Design hanging fire - everything about the models and their installation

Design hanging fire – everything about the models and their installation

suspended fireplace modern-black-oblique-deco lounge-ergofocus

Contrary to popular belief, the suspended fireplace is not a very recent invention. Models of this type are nevertheless a solution deco trend very fashionable in recent years.

Designmag investigated the stove and modern suspended fireplace to present a complete dossier on the models available in the market and their installation.

suspended modern fireplace - a large variety of models to suit all tastes

fireplace suspended Layouts-idee-deco-modern-interior-design

The suspended fireplace comes in several variants that are designed to meet the needs of a modern home. The central fireplace is designed to become a focal point in the room she decorates, being installed in the center of the interior space. The so-called "wall" is located, as the name suggests, near a wall of the room. There is also a hanging corner fireplace that fits easily into a corner of the room. The choice of a fireplace or stove suspended model and depends on the place you want to book him inside your home.

suspended fireplace model design and idea of ​​interior decoration by Ripd3

suspended fireplace model-design-living-deco-table-low-RIP3D

Moreover, modern fireplace suspended type models vary depending on the type of home they own. We currently several large fireplace suspended categories depending on the type of home.

fireplace varieties suspended design based on focus

suspended fireplace-model-deco interior-glazed bay-idee

We first distinguish between the chimney hanging open and closed hearth. The first type offers a cozy atmosphere comparable to that offered by the chimney with old with direct access to the fire. The second has a surface that contains the home and has an advantage in security, especially for families with small children or pets.

suspended central fireplace with 360 ° to a visible focus of every corner of the inside

White pendant-home-glass-model-modern fireplace

Then, also known as single fireplace, double-sided or 360 °. This is, as you can guess, a feature that affects mostly the visual and for observing fire from different corners of the room.

The pivoting central fireplace, a signed invention Focus

fireplace suspended large-fireplace-round lounge-sofa-design-gyrofocus

Third, there are now also suspended fireplace design models that have a swivel home. Original creation of the Focus brand, they have a home they can direct as you like.

The fireplace with hanging fire also is available with feet and base laid down: Focus model


In addition to all these different versions, there is also the type of central fireplace, which is wholly or partially suspended. In the first case, this version lack of installed base floor of the room, while in the second, it has a foot or base.

type chimney stove suspended example wood black metal

fireplace-suspended-deco-small-space-model-round metal

What is central, wall or corner, modern suspended fireplace is characterized by its original design. Available alternatively wood, gas, electric and ethanol, it suits your comfort and decor needs.

Decorate an interior with large height ceilings with a modern fireplace suspended

fireplace-suspended idea-room-contemporary-decoration

In addition to all these advantages, a fireplace or a suspended stove is a nice complement for the decoration of a room with a high ceiling height. It is in these areas that it is able to show its decorative potential, especially with its exposed duct.

Modern fireplaces suspended and central type adapt to the room she adorn

suspended fireplace-lounge-sofa-round Layouts

Good to know: despite the information on the height of the room indicated above, installation is in no way limited to areas with high ceilings. In fact, the chimney and the stove hung offer great freedom in their installation, which is one of their advantages.

Idea of ​​attic space with decor in black Round central fireplace

fireplace-suspended-small-space office automation-photo-attic

So you can choose a central chimney, wall or suspended type angle even for a furnished room in the attic or under the roof.

How to develop an interior space with a suspended fireplace wall-type corner or center?

fireplace-suspended-deco-library-office automation-interior-idea

After reviewing the different stove models and suspended modern chimney, now see how to develop an interior space with this kind of accessory.

Original central open fireplace for indoor natural ambience

fireplace-suspended-form-original-metal-black room-Scandinavian

In modern homes, the fireplace is more than a means of heating. Although there are still cases where it is the main source of heat in a room, the fireplace mainly fulfills a decorative function.

Idea decorative wood with central chimney and open hearth with glass shelf

fireplace-suspended-color-blue-flame glass-round shelf

During the cool months in particular, it becomes a focal point in the room. For this reason, the organization of the interior space is naturally oriented toward his home.

wall hanging fire to save space and enjoy a cozy atmosphere in winter


The wall hanging fireplace will save space in the room while enjoying a cozy atmosphere. Install it on one of your walls and create a little den in front of her.

Installing electric fireplace suspended and idea of ​​reading area of ​​development

small-fireplace-suspended-open-hearth-wood-kb read-deco

Reading area, area to take your coffee or drink, corner meal or small Zen space ... you see!

Corner hanging fire to clear the space and create a warm interior in cool weather

fireplace-suspended-metal-black-flame-open slant-model

The corner suspended fireplace is ideal for those who dream of a clear inside bulky furniture. Thanks to its thin and elongated shape and its location, it gives the impression of a room with high ceilings. And in addition, it allows you to save space!

Use central fireplace or stove hung as decoration in its interior accent

fireplace-suspended-wood round-home-open-model

The central chimney itself as a decorative accent. It draws attention and participate fully in the mood of your interior.

Deco living with fireplace and furniture with rounded shapes

fireplace-suspended-metal-color-black lounge-sofa-white round

This is why it is usually installed in the middle of the room. Some designers even choose furniture with rounded shapes that surround the fireplace area!

Chimneys hanging plants allow you to better organize an open interior space

fireplace-suspended-atmosphere-cozy lounge-library-shelf-wall

But, in fact, the central fireplace suspended type can be installed everywhere in the room. This is particularly the case if you have a large open space.

How to create a seating area around a central fireplace round black

suspended fireplace-lounge-deco-glazed bay-example

Thus, the central fireplace suspended facilitates the organization of the interior space into zones. In a large open living room with picture windows, it can be placed at the center of an area with coffee table, chairs and sofa.

How to install a suspended type of chimney to facilitate the arrangement of his corner meal

suspended fireplace-deco-chalet-de-table-mountain-rustic wood

To convert the corners of this type in an open area, pair your furniture around the fireplace. This ingenious solution also applies to the area of ​​food, work, library etc.

Use its central fireplace with closed hearth to separate the interior space into several zones

fireplace-suspended round room-open kitchen bar decoration

Because of its interesting design, the central fireplace also serve as your furniture room divider compact and aesthetic. To do this, place it between the two areas that you would divide, just like any other piece of furniture separation.

Deco idea staircase with glass round fireplace and hearth

fireplace-suspended round plate-glass-small-space-deco

In the interiors on two levels (houses, apartments ...), the central fireplace easily play the role of a modern decor element connecting two floors. To achieve such an effect, it would be enough to put your fireplace suspended in free space near your stairs.

How to install suspended fireplace in its interior

fireplace-suspended-color-black-flame-open model

Regarding the suspended fireplace installation, it should be noted that there is a series of standards for a secure home advantage for easy use. First, make sure the product you want to buy meets the standards in force. Then, learn well from a professional on the principle of fixing the chimney flue.

Installing suspended fireplace: our advice and recommendations to simplify operations and secure


Indeed, it is this element which is the main difficulty for the installation of the chimney and that can hide risks associated with its operations. For this reason, we recommend you contact a professional to install your fireplace suspended. You will avoid problems with the evacuation of smoke or the stability of the duct.

Wood stove suspended Nordic style and idea of ​​modern interior design

fireplace-hung wood-design-Scandinavian decoration-white-and-black

As we said, this type of fireplace is characterized by its versatility but also its look. In the next section, we turn to some examples of suspended fireplace design to illustrate our point. The classic fireplace suspended is similar in many respects to a suspended wood burning stove. Made of high quality metal, it is often painted black. This is particularly the case when it is an open log fire whose smoke can gradually damage the surface if it were painted in another color.

suspended central fireplace with original design and closed hearth by Focus

fireplace-suspended-original-Layouts-interior-design-focus photo

But parallel to this basic model, there are also several variants suspended design fireplace with original shapes and finishes.

Some examples of modern fireplaces suspended finishes


brassy metal chimneys are designed for those who like to follow the latest trends in decoration. They are ideal for a home decorated in Scandinavian style, natural or industrial.

suspended central fireplace with modern stainless steel look


Another option finish appropriate for probably those who like ultra modern deco fireplace stainless steel. The metallized surface fits easily in most contemporary interiors, whatever their color palette.

Round modern design fireplace with lacquered surface and idea of ​​living deco design by Studio M

suspended fireplace-red-lacquered design-modern-room-studio-m Layouts

You dream of a fireplace is a must deco accent in your living room? Our advice: So you think the models painted in bright colors and, why not, the lacquered surfaces. And, to top it all, bet on an original form of the home!

modern fireplace design type with suspended fireplace ground by Bespoke

fireplace-suspended glass-atmosphere-zen-bespoke-design

Stoves and fireplaces suspended central type also adopt the form of a campfire. This is when they feature a fireplace installed in the floor of the room and that their lead is fixed in height.

modern fireplace design inspired by the outdoor fire pit


In a somewhat similar way, there are also central chimney or wall models that are based on the brazier. The latter is, as we know, a type of container on feet in which is a fire.

Example with fireplace leads suspended stainless steel


Very popular in the outdoor decor of late, it is now also suitable for interior spaces. The principle: the brazier is seen accompanied by a hanging fireplace that can evacuate the smoke outside the house.

Round central fireplace model with glass led by Modus


The central chimney into two parts inspired by the brazier to give us a basic model with raised floors and suspended leads made of various materials.

Round electric modern fireplace design by Venus

fireplace-hanging-electric-round open-hearth-comers

The suspended type circular fireplace is manufactured in electric version. Its advantages: it is a spectacular decor accessory, easy to install and operate!

Idea of ​​modern design fireplace glass with 360 home

fireplace-suspended glass-shelf-edge home-decoration Lounge

Without neglecting all the modern suspended fireplace design options with fireplace protected by glass. Remarkable, these models offer the possibility to watch the fire from all sides, and this so completely secure!

The suspended fireplace fits Deco exterior terraces

suspended fireplace-terrace-deco-fireplace-black round

Finally, know that the stove and chimney with suspended fireplace is also available in version for use outside. You can choose a wood pattern, gas or electricity to decorate your patio. Some of these models are even capable of replacing a barbecue!

Stove suspended wood outdoor patio decor

fireplace-suspended-outside-black decoration terrace barbecue

modern garden room with fireplace hanging round

fireplace-suspended-outdoor-terrace deco-modern-idee

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