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Tiles 3D effect for an original wall decoration

deco mosaic tile living room

This extraordinary collection of modern tiles with 3D effect is for those seeking a mural design coating completely original. Wall tiles with 3D effect is a modern solution for dressing walls that suit the modern and contemporary design of homeowners and all those who want to give their home a unique look.

Wall covering and 3D tiles by Portland Cement

3d wall tile coating

The production of tiles with 3D effect is the result of changes in the production of tiles for a long time. Did you know that the oldest tiles date from the 13th BC. BC and they were used in the territory of present-day Iran? Tile production was practiced by the Mesopotamians, in countries that lie between the Tigris and Euphrates: This type of tiles in shades of blue and gold was used to decorate the famous Gate omnipotent goddess Ishtar in the city of Babylon.

Bathroom tiles and 3D by Portland Cement

ideas coating bathroom wall tiling

As in ancient Rome mosaics, tiles were richly ornamented long products for the ornament sumptuous residences: temples, places of worship in the Islamic tradition, residences of reputations. The tiles with decorative patterns were an expression of magnificence and the human desire to create aesthetic designs. In continuation of this tradition, modern tile wall highlights a perpetual search for manufacturers and designers to surpass the old models and achieve even more beautiful scenery and worthy of admiration.

Decoration and tiling 3D effect by Pitsou Kedem

deco tiling 3D effect

Today, the choice of tiles is huge and it is characterized not only by a rich range of colors and patterns, but also by interesting shapes. After the collections of tiles imitating stone and those reproducing the appearance of wood, comes the turn of the tile 3D effect. It draws mainly geometric patterns. There are various shades: white that beautifully reflects light with its elegant curves, through the golden shades, appropriate for the glamorous interiors, with gray and black tiles suitable for creating decorative accents.

Deco salon and 3D tile Castelatto

deco wall tile living room 3D

This desire to always excel and offer more sophisticated wall covering collections is a consistent response to requests owners. In fact, indoor and outdoor decoration experts note that modern homeowners are increasingly demanding regarding the materials used in their homes. We are no longer content to buy tiles "cheap" with a simple look, even if it is only a part of the decoration is usually then completed by number of accessories, such as rugs or deco paintings.

Interior decoration of house and tiles with raised by Mahno

interior deco house modern tiles

With this in mind, homeowners are increasingly attention to materials and qualities of the tiles. For their part, manufacturers and designers meet this demand by launching to the market the most interesting collections of aesthetic standpoint. In addition, some manufacturers also offer tile versions relief biological or antibacterial 3D. These additional benefits are not considered assets of a "high end" product.

decorating idea living and design tiles by Denis Svirid

plaid design lounge walls

The collection of 3D plaid that we present today includes a large selection of suitable tiles for decorating any room in the house. As you will see on the pictures in our gallery, designers have used to tile 3D effect for the wall covering of all walls of a room, to create a decorative accent or even to replace a kitchen backsplash or bathroom. In short, the decorative potential of 3D effect tiles are unlimited. Look :

Wall Deco lounge and carrealge 3D Castelatto

carrealge decor living room 3D

Deco bathroom mosaic tiled bathroom and a Castelatto

tiled bathroom mosaic bathroom

corridor wall tiles and 3D by Urbatek

wall coverings mosaic hallway

Deco bedroom wall by Pitsou Kedem

deco room walls

Wall tiles and mosaics by Cerasarda

coatings mosaic wall

Decorative wall and floor tiles by Denis Svirid

design wall tiles

Idea deco chamber and tiles by Kedem Pitsou

idea room deco tiles

tile idea image Kaza

Modern picture tiles

Tiled living room design by Kaza

deco tile design lounge

Bathroom tiles and modern by Skylab Architecture

deco modern bathroom tiled bath

Decoration bathroom and tile walls with relief by Sas Italia

bathroom tile embossed walls

Decoration furniture and tiled by Denis Svirid

lay tile decorations living room

Decoration living room wall and tile 3D effect by Urbi et Orbi

idea 3d effect wall tile living room

Wall decoration furniture and tiles by Denis Svirid

tile wall decorations living room

Wall decoration and design tiles by Castelatto

decoration wall tile design exhibitions

Wall decoration and relief tiles by Denis Svirid

embossed decoration tiles walls

Home Interior and tiles by Dotstolines

interior tiled house

Kitchen decoration and tiles by Pitsou Kedem

kitchen tile decoration

Deco chamber wall with tiles by Denis Svirid

tile wall design room

Decorative wall and mosaic by Urbi et Orbi

deco mosaics wall

Room with modern tiles by Denis Svirid

modern rooms tiles

3D tile collection Nappa Tile

Pictures 3D tiles

Wall tiles 3D effect Castelatto

Wall tiles 3D effects

Modern tiles by Klink

tiles modern design

Modern tiles by Kaza

modern tiled idea

Modern tiles Atlas Concorde and Heath Ceramics

modern deco tiles

modern tile by Ann Sacks

original tiled walls

Tiles 3D effect by Mutina

3D imitation tile

Tiles and 3D effect by Modularts

3D wall tiles

modern design tiles: Portland Cement, Bang Olufsen Cerasarda

Wall tiles modern design

Design Tiles Daniel Ogassian

Photos design tiles

Design tile by Ann Sacks

decors design tiles

Tiles 3D design Keros

3D modern design tiles

Kitchen Tiles by New Ravenna and Rocky Mountain

kitchen wall tiles

3D living room tiles by Fap Ceramiche

Italian tiled living room 3D

modern design furniture Tiles by Kaza

tile design modern lounges

modern bathroom tiles by Aparici

modern bathroom tiles

3D tiles by Mutina

tiling 3D effect

3D tiles by Modularts

modern design tiles manufacturer

3D tiles by Kutahya

3D effect tiles

3D tiles and decor bedroom wall by Kaza

Relief deco bedroom wall tiles

Tiles with raised by Modularts

Terrain tile imitation

3D tile by Denis Svirid

3D wallpaper walls

Tile and photo room by Kaza

Photos tile design room

Photo of 3D tiles by Kaza

3D tile design ideas

original wall tile by Modularts

original decor wall tiles

Wall tiles by Modularts

deco tiling original walls

3D wall tile Realonda

tiled walls 3D design

Wall tiles in 3D effect by Fap Ceramiche

Wall tile decor

Wall tile by Ann Sacks and 3D Porcelanosa

deco tile tiled wall

Tile and mosaic by Patrycja Domanska

mosaic tile decor

Mosaic tile relief by Denis Svirid

tiled living room 3d

imitation stone tile 3D effect by Castelatto

faience tiles imitation stone

Tile and 3D effect Pitsou Kedem

Wall tiles white 3D effect

Premium Tile by Patrycja Domanska

ask the quality tiles

Tiled modern kitchen by Pitsou Kedem

kitchen tiling

Tile st interior design by Denis Svirid

terrain tiling interior decorations

Kitchen tile 3D Fap Ceramiche

3D tile kitchen walls

Tiles modern lounges by Kaza

modern deco living room tiles

Bathroom Tiles by Skylab Architecture

tile bathroom wall

3D tiles bathroom by Cerasarda

bathroom tiles 3D map

3D wall tiles by Denis Svirid

Wall tiles 3D decorations

Tiles and decor by Skylab Architecture

carrellage toilet design

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