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Mural: What are the trends in 2015?

color mural decoration living room

The colors accompany us throughout our lives, they influence us more than we might think. Pigments are used to decorate our homes since the Stone Age.

As evidenced by the cave wall paintings in France and Spain, depicting hunting scenes of red, brown and black.

A chic mural in the lemon sorbet color

mural deco contemporary living trend

What color paint trend today? In choosing colors for walls dominate most natural colors. The soft gray and light blue are among the most popular colors for the mural. One of the favorite color of the year is the lemon sorbet, which harmonizes with other pastel colors like coral, pink, blue and vanilla. The lemon sorbet is suitable for all interior spaces. This color gives heat cold places.

A wooden floor and a yellow wall in simple living

mural deco trend color living room

Blue has always been a favorite color. It symbolizes the sky, water and purity. As an example can be given the Monaco blue, which is a close intense blue navy blue. This color brings much elegance to our homes. The same can be contrasted with an orange, yellow or green.

A dark blue wall and a view of an original fireplace

color trend mural decoration idea inside house

Green is associated with health, peace and prosperity. The emerald green goes well with different shades of blue. This color also makes a comforting side. The emerald green adds classic elegance to the room.

A modern bathroom and a minimalist emerald green

wall color paint idea deco room minimalist green bathroom

White remains neutral color that brings light into the house. It is suitable for all interior spaces. The combination of saturated and intense color with white can be a very elegant solution for the mural. The color choice is important. Each room in your home needs a color that will blend in with the decor and ambiance of the space.

So, the correct choice of color is important. Although this choice must be made with the colors that you like the most, there are still a few guidelines to follow, such as associating a complementary secondary color touches from highlighting the main color chosen. If you are not very adventurous regarding the application of color, opt for white, and bring colorful touches with accessories like padded. Follow the examples below to miss nothing of trends and new mural.

Idea deco furniture and monochrome color palette

minimalist living room style white walls black furniture

interior design and wall painting with color trend

yellow wood floor easy living wall

Idea wall painting in blue for indoor dark shades

view dark blue wall fireplace view

original wall decoration: bright, warm colors

lemon sorbet color yellow ceiling mural

Room minimalist bathroom shades of blue and green

minimalist modern bath room wall color green emerald

Rustic style living room with white walls

view rustic living room white walls

A bright living room with white walls

view bright living room white walls

A mural of lemon sorbet color in a simple bath room

Mural lemon sorbet colored bathroom

A chic room with a wooden floor and walls in yellow and blue

floor living room view wood yellow blue walls
A blue wall with a white accent

view white accent blue wall

A cuisine with accents in green

view kitchen green accents

wood floor living room fireplace wall blue view

modern living room walls white design accents
small kitchen light blue mural
yellow wall single living focus

piece light blue walls reading

orange lounge

Modern black living room

Art Painting Exhibition

blue living room stay

white Sejour

stay contrast pop

dark parquet living

brown beige living room walls

paint design stay by Hugo Diego

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