imitation tile wallpaper 50 ideas –

imitation tile wallpaper 50 ideas

wallpaper effect tiled living room wall design wooden coffee table

The paper trompe l'oeil is a real trend. This is a cheaper alternative and less-brainer that the installation of real tiles. To show you how the wallpaper trompe l'oeil can harmonize with the interior and how it is sometimes difficult to tell if it's real or fake tiles, we selected 50 examples of interiors modern decorated with trompe l'oeil wallpaper or tile.

Dare to transform your living room, in a very short time, with imitation tile wallpaper larger than life!

imitation tile design wallpaper

original tiles imitation wood wallpaper office work space

When you want to refresh our walls, we often think of two solutions: laying tiles or painting them. On the one hand, tiling will be complicated and time consuming. On the other hand, the paint does not leave much room for creativity. With wallpaper, you can easily hide your old walls of a customized and original way. This simple idea is ideal if you want to rejuvenate your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. It is of course important to choose wallpaper that will fit your room and its interior design. The bathroom wallpaper application resistant to water and moisture. The traditional wallpaper is not suitable as it will take off soon enough. It is for example possible to opt for painted vinyl or non-woven PVC coated paper for their waterproof properties. It will also be necessary for the kitchen. For the rest of the parts that are not exposed to moisture, you can safely put the traditional wallpaper. In terms of colors and patterns anything goes!

imitation tile wallpaper for the kitchen

wallpaper imitation tile kitchen wall decoration idea original wall

Lately, cement tile and famous geometric patterns are returned to the spotlight. Trend reverted, they give the walls a vintage side and energize decoration. The laying of the cement tile takes time and a certain cost. With its lower price, the wallpaper is now easier to achieve this retro look and elegant. Easy to install, the wallpaper will allow you to decorate without much effort, your wall or floor. With the wallpaper, there is no limit to your creativity!

wallpaper or tiles?

wallpaper imitating blue tiled kitchen wall decoration idea

Why ask a wallpaper? The decision to apply wallpaper can have several advantages. It is ideal for walls damaged and to hide imperfections. It also allows to be installed and removed without major work. Just paste the wall, then hang the paper and cut it with the cutter directly on the walls. This is the best solution if you live in rent. In addition, there are many different reasons, but it is also possible to realize that of your choice online. Discover our selection of inspiring examples that mimic to perfection tiles.

geometric pattern wallpaper

original wallpaper living room wall deco wall in blue armchair blue living room design

In black and white wallpaper tile imitation black and white wall deco entered lamp wood table tiles Two ideas of original wallpaper wallpaper effect tiled entrance living 3D effect deco wall wood chair

imitation tile wallpaper original idea deco design black mud wallwallpaper kitchen floor tiles imitation dining wooden table chair suspended luminaire

Wallpaper with beautiful patterns in blue and yellowliving wallpaper original idea decoration wall yellow sofa cushion

Tile or wallpaper?kitchen wallpaper original idea deco tiles imitation wood design

trompe l'oeil wallpaper

wallpaper living imitation tile design idea gray sofa cushions white coffee table

blue wallpaperdesign wallpaper tiles wooden chair lamp modern wall deco designwallpaper kitchen floor tiles imitation dining wooden table chair suspended luminairebathroom wall idea tiled floor tile design bathtub coatingbathroom wall idea tiled floor tile design bathtub coating blue imitation tile wallpaper bedroom wall deco headboard wallpaper design 3D effect white coffee table living room sofa gray original wallpaper design modern wall deco coffee table wallpaper old imitation tile design wall decor idea wallpaper wall decor living room sofa design idea furniture design furnishings TV Design painted tiles imitation wood paper table decoration idea wallpaper deco wall black and white modern design furnishings kitchen shelf idea wallpaper black white tiles 3D effect design imitation wallpaper design tile floor wall decor wall design idea authentic bathroom design wall decor mirror wood frame stone sink wallpaper design deco wall tiles imitation lounge Deco wall wallpaper and white living room idea Deco wallpaper kitchen door brainchild white wallpaper yellow lighting design modern suspension wallpaper trompe'oeil salon idée carrelage imitation design canapé designer kitchen wallpaper tiles 3D effect modern kitchen design idea wallpaper imitation tiling entered wood lamp design furniture wallpaper tiles imitation wood furniture white deco design stool table bathroom tile bath design idea mirror shower design wall decoration Tapsi TV cabinet designer living room floor design idea suspension luminaire wooden table lounge chair sofa chair design tile or wallpaper design wall decor dining room yellow fridge Deco Floor wall fixture design suspension black table chair deco design idea Modern wall tiles kitchen chair dining table wooden furniture design wooden wall decor idea Wall deco design idea imitation tile white kitchen cooking wallpaper gray white deco design wooden bench silver wallpaper design wall decor white chair chair design table wall tile wallpaper design idea deco wall design wooden table lamp white table chair wallpaper imitation trompe'oeil entrée cuisine déco idée design cadres murs Deco staircase painted paper original idea wallpaper wall decoration wood table design idea Modern Wall Deco Original wallpaper idea entrance lounge design wall decoration wallpaper art deco original low chair bouquet flowers interior decoration table wallpaper white glossy gray wall deco design idea Wall deco wallpaper tiles kitchen wall decor idea wood modern design wallpaper trompe'oeil design table en bois lampe design moderne déco idée imitation tile wallpaper design kitchen fixture hanging black kitchen table red chair

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