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False modern ceiling in the bedroom and living room

faux wood modern concrete ceiling room lighting

In this article we will explain what is the false ceiling and show you over 27 beautiful photos that will inspire you to opt for this choice decorative home.

On the ceiling is suspended below the main ceiling. It is made of lightweight materials attached to a metal structure. In general, use of drywall. This type of dressing helps to hide surface imperfections and hide the cables and the air conditioning system, for example. The false ceiling plays an aesthetic role, but also, it is insulation.

False ceiling in modern contemporary interior

modern wooden false ceiling idea sofa carpet floor

One advantage of the suspended ceiling, is its role in the volume change in a given room to make it more harmonious. It contributes to the decor of our home with different types of finishes that are possible for the dress. The two types of false ceilings we know, these are the false suspended ceiling and stretch ceiling. The first clings to a light metal frame and the second, it is constituted by a canvas - velum, which is to be stretched between the walls. The second variant requires a very delicate implementation. The stretch ceiling is very aesthetic and is perfect for contemporary interiors.

Optez for the false ceiling in the bedroom and living room

false ceiling design modern

In our gallery, you will find beautiful ideas that will inspire you to opt for the false ceiling. In the bedroom or in the living room, this dress will make the atmosphere at home more modern and elegant and give it a personal touch. Hide blemishes at home with suspended ceiling - the innovative product that turns any ordinary interior. The proper and modern lighting will highlight the false ceiling design. The LED spotlights and chandeliers are the most common variants in the bedroom, for example. Choose the design that best suits your home and you will see that the bedroom and the living room will never be the same.

False ceiling in the living room

wooden false ceiling living room

the time of the houses did not have central heating. The installation of the false ceiling so was motivated by a need - thermal insulation. Today, we decided to ask a false ceiling for several reasons: isolated, decorate, illuminate.

Brick wall and white sofa in the living room

false ceiling brick wall

The first false ceilings were made of drywall. Today, the choice of false ceilings materials is wide: wood, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, etc. Finally, all the materials are light and very good insulators.

Interior with white false ceiling

false ceiling modern living

False ceilings are often seen as something old. It is true that the new modern homes have very efficient heating systems. By cons, if you live in an area where the ceiling is high, installing a suspended ceiling makes the room warm and cocoon. When her pose, remember to protect your furniture. You can cover your furniture with multi-purpose film.

Contemporary lounge with false ceiling light

Contemporary interior false ceiling

What budget for the false ceiling installation?

Prices vary by model and material. For a false ceiling model stretched the square meter price is 70 euros. To a suspended model in plaster, the price ranges from 15 to 40 euros. Some wooden models are considerably more expensive than others and are up to 80 euros per square meter. We also find models of wooden false ceiling to 15 or 20 euros. Prices of PVC false ceilings ranging from 20 to 60 euros more. Finally, it all depends on your desires and the ceiling area that you want to dress.

False ceiling in black False modern ceiling in the bedroom and living room

Inside living below represents a modern space, in black, white and wood. The false ceiling is the same color as the sofa - black. Its role is not only decorative, but also practical. One immediately sees the light fixture built there.

white living room decor with modern ceiling

false ceiling-white-modern-living-white-furniture-wood ceiling

Ultra modern design furniture

false ceiling, white and light-integrated LED-spots-room-gray sofa

Tired of their old ceilings that lack charm, many decide to install suspended ceilings. Below, we see a very interesting architectural decision. The basic ceiling is concrete. this space designers have decided to leave it as it is in its raw state. It is true that the concrete has an aesthetic that modernizes any room. There is a part of the ceiling above the living room, which was dressed with a white piece of false ceiling.

Interior design with concrete ceiling

RCP-gray-concrete-aspect lounge open ceiling

To avoid losing your visual space, interior design experts advise against the installation of suspended ceilings in very dark shades. It builds on the light colors and the star of Scandinavian interior - white.

Living room with white ceiling

false ceiling, white and elegant fireplace lounge-ceiling

The installation of a false ceiling needs to be very precise in his area calculations. all were chosen carefully: the material, the location, installation techniques and editing. It is advisable to make a plan of its installation step by step. If necessary, do not hesitate to call a professional. The installation of a plaster or wooden false ceiling requires some skills and technical know-how. Learn much about the subject before making your false ceiling choice. Now we let you discover the rest of our selection of bedrooms and lounges with modern false ceiling:

Modern original design Ceiling

RCP-stylish lounge-sofa-white-spots-led false ceiling

gray sofa with yellow accent pillows

false ceiling wood-aspect lounge-large-sofa-gray coating ground-laminate-flooring

Wood flooring in the white kitchen open to the living room

false ceiling false ceiling room-open kitchen, large windows

white furniture and decorative pillows striped elegant lounge

false ceiling, white and elegant-spots-led-white sofa lounge ceiling

Modern living room in white and gray open on the dining room

false ceiling, white and elegant lounge-open-sofa dark gray ceiling

white and open living room with two leather armchairs

false ceiling, white and elegant modern-room-white

Personalized Wallpaper City and laminate parquet flooring

false ceiling, white and light-yellow-integrated laminate flooring-light

elegant chandelier and white furniture in the living room

false ceiling, white and accents-aspect-wood white sofa lounge

False ceiling in the bedroom

RCP-gray-bedroom-bed-linen-black-dresser-drawer wooden false ceiling

brown brown bedding and carpet in the bedroom in gray and white

false ceiling-white-suspension-elegant-bedroom-bedroom-carpet-brown ceiling

light gray and white shaggy carpet bed in the bedroom

RCP-room-bedroom rustic-carpet-white ceiling

Large elegant and beautiful chandelier tee elegant bed in the bedroom

false ceiling, white and gloss-stylish-bedroom-bedroom ceiling

False ceiling gray and elegant in modern bedroom

bedroom ceiling black bed linen table idea

A modern bedroom with a ceiling must be original design

Modern room bedroom ceiling original design idea

Fake white ceiling with integrated lighting in the bedroom

false ceiling, white and light-yellow-built room-bedroom ceiling

Idea white false ceiling with integrated lighting

false ceiling, white and light-integrated-bed-room

Bedroom chic retro look

false ceiling, white and beige-crystal-chandelier-stylish-double bed-head bed-lined

False ceiling with LED lighting

false ceiling, white and wood-look-spots-led-bed-room

Suspended ceiling wood

false ceiling wood-look-stylish-spots-led-chair-orange-hot-stylish

Chic and elegant is this white ceiling

chic elegant view economic practice false ceiling white large table

A yellow for a suspended ceiling

suspended ceiling yellow color

Pastel colors and lighting

false pastel walls for ceiling ceiling design idea modern hanging lamp design

The violet color dominates

color purple modern lounge purple couch purple ceiling false ceiling design

Idea black suspended ceiling

Modern green kitchen accents hanging green light gray stool black couch

Kitchen with suspended ceiling

small kitchen design idea lamp suspended ceiling

Idea pastel suspended ceiling

original idea false ceiling lamp living room design

the era of cloud ceiling

zoon false suspended ceiling cloud original oval

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