Tattoo dream catcher – meaning woman and tattoo designs –

Tattoo dream catcher – meaning woman and tattoo designs

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The dream catcher is a rich object symbols that fascinate us. In addition to serving as inspiration for DIY projects, it is also a woman tattoo model for different body parts.

If you are looking for inspiration for a tattoo dream catcher, visit our image gallery and read the text above. He will explain what is the meaning of the dream catcher tattoo and its components.

Tattooing catches dream or dream sensor is a pen tattoo variant loaded symbols

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As we know, a dream catcher (dreamcatcher in English) is an object intended to protect us from bad dreams. Is hung near his bed or it is used as a decorative accessory to his house. Inspired by the culture of the North American dreamcatcher has a series of typical elements. Among these are: circle, cloth, feathers and beads. These elements have a symbolic significance that must be known before deciding whether one wishes to provide a tattoo dream catcher.

Tattoo catcher dream meanings of its components

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Whether it's a dream catcher tattoo design or a decorative object, that object almost always includes the following elements: a circle, a canvas, feathers and beads. Taken together, these elements are all easy to find in nature; and they express a commitment to our natural environment and respectable lifestyle of it.

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Taken separately, the components of the dream catcher tattoo also have an interesting meaning. We examine in the following lines.

Body art and design dream catcher - symbols and significance of its essential components


The circle is a necessary element of the tattoo dream catcher. Viewed by many as a simple framework that the dream catcher together, he, in fact, a deep symbolic meaning. Most cultures consider, in fact, the circle represents the infinite since it has neither beginning nor end. For the same reason, the spiritual level, it also expresses the circle of life and eternal transformation.

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The Web is present on all dream catcher design and all tattoos this mystical object. His function ? To catch bad dreams and does not allow them to disturb our sleep. On another level, the canvas object that symbolizes the complexity and challenges that one faces along the life.

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Then the canvas is also a product of an activity traditionally performed by women weaving. For this reason, it also symbolizes femininity and creativity.

Tattoo Idea woman - decorations that accompany a dream catcher tattoo

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Feathers are another component necessarily present in a dream sensor tattoo. essential accessory of the dress of the birds, the pen is associated with lightness and freedom. And, as the birds can symbolize the human soul, their plumage is symbolically interpreted as the image of breath. This is also why, in the dream catcher tattoo, feathers are attached to the circle of life.

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Pearls are one of the most common decorations dream catchers. They are usually included as an object hanging from the canvas and they accompany as such feathers. Pearls add a touch of color to the dreamcatcher.

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Therefore, they are a fashion accessory that symbolizes beauty. On the other hand, the beads are also used to illustrate the good dreams versus nightmares. They are therefore a way to attract good things in his life.

The dream catcher tattoo as a symbol of the hippie culture and bohemian chic


All its meanings dream catcher tattoo also combine with another aspect, that of the role of ethnic decoration and nature in the culture of the 20th century. The drawings and dream catcher images are widely regarded today as from the culture of North America.

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Some say the origins of this object back to the Ojibwe people who lived in a region north of the Rio Grande river in the United States and Canada. This people had a legend of the Spider Woman capable of protecting children. The dream catcher with a spider web was made as a symbolic image of the woman to protect adults and children in their sleep.


The culture of the North American people greatly influenced the fashion of the hippie and bohemian decor. It is there especially through many symbols and ethnic-inspired accessories. It is especially during the 60s and 70s of the 20th century that the drawings and tattoos catches dream began to be attached to the hippie and boho chic.

Customize woman tattoo inspired by the dream catcher designs


The dream catcher is a very popular female tattoo lately. Achievable in various formats, it can be worn on all parts of the body. If this pattern of body art tempts you, remember that you can imagine different ways to customize your tattoo dream catcher.

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In addition to the circle, cloth, feathers and beads, one can also opt for protective animals accompanying the classic elements of a dream catcher. Examples of such animals are the wolf and lion. And since the dream catcher tattoo is largely associated with femininity, many girls choose to complement it with other female symbols such as flowers. The rose is a classic and timeless choice.


Finally, be aware that, like any other tattoo woman, one of the dreamcatcher also lends itself to customization through various messages. These are sometimes included within the circle of dream catcher, sometimes around him. You decide what message you want to burn and to find the best location!


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