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2016 Trends shoes: the new modern retro

2015 2016 trend shoes chunky boots the white pepper

Fashion trends come and go and look. The big fashion shows have given us an impressive shoe collection of models to accommodate gracefully fall-winter 2015-2016 season.

Make your feet the stars of the season. Boots, waders, creepers, derbies, brogues and sneakers ... Discover our selection of 50 models shoe trends Stylish and modern, find your pearl for the coming season! Cold days are back and it is time to adapt the look in the fall. Every season, we ask the same question: how to dress our little feet? Let's turn the trends ...

Shoe trends 2016: platforms

platform shoes trend the white pepper autumn winter fashion 2015 2016

For the coming season, the autumn-winter 2015-2016 shoes rather borrow, such as trends in fashion spring-summer and autumn-winter, the codes of 60-70 years and those 90s are found waders, moccasins , platform shoes and others. For classics lovers, oxfords and derbies at the beginning reserved for menswear, are reinventing themselves and invite the female wardrobe. We also see a great return of platforms: trendy and comfortable. Side materials, leather, suede and velvet are the most popular materials for the upcoming season.

Trends in 2016 Footwear: even higher waders

Knee thick with River Island asos trend fall fashion sole winter 2015 2016

This winter, thigh and mid-calf boots are at the top of the list. Combined with a vintage dress or cropped trousers, these shoes are very elegant. heeled court shoes are a true classic, but this season, it is the big platforms and heels that invade the hearts of fashionistas. The return of waders is final. Velvet, leather or vinyl, it's sexy and less wise than last year.

bronze color oxfords shoes by Bronx

2016 trends shoes brogues bronze design bronx trendy brand

The shoes "Richelieu" and shoes "derbies", borrowed from menswear, are still trend. Do you know their history? The derby shoes just across the Channel, while oxfords evoke a shoe created for the court of Versailles. At first glance, the two types of shoes are similar, but one important difference makes the difference: lacing them. The oxfords shoes have a closed lacing and lace lie directly on top that covers the shoe (the soaks). This part is the instep of the foot to the tip. The lacing derbies and neighborhoods are stitched on the vamp (the front of the shoe). The oxfords also have a flower end, while derbies a stretch. The perforations on oxfords shoes make them easily recognizable. If you want to invest in blue chip stocks, bet for the classics: Chelsea boots, Richelieu, moccasins ...

Loafers Clarks peas

trend shoes fall winter 2016 Clarks design boots

The first models of platform shoes appear to the 17th century as the Chopines. They played the role of social cue more platforms were high, the more the social level were high. They also had a practical side: the height prevented the low dresses get dirty. Those in the 30 they are back signed by Roger Vivier and Salvatore Ferragamo. They definitely will impose on the parade of fashion in the years 1971. The great Yves Saint Laurent integrated them into one of his collections, inspired by the fashion of the 1940s The 1970s - a landmark period for the shoe platform. They really begin to be popularized by star Elthon John and ABBA and disco worn by fans. In the 1990s, they are making a comeback, but this time in the form of huge sneakers platform. Vivienne Westwood shoes integrates platforms in its collection "Mini crini". Do you remember the Spice Girls? Ten years later in 2010, the sharp heel is not as trendy shoes and adopt platforms: stability, comfort, style and height! Often, they are also related to the Gothic mode.

True blow of heart: platforms for sneakers in black Vagabond

platform shoes fall fashion trend vagabond winter 2015 2016

All models are available at Asos. Discover your gem:

Shoes platform heels with lace, The White Pepper2016 autumn winter shoes trends

The stylish, comfortable sneakers are always current in winter: sneakers New Balance bordeaux

fashion trend 2015 2016 maroon new balance sneakers

Trainers Nike Air Pegasus 83

2016 trends shoes nike sneakers yellow design trend airTrainers Nike Internationalist nike sneakers trend autumn winter 2016 fashion trendtrend shoes 2015 2016 autumn winter fashion shoes the white pepperCreepers modern trend fall fashion leather shoes Winter 2016shoe trend 2015 2016 creepers modern red underground hungertrends shoes 2016 white black moccasins modern trendy brand shoes Blink2016 trends shoes boots croco design modern leather lacesModern trends trendy leather shoes fashion cat footwear leather bootstrends 2016 autumn winter shoes timberland boots blue designtimberland shoes trends winter autumn blue leather design 2016 trends shoes autumn winter shoes leather lace fashion design idea in 2016modern shoe trends shoes fashion design oasis styletrends autumn winter sports shoes adidas shoes original Modern shoes fall winter 2015 2016 trend daisy street black boots shoes fall flat trend winter 2015 2016 fashion heels eeight eerin trend fall fashion winter 2015 2016 autumn winter fashion trend shoes retail heel platform shoes trend shoes fall winter 2015 2016 fashion hudson Wistowautumn winter boots trend 2015 2016 design leather shoes autumn winter trend shoes flat loafers 2015 2016 kg by kurt geiger 2016 trends shoes boots fashion trend monki design idea false boots zipped detail fall fashion trend fur winter 2015 2016 boots trends fall winter 2015 2016 brand fashion trend faux fur design monki shoe trend 2015 2016 autumn winter monki modern idea trend shoes trend shoes nike sneakers modern red white stripes Tati modern trend boots shoes fall trend winter 2015 2016 shoe trends 2016 2016 derbies moccasin heel derbies shoes fall winter 2015 2016 trends shoes fashion trends leather boots GEOX shoes chelsea trend 2015 2016 2016 Trends shoes: the new modern retro Fall fashion shoes sneakers winter asos paillette 2016 autumn winter trends shoes asos chelsea boots Tennis shoes asos trend velvet shoes 2015 2016 trend asos black shoes boots trend asos autumn winter fashion 2015 2016 fall shoe trends winter 2015 2016 black boots shoe trend 2015 2016 Dr Martens autumn winter fashion footwear trends 2015-2016 autumn winter fashion design idea sneakers underground platforms sneakers 2016 fall fashion trend winter shoes trends fall fashion trends patent leather shoes burgundy trend winter 2015 2016 Leather boots tramp shoe trends 2015 2016 autumn winter fashion trend idea shoe trends tend heels vagabond shoes nubuck indigo shoe heel platform shoes fashion trends autumn winter 2016 2016 trends shoes design heeled black shoesvans printed 2016 trend shoes asos boots shoes trends asos sandals footwear trends tend platforms vagabond trends leather sandals trends shoes asos trend cheap ideatrend shoe autumn winter asos

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