique to you.

suit-wedding-coupons-elegant pink tie-boutonniere

You are young and you do not have a suitable outfit? You could always opt for a classic jeans and appropriate footwear. Simply find a shirt and a jacket that will go with to perfect your image. Jeans for human guests are increasingly trend. It is comfortable and with jacket over you stay in the casual wedding dress theme.

suit-wedding-coupons-idee-modern beige

If it's too hot and you honestly do not want to lug around a jacket, you can opt for a jacket that will give a touch of elegance to your outfit human marriage. Of course, be sure to wear a tie. This will complete your look.

suit-wedding-coupons boiler-suit and strap-belt-shirt

The short-sleeved shirt is always a good option for hot summer days. You can put a jacket for the ceremony, then remove it at the party. Thus you will feel more comfortable dancing. This does not exclude ties and bowties.


Being dressed in different styles is still honored for various weddings and seasonal events. Opting for the same dress in different colors might work well for the change. For a summer wedding, choose accessories for many varied and add personality.

suit-wedding-dress-coupons-marie-white hat

Consider the shape of your body. It is important to wear a suit that fits you well. For big men, it is better to choose a suit in a regular and classic form. The slim suit is ideal for men with a thin, elongated physique. Try different outfits before you decide. It is important to choose the form that suits you.

suit-wedding-coupons trouser-strap-shirt-knot-butterfly

Accessories can be as important as the suit itself when it comes to integration of personality in an outfit. So take the time to find the right accessories to match well with your casual wedding dress. Cufflinks add a sophisticated touch, while a patterned tie can be great for a suit in darker tones. A bright silk tie is perfect to add a burst of color and fun to your look.


The bow tie is a growing trend and is a true comeback these days. They come in all colors and all fabric. But if you want to stand out, consider putting a wooden bow. With this hipster bow tie, will be ready to attract attention. It is easy to but its greatest asset is that he never bothers.

Suit casual wedding to celebrate love at the seaside

suit-wedding-dress-coupons-man-married pergola curtain-bouque
suit-wedding-coupons-man-beige shoes and tie

You're getting married outdoors? Remember to put your sunglasses. This will give a casual look and a little macho to your look the big day

suit-wedding-coupons-man-sea-gray rocks

The suit casual wedding outfit is really important because you probably want to feel comfortable and at the same time well appear in pictures the big day. The shape of the lapel and pocket details also tend to vary. If you want a different look you could opt for buttons and a color handkerchief. This will be your single point.

suit-wedding-coupons-beach-blue-white-suit-man boutonniere

man wedding dress pattern, with matching accessories

suit-wedding-coupons-beige-knot-butterfly-handkerchief boutonniere

The fine accessory scarf can replace a tie while keeping a sleek look

suit-wedding-coupons-blue scarf-shirt-white

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