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False ceilings modern to showcase the room

false ceilings room idea to ask a false ceiling pink chair wooden table

In the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom, the false ceilings invite themselves to enhance the room. What is your motivation to install a false ceiling in yours?

The false ceiling is another element which the establishment is often motivated by many reasons: for thermal or acoustic insulation or to make a more aesthetic old ceiling and in better condition. We invite you to discover our record of 33 modern ideas of false ceilings.

False modern ceilings to showcase your room

false idea modern wooden ceilings living room coffee table lighting design

In the modern interior design, the ceiling is most often used as a decorative element or as additional lighting device. To choose your new ceiling, it is important to be well informed before. To give you some inspiring ideas, we invite you to discover our selection of lounges, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and other rooms of various styles that are fitted with a false ceiling classical or modern.

False ceiling light Original design of stripes in a contemporary room

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A false ceiling is an element that has many benefits. Basically, the first false ceilings were made of drywall. Nowadays there are a wide variety of materials. One can find fake polyvinylchloride ceilings, wood, polyethylene and others. If a lack of aesthetic or ceiling began to grow old and lose its aesthetics, the installation of a suspended ceiling is ideal to give it a new appearance. It will camouflage the old ceiling and, in addition, it will provide effective insulation and acoustics.

Wooden false ceiling in a bedroom rustic style

false wood ceiling idea bedroom rustic modern

The false ceiling is sometimes considered an old-fashioned element as the new buildings are rarely built with a high ceiling. Today, many contemporary designers are committed to make a decorative item and contemporary furnishings.

Beautiful wooden false ceiling with integrated lighting in a room contemporary bedroom

false wood ceiling blue floor mat design reads develop space idea

At the time, false ceilings were often an imperative. Some people living in large castles whose walls were stone, the high ceiling and often cold. It was at that time that the false ceilings act as insulation element on one hand, but also to make the most warm and welcoming space.

The false ceiling has several practical and aesthetic functions: isolating, illuminate, decorate

faux wood ceilings idea arrange room sofa space

The installation of a suspended ceiling is always advantageous if you chose the right material and the right location. You can find PVC false ceilings, wood, polyethylene and many other species. All these materials have different properties. The choice will be based on the style of the piece and the budget available. Some materials are more expensive than others and require more installation time.

False ceiling in modern bedroom with integrated lighting

false ceiling room sleeping sofa frame wooden wall idea

The installation of a false ceiling can be purely cosmetic or aesthetic and practical. Often, it's both. If your motivation is for appearance only, there are alternatives for decorating the ceiling, like paint, for example, that will cost you less time and investment.

False original ceiling in white and yellow in a room in classic style

false ceiling original idea room sofa chairs

If your ceiling is not very high, use a ceiling that is not too big. It is important to choose the right material and instead look minimalist design.

False ceiling with beautiful lighting in an indoor minimalist

false idea modern bedroom hallway ceilings

Is this the appropriate ceiling for small spaces? Even if you are lovers of false ceilings, it is not always recommended for domestic shortage of space. By cons, it is almost a must for lofts.

False ceiling with decorative details and luminaire imitating a chandelier with candles

false ceilings inside sofa cushions idea develop space

The installation of a false ceiling can be motivated by practical reasons, but it is impossible to overlook its decorative importance.

The false ceiling plays an important role in interior decoration

false ceiling-design-modern-Extension-room-walls-coating

Contemporary homes have a very good thermal insulation and often do not need an extra insulator. Yet many people settle for the acoustically insulate their room.

Fake white ceiling with integrated lighting in a contemporary lounge

false ceilings idea put carpet floor living room sofa

If you have a large open room or a very high ceiling, it is recommended to install a false ceiling to insulate your cold room.

Idea false ceiling with integrated lighting for elegant bedroom

false ceiling room idea develop design space

If you like very quiet and you have noisy neighbors or on the contrary, you like to listen to loud music without disturbing then the false ceiling can play the role of an ideal acoustic insulator.

Often the ceiling is installed as an additional light device

false ceiling lighting inside sofa cushions convert idea

It is also possible to install a ceiling light as an additional device. There are very elegant false ceilings bright.

Decoration, light and thermal and acoustic insulation: long live the ceiling!

ceiling idea sofa wooden table seating design plants

If you like very discreet and indirect lighting, installation of a false ceiling and spotlights then a possible solution for you.

False modern design wooden ceiling and with integrated yellow lighting

false ceiling modern living room sofa design idea

False ceilings are often present in the kitchen to light the kitchen island, the work plan and bar. These are parts of the room that usually require indirect lighting.

False ceiling in the kitchen to be comfortable during the preparation of the meal, XTC design

false ceiling kitchen island idea wood stools

It is advisable to opt for false ceilings in light colors. A false ceiling in black or brown risk to close and isolate the space visually.

False ceiling light with drawings to decorate and illuminate the room

false ceiling room bed design idea arrange coffee table

Install a ceiling and a headboard in the bedroom guarantees a comfortable and warm sleep.

Wooden false ceiling painted white in the bedroom for a cocoon atmosphere

wooden false ceiling bedroom pose idea

Some are sold false ceilings with integrated lighting, others ask to install additional lighting. Below we see a bedroom in dark colors with false ceiling and built candlestick after installation.

False interesting design ceiling in an interior fitted out in dark colors

false ceiling room Bedrooms idea wood sofa chair

To choose your new ceiling, it is important to be well informed beforehand and take accurate measurements of the surface where you want to install. Remember to match the style and decor of your home.

Fake white ceiling with decorative details in black in a workroom

put a false ceiling room idea arrange carpet wooden chair space

For large pieces started fitting a false ceiling sometimes sees necessary. This element will make it less cold room, literally and metaphorically.

False ceiling in the modern living room for indirect lighting and discreet

false ceiling lounge pose idea modern red armchair chair design

In the bedroom, the ceiling makes the atmosphere more intimate cocoon.

Wooden false ceiling in a bedroom of vintage and elegant style

false wood ceilings room bedroom sofa chair cushions

It is also possible to install a false ceiling in dark colors without losing too much light if you opt for a small cap like the one below:

False ceiling modern design in black in a Japanese-inspired interior

false ceilings idea illumination lamp bed bedroom sliding door

It is always possible to install a false ceiling and easy to decorate and draw later.

False ceiling with design for traditional interiors

arrange bed room idea false ceiling design cushions

False ceilings have become very trendy in recent years. The designers have redesigned their place in interior design and tried to give them new life and new functions.

False ceiling classic design for the bedroom

put false ceiling room design idea develop fireplace

False ceilings are also present in the furnished and decorated in Japanese style interiors.

Interior Japanese style with modern false ceiling in white and original fixture

ask ceiling idea bedroom chair design table wall

And in the interiors of exotic style ...

exotic style interior with false ceiling and interesting plant decoration

ask ceiling idea interior modern lounge chair

A common choice is the wooden false ceiling because it fits well with a wide variety of interior styles.

False classic design wooden ceiling that ideally integrates with a wide variety of styles

false ceiling installation design idea coffee table table wall cushions

In the dining room, the ceiling is often suspended over the dining table and accompanied by a beautiful fixture.

Idea wooden false ceiling with pendant luminaire of interesting design for the dining room

put a false idea room ceiling dining table

The false ceiling is an important aesthetic role that can never be overlooked. No matter its style, color and material of which it was made, it always shows.

False ceiling with beautiful light effects in a modern interior styling

false idea illumination lounge chair coffee table glass ceiling

Hopefully our gallery you have been helpful and you managed to choose your false ceiling modern, we wish you a good visit on our site.

Wooden false ceiling with matching furniture in an elegant and stylish interior design Wright Street

wooden false ceiling wooden coffee table idea couch cushions

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