Corner fireplace, design ideas and interior decoration –

Corner fireplace, design ideas and interior decoration

fireplace idea'angle moderne decoration coin lecture

The corner fireplace is a product became popular during the recent period of our history. In the past, the chimneys were usually built along a wall to provide larger homes, which ensured a work surface (for cooking) and convenient heating.

Stone fireplace angle and idea of ​​home extension development

fireplace'angle pierre interieur design moderne

But these days, the fireplace has almost completely lost its role as an instrument of kitchen and has become an aesthetic object while also being a heating source much more efficient than it was in earlier date. All these changes are being supplemented also by the evolution of interior solutions and the emergence of a range of much richer fuels. Accordingly, the corner fireplace conquered our interior spaces.

Fireplace modern style corner with wood storage space underneath the home

of fireplaces'angle bioethanol decoration moderne idee salon

The corner fireplace has a significant advantage in terms of the organization of the piece: it occupies little space and can be installed in an area that would otherwise remain empty. Therefore, this heating means also contributes to the arrangement of the furniture in the interior.

type of fireplace wood stove and idea of ​​interior decoration of modern rustic style

living room fireplace of small'angle poele bois deco

Room Makeover with designer furniture installed near a modern fireplace design by Piazzetta

fireplace'angle design moderne amenagement intérieur salon

Such as chimneys have the ability to become a focal point in the inner space, the installation of a corner model can upset the manner in which the entire room is used.

Contemporary fireplace with elegant reading corner next

model modern deco fireplace room design

Thus empty and uninviting parts of the room are transformed into cozy corners to read or comfortable workspaces.

chase enclosure closed hearth modern style decor and furniture in white

fireplace'angle habillage mural salon design blanc deco

In some cases, the entire living room furniture (sofa, coffee table, armchairs) changes place to approach this source of natural light and fresh!

Design fireplace and wall decoration Zen-inspired room

deco fireplace contemporary wood bedroom furniture

In many modern and contemporary interiors, the fireplace is accompanied by a kind of interesting wall decor.

interior room: corner fireplace closed fireplace and mural design by Studio Schicketanz

fireplace'angle moderne idee salon meubles deco bois

usually placed above the fireplace mantle, it takes the form of wall charts, crowns and even creations of the owners of the house.

Chimney textured background and corner model for living room open to dining room

fireplaces modern brick decoration background

Another type of wall decoration are modern chimney linings. They can occupy an entire wall or just a part of it and take a wide variety of roles.

concrete fireplace design model and drink and lounge with corner sofa Photo

Design of fireplaces'angle amenagement salle de sejour moderne

Sometimes they are used as an accent color in the room, sometimes they introduce a new texture or, on the contrary, they become a sort of unifying perspective of materials and colors.

Fireplace dressed in dark colors and modern design with geometric pattern

fireplace modern dressing deco living dining room idea

This is an example of really impressive double-sided fireplace wall that is designed to distinguish the color scheme in the rest of the interior space.

How to develop an interior with corner fireplace playing on the color space

models deco fireplace modern living Layouts

In this image, a different idea of ​​living room decor with fireplace whose background is in contrast with the color of dark paint chosen for the walls of the room.

Decorative fireplace with wall cladding and dark beige table wall decoration

fireplace'angle exemple deco salon style contemporain

And in this interior, it has relied on two chimney decor solutions already mentioned above - wall cladding and decorative painting, to further enhance the effect of the presence of the fireplace.

Wood stove and decorative Scandinavian-inspired lounge with black leather armchair and small wooden furniture

Wood stove fireplace lounge Layouts Scandinavian design

The stoves are a similar type of fireplace. These models are popular with people who like the atmosphere created by the fire and who are looking for space saving solutions for their homes. In fact, most modern wood stoves are characterized by great design and their easy installation.

Deco glass veranda and corner fireplace stove modern style by Focus

fireplace modern wooden house extension Layouts

From a modern but very authentic look at a time, these pipes often adorn the interiors of country houses, the Nordic scenery and houses on the seafront.

Modern fireplace with double sided fireplace and closed vertical wood storage idea

double sided fireplace biothenol decoration modern style

The corners that house are adorned with armchairs and sofas, range-wood furniture, indispensable beside such heating means, libraries or elegant office spaces.

Double-sided fireplace modern style and design of transitional space between dining room and living room open

fireplace idea deco modern double wall facing lounge

Other type of fireplace that belongs to the family angle models: the double face. Modern and impressive, it often lacks additional decorations: the beauty of fire, through which the light from both sides of the glass and the design trim enough to arouse the admiration of anyone who discovers such a fireplace for the first time.

Room with fireplace and wall cladding closed with red brick design by Neal Huston Associates

fireplace'angle chambre parentale moderne amenagement

The chimneys are operating at a modern bioethanol option that suits any room and any area of ​​the interior space.

Mini Corner bioethanol fireplace and dining room decorative small space

bioethanol fireplaces decoration ideas contemporary dining room

With their closed home, they easily fit the decor to be a focus in itself or to complete the look of a wall with flat screen.

Alternatives corner fireplaces: the round fireplace fits all spaces

Round fireplaces inside house modern living room design
Despite the beauty of corner fireplaces and possibilities of decoration they offer, their management is not always possible. But fortunately today there are plenty of alternative options to the corner models, for example, the round fireplace.

small model fireplace bioethanol easy to move

Design Layouts bioethanol fireplace small space

even there are space saving models that run on bioethanol and can move smoothly depending on how you decide to organize their living space!

contemporary style open fireplace and deco living room

white interior fireplace lounge contemporary design

modern design fireplace and furnishings of suggestion cozy reading by Planika

fireplace'angle design moderne lampe sur pied design

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