Nail autumn freeze: some trends ideas 2017/2018 –

Nail autumn freeze: some trends ideas 2017/2018

Nail deco-design-autumn-leaves fall frost

Summer is coming to an end. And with this, trends change. Summer colors of autumn colors is happening. The sun may be not as strong and present, but now we can enjoy the beauty of nature which offers a range of stunning colors.

And it is precisely these shades are inspired women when it comes to their nails.

In this new season, we will present the new 2017/2018 trends with a selection of nail ideas fall freeze.

Be inspired by the design in the spirit of the season and do not hesitate to try them.

Nail Gel autumn leaves-tree-colors-idee

If you are wondering what type of manicure you want, we suggest you try the nail in the autumn frost. More and more women are choosing this option because it offers a brilliant manicure that will not flake and keeps a few weeks.


In addition, the varnish gel leaves us a choice of colors and patterns.

Although easier to work with than a conventional nail polish, you can choose among the reasons more and more amazing. If you look at the picture above you will see patterns of different colors drawn very precisely. And it is precisely these design-there that are very difficult to achieve with a simple varnish.


This year, in autumn we will bet once more on the classic colors that are associated with the end of summer. And for this, we choose orange, black, red and gold. side reasons, opt for autumn leaves, flowers and plants, trees and geometric forms.


Side nails, this year more and more women prefer to have long and sharp.

The angles or pointed almond are inspired by the great stars of TV and film. This form is not very practical in everyday life but is often carried by women who like to dare. If you choose this form for this autumn, we must take care. And motives aside and colors, all shots are allowed.


As for each period of the year, the French manicure is just as likely to fall nail gel. We all know this classic. Launched by US actresses already a few years ago, this design has become very popular. The French manicure makes the nail smooth and elegant in its simplicity. This technique involves applying white nail polish on the tips of the nails, everything is covering the rest of the nail pale, pearly color.

french manicure-red-glitters

The French manicure is suitable for all styles look. And today we find more and more variations of this model. Apart from the classical model of French manicure with white, you can dare more by performing with other colors instead of white. For nail autumn frost, choose red, black and many others. But also, you can replace it with glitter or other geometric lines, depending on the shape of your nails.


Both in 2017 than in 2018, found increasingly in beauty studios the shaded manicure.

Go for a nice gradient to refine your nails in style!

Nail art addicts will tell you a lot. We find lots of pictures on the internet beautiful shades nail. And to make a nail in autumn frost, simply associate 2-3 colors placed in mostly horizontally. If you want to associate your fingernail autumn frost, bet feel free to mix yellow, orange and black.


You can choose colors in the same tone or completely different colors to form a landscape or a concrete design. And that's not all ! One can equals draw designs on the nail shadow to complete the final look.


The nail art has now become a great institution.

Thousands of women share their ideas daily manicure and pedicure. With this trend, we can choose the option or most daring elements. We like to combine the nail polish according to where you are staying, season or a special date. Take this example pedicure Halloween theme and be inspired by other events.

orange rhinestone-pumpkin-glitter

More and more women are getting into the nail flashier and daring autumn frost. And here the choice of patterns is great. We can incorporate glitter, sparkling colors and even piercings. A new trend this season is to integrate the liquid and glitter under the nail! And yes, you have understood! The aquarium has become very popular manicure starting with parades on the red carpet. And for this, serum is injected under an acrylic nail while adding sequins in all shapes and colors.

The result - floating nails, perfect for your manicure Halloween this year!

pedicure rhinestone-pearl-pink

If you prefer a neat and elegant, and discreet nude manicure is still among the top 5 this fall season. And with this, you can add a few stones and sequins.


In this fall season dark colors, intense and matte do not remain indifferent.

If you are a woman of character and her, then this is probably the right choice for you. And if you want to add a personal touch, then treat yourself to a little splurge. Choose a design that suits you and apply it on the nail of your choice.

gold flakes leaf-pedicure

The matte varnish are quite strong and ideal if you have brittle nails. One of the most popular combinations for this season of autumn 2017 is to alternate red and black. But also form a nice gradient to get a shaded nail. Replace the white of the French manicure with a red or black matte and you will be filled!

rhinestone-gray stone-flakes

And if you're a party girl, do not hesitate to make you nail glitter fall frost. You can apply all the nails or just a part. It all depends on what you want as an end result. If you are a person with discreet taste, you can be dropped off sequins on one or two fingers. And why not French manicure?

orange-brown color-glitters


Peacock feather-of-idea


varnish-deco autumn orange

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