Small tattoo woman and man – discrete and ideas full of originality –

Small tattoo woman and man – discrete and ideas full of originality

small tattoo woman forearm-floral-pattern

Want to offer a discreet little tattoo? You can start by choosing a location for your mini tattoo: finger, handle, arm, shoulder, neck, ankle, foot ... Or, you focus first on the pattern you want: flowers, themed pictures Peter Pan, initials, mini precise messages, etc. small heart

Whatever strategy you adopt, we suggest you take a look at our selection of pictures. They will give you ideas for micro tattoo woman or man discreet but quite original. What to do where you wish!

Today, we choose to be a little discreet tattoo for a whole bunch of different reasons.

For starters, there are those who have always wanted to try tattoos. You know, they are the ones who hesitate, whenever the opportunity arises for them to engage in such an adventure. The little man or woman tattoo is thus a way to take the decisive step. And this, without decorate his body with too ostentatious image.

small tattoo man-woman-finger-lion

In some cases, we opt for a small original tattoo when we want to celebrate a special occasion. This is done sometimes to celebrate a more or less important event, sometimes to score a personal experience. Tattoos small size, it is also a way to show love or friendship. Because, yes, there are couples and friends who decide to express and their attachment to each other.

small tattoo woman-shoulder-crown-flower

In short, if you like the original small tattoos, all opportunities are good. We shall offer an in honor of an author and a book we liked, a film we loved or cause close to our heart.

Go on a discreet tattoo does not mean to hide!

toddler-tattoo-foot-heart woman

Let us say right away; go on a discreet and original tattoo does not mean if we want to hide their body art. Instead, the choice of the location of the mini tattoo is usually done very carefully. So we selected body parts that remain visible and will even attract attention on its discreet tattoo.

small tattoo wrist-woman-man-quotes

Arms, feet, fingers and shoulders are among the most common choice for this kind of small tattoos. Then choose one of those body parts if you think your little man or woman tattoo should be an integral part of your look. And especially if you want to show it to everyone!

discreet little-finger-woman tattoo

Other interesting options for a small tattoo format for woman and man, the neck, the area around and behind the ear, or even a strategic place of the neckline ...

Replace rings, rings and alliances with small finger tattoos

small-tattoos-woman-finger-discrete idea

We recently spoke of the tendency to replace her engagement or wedding rings of a small original tattoo. Well, this trend is growing very fast! Today it is no longer reserved only for couples.

small tattoo finger-foot-ring-wife

After all, there is no particular reason why singles are not allowed, too, to afford a beautiful tattoo finger! Besides, being single, but also enjoy the advantage of being able to choose freely the location of the tattoo. To you wear it on one of the fingers of your foot, if you wish!

original small-man-forearm tattoo

And for that matter, why not go further with a man or woman tattoo idea shaped bracelet?

Express their personality with a small tattoo original entry form

discreet little woman-arm-Latin tattoo

Small tattoos in the form of various messages are not new. The idea to provide wrist tattoos appeals to you? So be creative and choose to translate a foreign language! Opt for a Latin quotation, as ad maiora (in French, "to greater success"). Or express your love for your darling in ancient Greek, the word ἀγάπη (in French: "love, love, passion").

original small-foot-woman-man-Greek-old tattoo

You do not make traditional or modern letters and wondering where are we may well find other similar tattoo ideas? Just check out an online reference dictionary, like this one for Latin and one in Greek. But beware, for some of the nuances of the meaning of a word or to translate a whole sentence, you would need some help from someone who is familiar with these languages!

Show passion for history through small original tattoos


Show your passion for a particular story for a book or a movie with a tattoo arm, finger, neck or neckline!


Among the most popular options of the moment: the Little Prince and Peter Pan. Stories that seduced us in our childhood but we still love rediscover today!

tattoo-peter-pan-finger-woman Photo

Of course, nothing prevents you to opt for another novel or movie that interests you. Stories we discover imaginary worlds and with their own mythologies are particularly suited to smaller tattoos but full of meaning.

small tattoo woman-man-original-harry-potter

The world of Harry Potter Sorcerer's Apprentice is just one example of this kind of story. thousand expressions included is original and symbols. And all can be tattooed in mini format!

You are passionate about a cause? Make it known with a discreet tattoo Small!


Passion for a cause like animals, protecting the planet, marine life, birds ...? Make it known with a small tattoo!


The pictures often say more than words. So why not express your activism with an idea of ​​discrete tattoos but rich in meaning? You could even bet on a more enigmatic symbol to multiple interpretations. For this, get inspired by your experience or known metaphors.

small tattoo ankle-pink-woman-idee

If you are short of ideas, we suggest you go take a look at our special publication on the significance of Japanese tattoos. You will perhaps find a symbol that appeals to you, to interpret modern minimalist version!

grandchildren tattoos arm-birdman-eagle

small tattoo man Ankle-anchor

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