Louboutin shoe man to be chic, eccentric, best what!

louboutin shoe man Moccasins

Louboutin shoe man, so in short the subject of our present article. Each shoe Christian Louboutin is a work of art or a masterpiece. Louboutin is the sector of high-end shoe a jewelry.

In its fall / winter 2017-2018, we can find boots, loafers, oxfords, sneakers and slippers. What really characterizes his collection is his androgynous style Louboutin shoe touching any man or woman.

Louboutin shoe man: many chic eccentricity

If you do not know all the Christian Louboutin shoes, you can recognize them by the red soles. By the way, where did this love for the red?

louboutin shoe sports man

Louboutin shoe man or woman with red sole

Just for the record: comparing the effect of bright red soles in the landscape of the footwear fashion today with the effect that creates the array Poppies Claude Monet painted in 1873. In this painting, the painter drew red poppies through the lush green fields of the French countryside. The effect produced by this painting this vibrant red at the time and she now produces is sensational. What he had in mind when he created Christian Louboutin's iconic red sole? And why comparing its red sole rubber in this case with poppies Claude Monet? Christian Louboutin actually knows the botanical very well or perfectly thanks to its close collaboration with his friend and longtime partner Louis Benech. This is not at all surprised by this analogy. He said: "This red shade is very close, if not a perfect match with red Louboutin".

louboutin shoe man-autumn-winter trends

Louboutin shoe man with gold bullion embroidery

As if Christian Louboutin were two different signatures. The one we saw was the bright red soles. The other sign by which one recognizes his shoe, is the jewel in gold embroidered on the vamp (or the front of the shoe). We can see this gem thanks to the brilliant reappearance of Laperouza in the collection. We also see the slipper Mi Corazon Corazon and Peru, each with a three-dimensional heart-inspired heart Mexican votive hand embroidered in red and gold bullion embroidery.

louboutin men shoes style-Parisian-coupons-laperouza leather-polish-black-with-gold jewel-embroidered

Louboutin shoe man: the hint of Parisian panache in stylish autumn / winter 2017-2018 collection

The casual Parisian style is added to the latest fall / winter collection 2017-2018 as presented here. Men and Monono Monana Women are the big stars in the moccasins are back.

louboutin shoe androgynous man

Louboutin shoe man: the moccasin Monono

His entire collection is characterized by the crossing effortlessly gender lines. With the return moccasins above all, the collection is called the androgynous collection. For a feminist approach to personal style of men in general, the moccasin is again an allusion to the academy and studiousness.

jordan shoe models man-saint-petersburg

New Monono and Monana exist, as you can see, white version of black and red. The tendency combination available student and undermines the traditional penny loafer with a thin string sewn by hand and "Loubi-Coin" supposed to bring good luck.

louboutin shoe man fall-winter-2017

The moccasin Monono also exists in a version in black. Similarly, this moccasin is characterized by a touch of ultimate elegance with fine chain sewn by hand and "Loubi-corner".

louboutin shoe-sole-man Monono red

Louboutin shoe man: mind academia

Richelieu shoe stretch is another star of the Christian Louboutin fall / winter 2017-2018. The academia mind is guaranteed with it. The elegance, it is guaranteed by refined artisan details, light ornamentation, complex floral still inspired by various exotic paintings. The exotic among Louboutin, meanwhile, comes from her travels around the world.

louboutin shoe man woman unisex

In terms of its casual street style models, this season is less inspired by the richness and diversity in the world. There is a clear and certain return to traditional values ​​and safe acquired.

louboutin shoe collection man autumn-2017

The velvet stole the show to cut patent calf leather laser for all that is of this particular style. The tones are in perfect harmony with the characteristic colors of autumn months.

louboutin shoe collection man autumn-winter-2017

Here besides what may look like a Louboutin shoe store. This sets chic and elegant designs but in its majority, it offers a sense of something known and affordable good. Here, we know how to go back in time the customer.

louboutin shoe man presentation-Milano-group-show

Louboutin can be elegant without eccentric. The elegant and classic Louboutin shoe, and that regardless of the model is that older men prefer but every man a very special occasion.

louboutin shoe man-rain comes

Elegance is also in the simplicity, the purity of form and naturally the quality of the material and labor to make this exquisite shoe. Christian Louboutin said in an interview that the most important part in the design of the shoe is "fit" or in other words, it goes perfectly.

louboutin shoe-sole-red fall man

shoe Louboutin boots platforms

Louboutin shoe man: the Richelieu or in English oxford

This shoe is one of the most popular styles of dress shoes for men. She closed lacing, which means that shoelaces are directly in the upper. Richelieu Louboutin shoe is made of an excellence unsurpassed. If we took the male model, we observed that the neighborhoods and vamp are stitched with gray fabric. The guarantor and talonette are made of black velvet. The tip is made of patent calf leather. This is a shoe for man signed Louboutin red.

louboutin classic shoe man

Louboutin shoe sports man

It also recognizes its trendy sneakers covered or not small bright points (or dull). It is quite fashionable for young people. Older men do not really recognize them.

louboutin shoe street-style man

These quartz velvet shoes with spikes just on the tip are simpler than previous and more boilerplate. With casual but chic outfit, they can go for chic.

louboutin sneakers shoe man gray

Covered with sequins and small crystals, these leopard-print sneakers are both suitable for women than for men. This year we celebrate the androgynous style, then do it on purpose to "deceive" is forgiven!

louboutin shoe man basketball leopard

louboutin sneakers shoe man-python

The sneakers covered calf spikes is one of the leading shoes Louboutin collection of sneakers. Quartz velvet black, it is a modern shoe, casual but not exactly every day. A casual chic outfit can endure it!

louboutin shoe-fashion black man

Black boots with spikes on the top, it is also glamorous. This type of shoe is perfect for your evenings in town.

louboutin shoe man-high sneakers

louboutin shoe man like tennis-campaign-ad

Louboutin shoes tricolor man with spikes

louboutin shoe menswear-2017

Louboutin shoe man or woman in patent calf leather with red sole

Chic or casual, for you to do with what to wear this sports shoe. But how is it Christian Louboutin? Why everything he creates goes everywhere and please?

louboutin shoe tennis man

The history of Louboutin shoes

Like wildflowers that grow without one's having planted the masterpieces of Christian Louboutin appeared in the field without one will be expected manner. He himself, he said, elated as if he was reliving that moment of ingenuity, we quote: "My sketches have been reproduced exactly as I had designed and I could not understand why. The two-dimensional sketch was so powerful on paper, but when it was transformed into three-dimensional object, it lacked energy. Frustrated after trying different things to brighten the design, I spontaneously grabbed the red nail polish and painted my assistant the sole. I just knew it would be a success! "

louboutin shoe coupons chic man

Flashing red soles have become an indication of power and wealth. Just as Louis XIV had said the red heel was an exclusive privilege of the members of the court, Christian determined that the red sole is the new symbol illustrating the power and wealth of our time. He did it on the occasion of a famous journalistic reportage of Carla Bruni Sarkozy (then First Lady of France), which mounts the stairs gracefully the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid Princess Letizia of Spain. Christian believes that this photo of Bruni with its design is the perfect illustration of the beauty, power and politics.

louboutin shoe dugueclin flat-man

The elegance of the shoe cut guaranteed by the patent calf leather sublime laser

louboutin shoe adult man

louboutin shoe man Greggo

Indeed, overnight, Louboutin, this wildflower, had instant success. Princess Caroline of Monaco was one of his first customers. Then they chained themselves: Princess Letizia of Spain and Carla Bruni Sarkozy (see above), actors and Hollywood actresses (see below), etc.

louboutin shoe man Greggo-Orlato-velvet-black-Ryan-Gosling

louboutin shoe-justin timberlake-man-2017 Oscars

louboutin shoe man leonardo-dicaprio-Oscars-2017

Finally, who is Christian Louboutin?

The interest of the designer for the art of shoe started very young. Little boy in Paris, he was drying classes to go watch the girls to Folies Bergeres. The cabaret was not located very far from where his family lived. Imressionné by their shoes and especially fascinated by the girls, a childhood that the brand lives. In 1976, while visiting the National Museum of Arts of Africa and Oceania, on the Daumesnil, a sign hit. The heels were banned! "I became obsessed," he said. "How could they design a shoe that everyone was in the 70's and prohibit its use"?


Independence and creation

Christian Louboutin left school despite the opposition of his family began to draw. Based on his inspirations on Folies Bergere, he assembled an impressive portfolio that earned him a job at Charles Jourdan. In 1982, he became an apprentice of designer Roger Vivier shoes. Then he worked as a freelancer for the Chanel couture houses and Yves Saint Laurent until 1992. That same year he opened his own shop. His first models to parade with her shoes are the daughters of Folies Bergère! The Birds of Paradise, as they were called, were women experienced in walking effortlessly and Christian Louboutin needed exactly those girls.

louboutin shoe-man-and-Sabyasachi Louboutin

The parade is called Fetish. These women have worked with David Lynch in 2007 when the Louboutin Paris meeting. David Lynch approached him to ask him to design shoes meant to be caged for his exhibition at the Fondation Cartier. They have become more than colleagues. Christian Louboutin worked on the idea of ​​extreme fetishism, David Lynch was the only one who could present the shoes so surreal. For this project, Adolf Loos was assigned to choose two voluptuous cabaret dancers Crazy Horse to become models of the project.

Louboutin shoe man to be chic, eccentric, best what!

"David has worked for two days with his Hasselblad camera and a single assistant. He seemed to shine light "recalls Christian. "He was trying to attract the viewer's attention on new desires. To complete this environment forbidden Lynch opted for a pictorial abstraction to achieve a dream effect. "

shoes christian louboutin factory nerviano

The highly artistic results combine the conscious to the subconscious and deepen the foundations of the real as in surrealism. This art is a major source of inspiration for the French designer and is shown in all the campaigns of the fashion house.

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