Modern fireplaces and design for a cozy winter

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Would you like to install a modern design fireplace in your living room? If you want to furnish your living room with a fireplace, but lack of ideas where to start, this article is for you.

Discover our selection of 25 ideas modern fireplaces for a contemporary and stylish interior.

Modern fireplaces into 25 ideas

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Winter will be here soon ... During the cold days, although we love to settle comfortably at home in window sill or by the fireplace with a mug of tea or coffee. A fireplace is often seen as an element of luxury and elegance. It is also the detail that makes a warm and comfortable interior. A fireplace always attracts attention and it does not remain unnoticed. It becomes the focal point in the design and layout of the room. There are several different types of homes that generally vary depending on the material and by design.

Modern fireplaces: stone fireplace

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Choose a fireplace and install it is a rather difficult task. First, we must choose the design style you want to recreate. Do you want a more modern interior with a design fireplace or within traditional style with a classic fireplace? If you have trouble deciding you, we suggest you start by discovering our gallery of different styles of fireplaces. It will help you in your choice of furnishings and decoration. Depending on the type of fireplace, a different system is necessary.

Green Design Fireplacemodern design fireplace design idea modern decor

White Fireplace with ultra-modern homewhite marble fireplace stone deco design idea

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