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wall paneling and wooden cladding for contemporary interior

ancient wall paneling siding home renovation idea contemporary lounge furniture

The wall paneling brings a lot of warmth, friendliness and refinement in the interior, according to the type of decoration that characterizes and on the furniture and accessories that complement the space.

Element widespread in architecture during previous centuries, particularly the moldings woodwork, she however lost its popularity over the years because it is generally associated with typical decor of the 70s of the 20th century. Today, thanks to the return of the natural decoration, wood surfaces took places in our homes and this trend also affects the wood paneling. Whether you want to renovate an old paneling or ask a contemporary wood siding, please use the ideas below!

Modern Wall paneling or old: what are its aesthetic benefits?

wainscoting idea decoration white lounge contemporary facings

The wall paneling, ancient or modern, has aesthetic benefits that everyone can observe itself. Natural, it adds a little more color to an interior space without having too heavy presence. According to the types of signs and possible decoration, the woodwork and wooden wall cladding part in the decoration of the space and its atmosphere.

ancient and modern wall paneling and functional aspects Panels

wall paneling louis xbi contemporary living room decoration mirror frame vintage fireplace

But the benefits of this element of the wall decoration are far from being limited only to a purely aesthetic. In fact, according to architectural experts, wall paneling had originally essential functions for thermal and acoustic insulation of interiors.

A mural woodwork: a good plan to enjoy a more comfortable interior and better insulated!

decoration wall paneling wooden stairs colimacon example

Although, at present, there are other means of insulation and that gives more importance to the external appearance of wall cladding as their ability to provide us with more warmth and intimacy , it remains true that the woodwork also continue to fill these handy features.

Decoration wall paneling and wood siding: a little history

decoration wood paneled house rustic wooden wall panels

The wood paneling has a long history with ups and downs. According to experts, the first wall cladding of this kind already existed in ancient Egypt. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, these wooden wall decorations are typical of the residences of nobles and their refined interiors. The woodwork is then a decorative element if it becomes a popular area of ​​specialization for architects and carpenters whose names have marked the history of the building.

The woodwork, natural ornamental element rediscover!

Imitation modern wall paneling wall red brick interior idea

Then, in the 18th century, wooden wall cladding gradually disappearing to be replaced by other ornaments, such as wallpapers and tapestries.

The wall wood siding and decorative styles in the 20th century

woodwork natural wood wall contemporary living room sofa d'angle table basse

In more recent times, the wall paneling are back in fashion with the movement of the new art and, later, with the bohemian chic and ethnic decoration during the 60s and 70s of the 20th century.

The wooden wall coverings as part of the contemporary décor

Refit boisieries old deco contemporary living room wall picture

Back in our homes and in our apartments, wooden wall cladding usually take two forms: contemporary woodwork we would ask for a complete interior with natural or old materials that would be renovated to take advantage of their sophisticated appearance.

What are the characteristics of modern and contemporary woodwork?

wall covering old rustic wood slab wood

Contemporary wall paneling are characterized by their natural and organic look without itself as central to the interior design. Contrary to what one might think, these murals are not limited to slabs of wood darker shade.

wood paneling and woodwork: how to associate a natural coating with contemporary decor?

contemporary wood panels home decoration idea entrance wall paneling

In fact, there are plenty of colors different types of wooden wall panels that agree with almost all popular decor styles right now!

Ask a contemporary woodwork in light shade inspired by the Scandinavian style

idee deco wall paneling Scandinavian style dining contemporary design

The Scandinavian design is probably one of the greatest sources of inspiration for those who would ask a contemporary wall paneling in one room of their home.

Wall decoration with modern Scandinavian inspired woodwork and cathedral ceiling

Wall cladding wood roof cathedral Scandinavian home decoration

The Nordic style is characterized by a wall decoration in light shades that is dictated by the desire to create a more luminous interior for houses in this region of Europe.

Contemporary dining room with wall cladding in light wood and vertical slabs

Contemporary decoration ADJUST room wall paneling Contemporary dining corner meal

Modern and cool, wall paneling Scandinavian style can be achieved by all kinds of natural material to light shade.

Wall Deco to contemporary small apartment with light wood coating and integrated lighting

Laying wall light wood ceiling wood paneling LED luminaire modern kitchen bar

It is ideal for the development of a clean space and combines very well with a mural in white and with accessories in neutral or pastel colors.

reading corner design with wall covering wooden Scandinavian style Nordic and accessories

imitation wood ancient wooden panels Layouts corners reading wall cladding

And if you want to achieve an authentic look Nordic decoration, combine these coatings with Scandinavian design furniture!

The wall paneling modern rustic style: a good idea for lovers of natural coatings

wood panel wall coating Layouts dining room paneling suspended luminaire

Modern rustic décor is another good starting point for homeowners who like wall cladding in authentic materials.

Underbody paneling wall bathroom modern rustic style raw wood

Wall decoration wood coating bathroom wall modern chic country style

The rustic and rustic decorations often have wood or stone surfaces. This is explained by the fact that the country houses are supposed to incorporate materials available near the home construction site and thus stimulate a responsible approach to the environment.

Contemporary Woodwork bedroom inspired by the mountain lodge decor style

wall paneling panel old idea siding wall wood bedroom pictures

It is the same for domestic mountain chalet style, with the objective to create a warmer atmosphere, mobilizing a respectful approach to the planet.

Facing wood room wall rustic modern bathroom with white furniture and wall unit

Contemporary wall paneling decoration idea small bathroom design

The country chic and mountain chalet is distinguished by the use of rough wall cladding of various hues that perfectly match the type of wood common in the area where the house is located.

Bedroom for adults with natural wood decor and white accessories

Wall panels wood siding adult bedroom solid wood bed decoration

In contemporary interiors, the siding and wall paneling are combined with trendy furnishings and bright or neutral colors like white, beige and gray. Use these colors for painting a wall or, if you prefer, for accessories for your living space!

wall paneling model base for white bathroom and contemporary wood

modern underbody paneling siding pictures of white bath room and wood

Above a bath sample inspired by modern rustic décor. Painted white, it has a basement wall paneling classic appearance; organic accessories come balance the presence of wood on the walls.

wallcovering wood contemporary furniture and decoration with great picture forming

wood siding wall living room furniture contemporary solid wood coffee table

To create a contemporary wall paneling, many designers are also inspired ecological materials obtained thanks to modern technology. Thus, today there are authentic wall paneling imitations that are made of laminated wood, visually similar to the one used for laminate and floating floors.

Modern Woodcrafts in ecological materials for a cozy and elegant home

gray wood wall cladding idea of ​​natural decoration contemporary living

In addition to its contemporary look, wall facing this kind is also considered easier to install and less demanding in terms of cost. Moreover, there are a wide variety of point of view the choice of shades and finishes.

Facing room with dark wood games and wall lighting with LED strip

wall cladding of wood cellar'homme salle de jeux adulte billard decoration masculine

The general atmosphere of an interior space with contemporary wall paneling not only depends on the choice of wood colors and coating type but also other items such as furniture, the colors in the room and its lighting.

Example of contemporary furniture to associate with sitting wall wood siding

false wall paneling wall wood facing living room tv stand suspended stay

It is precisely for this reason that the decorators choose to combine wall facings contemporary wood with furniture of the same style.

Wall storage and decorative wooden panels Nursery

Modern wood siding wall amenenagement little baby girl boy room

The murals shelves kind, open storage, hanging and other libraries, are among the most commonly used supplements for decorating a wall adorned with wooden panels.

hanging wall bookcase and modern woodwork in light shades

deco wall wood siding coating bedroom wall shelf adult

This furniture is usually easy to pair with all kinds of wooden wall cladding, regardless of its shape, color, size and material of manufacture.

Bedroom with wooden wall panels and wall unit

siding wooden wall, modern bedroom contemporary woodwork

Unlike most of the old woodwork, wall coverings contemporary wood also allow the construction of wall storage niches.

Wall paneling with modern idea and storage space saving with wall recess

deco wall paneling Contemporary living room floor tiles coating wood

In addition to being a practical solution for small spaces, niches like that give the interior a modern look permanently.

wooden wall cladding and office decor corner with library wall recess

wall paneling workspace modern decoration wood office furniture design

This is another good idea interior design for those who dream to dress their contemporary interior with wood paneling!

Contemporary Wall lighting and dark wood siding

panels wood wall covering contemporary design living room lighting idea

Modern lighting and, in particular, the LED lights have the ability to enhance the contemporary feel of a room decorated with natural coatings.

Room with wood siding and contemporary lighting

false idea Modern Wall paneling room wall wood panels

Try to imagine your wall decor and its place within the room and choose the best lighting solutions for your living space!

wall paneling to furniture and lighting concept for contemporary interior

Laying modern woodwork natural wood wall tiles living room lounge

Also note that the color of the wood can affect the brightness of the interior and you would therefore need additional light sources if you have decided to bet on the wall panels of dark wood.

Idea coating wood wall with vertical slabs

idea of ​​decoration wall wood coating contemporary rustic wood wall cladding

To embed a wall paneling in a living room or a bedroom contemporary, one can also use daring and original solutions that do not necessarily have existed in ancient date. In the picture above, an example of wooden decoration uncluttered look that covers the walls and ceiling of a room.

Open kitchen to living room and corner meal with contemporary wood paneling and ceiling lighting

Contemporary wall paneling wood ceiling open living kitchen decoration

Another possibility to install wall paneling while giving the house a contemporary look is to ask slabs of wood vertically.

Facing wall for kitchen in white and wood with arched doorway

Contemporary wall imitation wood wall shelf white kitchen

It is an approach which differs from the installation of paneling feature in most retro decor and ensures that your wall cladding will not go unnoticed!

How to integrate an ancient wall paneling in a contemporary interior?

old wood paneling and deco moldings Layouts basement

Now for options to refresh an old wall paneling and better incorporate it in a room with contemporary furniture and accessories.

Renovation old woodwork and wall cladding idea of ​​painting

wood moldings old mural decoration living room lounge

The first option in this case is to play on the contrasts between the two types of decor in advance renovating the old woodwork to highlight moldings.

How to paint old wall wainscoting with moldings to better integrate it into a contemporary setting *

wall paneling old idea decoration contemporary living room wall library

If you want to create a more homogeneous space, avoid the first option and bet on a mural in light colors. These colors will soften the effect of your vintage moldings and wainscoting cede its place to more bright colors contemporary accessories.

wood wall covering Painting with light colored moldings for dining

painting woodwork old wood panel moldings decoration dining room

Finally, if you want to draw attention to your vintage woodwork, use the opposite approach: help yourself to a bold paint color for wood clad wall and arrange all of your decorating around this focus , choosing contemporary furniture that would suit the color of paint!

How to paint with ancient wood into a decorative accent?

painting contemporary wall paneling gray room deco

Woodwork with moldings painted blue and contemporary decor room

decoration living room wall wood woodwork old blue paint duck brick fireplace

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