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Dress black wedding, short and light: the dare!

Dress black wedding, short and light: the dare!

And if you dare black wedding dress for your big day? We have selected twenty black wedding dress models very elegant and less than 100 euros. The great advantage of this choice of dress - you can wear even after your wedding and it will all silhouettes!

The black - it is synonymous with timeless elegance. It was Coco Chanel who made introduce the little black dress in 1926 ...

"One is never over or under dressed in a little black dress" Karl Lagerfeld


The black wedding dress emphasizes the silhouette

And yes, it is true that the white wedding dress is a classic. It is also true that black is the color of elegance par excellence! It highlights the silhouette and also goes well with fair skin than darker complexion, thin women and women with forms.

This is not the case of white clothes, for example. Finally, the white dress is, shall we say, a little more demanding. While black, black ah ... It puts any value - the silhouette, color of eyes and hair. Even if you are very pale, you will be very elegant in your black dress! It will emphasize your whiteness and make it shiny. Same for women with dark skin, dark suits them perfectly (proof on the image below).

If you are of dark complexion and round shapes, black wonderfully highlight your look. Here are some very good reasons why choose a black wedding dress for her marriage or at least for his wedding night!

black wedding dress bare shoulder asos

As we have already mentioned, all black dresses models presented here are priced at less than 100 euros. Some of them may soon be exhausted, but you can easily find similar models online. Very elegant to wear at any festive occasion, these dresses are very light and casual. If you want to be comfortable in your wedding dress and you're not the type to invest a huge amount in buying a wedding dress design, this selection is then made for you!

black wedding dress bride short black dress

The black wedding dress: short selection of some models, light and casual

No more shots! Dress long white wedding and unimaginable price, high heels too uncomfortable ... The wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love with his family, relatives and friends. It will be a shame if you do not feel comfortable in your wedding outfit ... In a previous article, we presented a selection of small dresses casual married and we have given you some idea how to combine them with comfortable shoes - shoes, sneakers, brogues.

In another recent publication, we are interested in those who do not want to do like everyone else and plan a wedding in red and black! Today, it goes even further ... "no" is said in the white wedding dress and said "yes" to the black wedding dress, short and elegant ...

Dress black wedding, short and light: the dare!

The embroidery is back in fashion this season. Fine and elegant, this right dress embroidered with round neck was presented by R Studio. She is currently for sale and balance on the site La Redoute priced at less than 40 euros. Hurry up, it will soon be exhausted! robe-de-bride-black-woman-embroidery laredoute-black knee length wedding dress with broderie anglaise R STUDIO find at La Redoute

Selection of black wedding dresses with embroidery

The dress with embroidery is a true classic. If you want a little more style ceremony, this is the perfect model for you.

dress-black-3-Swiss-bride-dress differentBlack dress with embroidery to find in the 3 Suisses

Black dresses with embroidery can be combined with heels or flat shoes. The platform shoe models are also very trendy lately, but be careful - choose platforms under 5 centimeter for us not to rave too, finally if you're not a fan of electronic music !

asos-black-dress-black-BaroqueIdea short black robe with embroidery find Asos

The black wedding dress with long sleeves for an elegant and enigmatic look

If you marry in the summer, it will no doubt hot on your wedding day. The long sleeve dress is rather recommended if you are getting married in the fall or winter. And yet it is very elegant and will bring an enigmatic look. If you really like what style of dress, our advice is to choose a natural material! Dress with long sleeves and button - that's a combination that is synonymous with style. We chose this model flared with long sleeves buttoned at the back, also in balance:

robe de soiree-boutonee-woman-bride-dress-black-sleeves-long

Evening dress buttoned long sleeves find at La Redoute at 30 euros

robe de soiree-boutonee-back dress-bride

And for a really casual look, we recommend this for half sleeve dress very lightly. Combine with sneakers! Find out what stylish and casual model with both Pink Coat:

dress-black-very-elegant-the-pink coat

idee-robe-de-bride-model-kimono-MissguidedBlack dress with kimono neckline model to find on the site Missguided

Woman with round shapes? Nowadays, there are many brands that create creative clothing for women of all shapes. We have selected some models curvy black dresses very stylish. Check them out below: dress-black-woman-bride-dress-round ideasIdea black dress model for elegant round woman, Asos

asymmetrical dress-woman-round-eloquiiIdea asymmetrical black wedding dress for woman round to find in Eloquii robe-de-bride-laredoute-black-dress-brideIdea black wedding dress model skater find at La Redouterobe-de-bride-black-laredoute-halterModel skater dress under 100 euros

The black sleeveless wedding dress for hot summer days

dress-ruffle-top hinny evening-dressMidi Dress with bare shoulders Bardot style by Asos

You know it well - dresses with bare shoulders are very sexy and classic. If you marry in the summer and it's really hot, this dress will save your life! It will highlight and showcase as your shoulders, chest and neck.

Dress black wedding, short and light: the dare!Idea knee-length find at La Redoute

robe-de-bride-black-idee-dress-black-womanshoulder short dress with nude Asos

short-dress-woman-morgan-dress-bride-blackshort black dress sleeveless find Morgan

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