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Rideau exotic for a boho chic decor, ethnic or natural

curtain exotic oriental decoration idea ethnic style

Lovers of bohemian chic décor, ethnic design and natural style are well aware: the linen is critical to creating a successful design and character.

This beautiful collection of exotic curtain inspired by the beauty of nature and traditions of different cultures around the world is just what you need to complete such a setting!

Rideau in exotic shades of blue: Bandana by Urban Outfitters

exotic decoration window curtain idea shabby chic blue

This exotic blue curtain is made of cotton in lighter shades and has a fine decoration oriental pattern. In addition to agreeing to a bedroom or a chic bohemian style lounge, this evokes the colors of the sea and sky in summer. This is actually a very good choice for the interiors of nature lovers and Deco style seaside.

Rideau exotic yellow and white oriental inspired by ubrań Outiftters

transparent white exotic curtain Morocco yellow pattern

Our second curtain exotic model incorporates the oriental motifs to carry on a semi-transparent, thin and light surface. Made of cotton, white and yellow color, it is ideal for decorating a bedroom window bedroom or living room during the months of spring or summer.

red velvet curtains and brown for an ethnic interior by Urban Outfitters

curtain red velvet bohemian chic color linen

Like the natural color palette and organic fabrics? In this case, you'll probably love this exotic and contemporary curtain in shades of red and brown. Echoing the autumn colors, it makes us think about the decorative traditions of North American peoples and that is precisely why it is nicely enroll in an interior of ethnic style.

light curtain model with elegant embroideries for window decoration: Adara by Uran Outfitters

red curtains living room linen window deco bohemian chic

This is another semi-transparent curtain painted in a natural color. Ideal for a small window, this would be a successful addition of Deco bohemian chic.

Idea curtains for Tamara window with red pattern on black proposed by Urban Outfitters

extotique curtain black red deco room style boho chic

The bohemian chic decoration is characterized by the accumulation of various colors. If you like the shades of red and black, you can afford this wonderful cotton model to adorn your windows or your walls!

Curtain mutlicolore and semitransparent cotton Piper Clamp by Urban Outfitters

cotton curtains deco exotic semi transparent wall tapestry

Mix dark and light colors on a single accessory is a good way to create an ethnic or within very impressive bohemian chic. If you find this idea interesting, exotic curtain on the picture above will help you improve your home.

decorating idea with exotic floral curtain Tasseled Mera by Anthropologie

embroidered curtain deco natural style modern house window curtains

Devotees of the traditions and cultures of the peoples around the world will definitely appreciate the curtains embroidered geometric patterns proposed by Anthropology.

Oriental-inspired boho style curtains for decoration: Thayer by Anthropologie

Ethnic print chic boheme idea deco window curtains

Taking the idea of ​​geometric printed decoration, the curtain offers an option with vertical pattern that will help you give more volume to a room low-rise.

Rideau exotic Moroccan-style decor to contemporary ethnic Marrakech by Anthropologie

exotic blue curtain deco chic bohemian style oriental pattern

Looking for a modern curtain decorated in the spirit of Moroccan tradition? The top model, proposed by Anthropology, could be just what you need!

Idea of ​​exotic oriental decoration with curtains: Plum series & Bow by Urban Outfitters

modern curtains sheer curtains exotic oriental style

And if you prefer a model of lighter curtains with oriental prints, why not bet on the Plum series & Bow proposed by Urban Outfitters?

Rideau eastern cotton black and white and inside etnhique style Cordelia by Anthropologie

curtain window decoration Oriental style black and white pattern

Who says natural decoration, also said natural materials. And what better way for a genuine internal tissues that organic colors like beige?

semi-transparent curtain ethnic deco Locust by Urban Outfiters

exotic oriental curtain cloth natural deco style house

Based on this principle, Urban Outfitters launched the product on the top image that combines shades of beige and ethnic patterns in black.

Tapestry and separating part curtain with pompoms: Magical Thinking by Urban Outfitters

Curtain red pompoms deco design touches exotic ethnic style

The curtains with pompoms give your interior a playful touch, ideal for living space for young couple or student.

Rideau dark red pompoms with the Plum series & Bow by Urban Outfitters

exotic ethnic cotton red room curtains deco idea

These types of models are handy not only for decoration but also a window for the separation of a room into two parts.

curtain model semitransparent floral prints: Jazmin by Urban Outfitters

curtain transparent indigo blue floral pattern exotic style

With the exotic curtain on this, we turn to the category of fabrics inspired by nature. The example above is part of the Plum series & Bow Urban Outfitters. Dyed in shades of blue, it is adorned with finely embroidered floral pattern.

Curtain light blue color with floral pattern for interior design by Urban Outfitters

exotic blue curtain semi transparent wall tapestry home decoration

If you like textiles in floral prints and the color blue, you can also bet on Locust pattern in blue and white is shown in the photo above.

Curtain with printed colors for natural decoration: Nests & Nectar for Anthropology

curtain printed green decoration birds Nature plants

The following two types of curtains probably will appeal to those who tend to associate the natural decoration with a range of rich, vivid colors. The example on the picture above is a creation by Michelle Morin, who is a loving decorator natural and gardening.

multicolored printed curtains salon with natural decor: Soarling Starling by Anthropologie

Interior window curtains deco flowers nature Bird Print

The second example is a work of Rebecca Fills, a talented painter woman who loves wildlife and reproduces all the variety of flora and fauna of South America on curtains and tapestries.

Fabric hook decorative window or room divider by Urban Ourtfitters

exotic boho curtain fabric upholstery separation piece deco boheme

The curtains handmade, crochet and macramé, are another common feature of natural decoration, bohemian chic style and ethnic design. This is why we chose to complete our collection of some of this type.

Example natural curtain hook for window or decorative wall by Urban Outfitters

macrame white curtain hook-decor natural exotic design

The curtains of this kind are very versatile because they can carry the window decoration, to that of a blank wall and even as a room divider panel.

Curtain example macrame natural style by Urban Outfitters

curtain tapestry crochet deco bohemian chic ethnic style

With or without pompoms, these models come in several forms to register for the best in modern decor. They are thus suitable for all kinds of interiors: adult bedrooms, baby and children, holidays, studios ...

Curtain Macrame for hippie-style decor: Kushi by Urban Outfitters

tapestry wall deco chic curtain hook shabby macramé

The Urban Outfitters brand offers a wide range of models and crochet macramé for everyone.

Contemporary curtain macramé for separation piece Magical Thninking by Urban Outfitters

Curtain wall panel macrame tapestry separation room

If you prefer products made by hand, you can also bet on a custom models proposed by Mox Macrame and The Phoenix House that we invite you to discover on the following two pictures.

Curtain green crochet handmade proposed by Mox Macrame

object curtain hook deco handmade green separation room curtains

Small macrame curtain for window or wall decoration by The Phoenix House

small curtain macrame window decoration chic bohemian style

Finally, be sure to consider some original model curtains that could be interesting accents for your windows or your walls.

Idea custom curtain ribbons for handmade bohemian chic interior with Elizabeth and Daniel

Curtain make yourself shabby chic style idea ribbons

Among them there first product handmade ribbons of soft colors and pastel shades. It is an excellent complement to bohemian chic style decoration for child, girl and even for a contemporary wedding hall!

Curtain Model Deco window or wall: Mandala by The Fox and The Mermaid

mandala tapestry wall decoration window boho chic curtain separation room

If you like the East cultures, you will surely recognize the pattern that is at the center of the tapestry in this image: the Mandala, one of the popular symbols of Buddhism. And what better way to an ethnic inside a wall tapestry that showcases the multicultural aspect of today's world through a symbol of this kind?

Small black curtain Model and white window Kimono by Urban Outfitters

Curtain exotic triangle black white idea ethnic decoration color

Last exotic curtain of this collection: the little decorative product in black and white interprets the forms and motifs typical of Japanese kimonos to bring a touch of Japanese decor in your living space.

Decoration contemporary living bohemian chic with exotic curtains in gray and red

curtain pompoms deco bohemian chic design living room

Photos and design by Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, The Fox and The Mermaid, Mox Macrame, The Phoenix House, Elizabeth and Daniel

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