Finger Tattoo: ideas for a discreet and stylish tattoo –

Finger Tattoo: ideas for a discreet and stylish tattoo

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The finger tattoo is small, discreet and elegant. For over 25 years, tattooing has been democratized and today adorns the body more and more people. This is seen as a mark of style or simply the desire to be different and modern.

Very often, we choose to be tattooed to mark a point in our lives of great importance. We have already discussed the finger tattoo that replaces wedding rings. In this publication, we will expand this theme by showing you our selection of pictures of small tattoos fingers simply original and cute.

Finger Tattoo: small, discreet, stylish


The fingers - we use it every day. One writes, one factory, one catches things, we eat, we dress ... we really use them all the temps.Voici why, fingers - this is precious! Getting a tattoo finger then means to be always under the eyes. This area of ​​our body is easy to tattoo, but before you have to really think carefully chosen to tattoo, especially if this is permanent and therefore, for life.

original tattoo small tattoo finger

Getting started with tattoo finger tattoo

It's your first tattoo? Wondering if it's a good idea? If you are really sure / e in your choice, the answer is yes! It is always better to start his first steps with a small tattoo tattoo. The chosen location depends on your desires you want a discreet tattoo and some intimate or you prefer to be visible? The finger belong to the category of areas of the body visible especially when your tattoo is on the side of the phalanges.

finger tattoo heart romantic idea tattoo

Tattoos - a history that evolves

Long tattoos were associated with criminals and sailors. The fingers of Russian criminals, being a very visible area of ​​the body, were often tattooed, for example. The tattoo served (and still serves) to demonstrate his gang and his personal history - skills, beliefs, worldview etc. Tattoos have been so long associated with deviance and crime. Well, not anymore! The tattoo is now seen by many as a art and the desire to beautify the body with a nice original tattoo.

The meanings are often personal and have nothing to do with the old interpretations. The collective consciousness has fortunately evolved in recent years. We are no longer shocked to see a tattooed person. Hooray! It is still advised that you fill in on the old interpretations of some tattoos, especially if you tattoo a visible area of ​​the body. Some people are always reserved compared to tattoos.

finger tattoo little minimalist discreet tattoo

Foresee retouching

It uses fingers every day and are often washed with soap and water. So it makes sense that even if the tattoo ink is durable, you will need to regularly provide touch up sessions with your tattoo artist. Know that the finger is also one of the areas of the most painful body tattoo. The closer the skin is the bones, the more painful it is!

finger tattoo discreet little tattoo idea tattoo

Inquire before to choose your tattoo - a necessary step

A geometric tattoo, heart tattoo, a Viking tattoo, a tattoo flower or tree - the choices are truly numerous. How to choose yours? Well, choose a tattoo that matches your needs and your personality. If you've finally decided on a permanent tattoo, keep in mind that it's a brand you'll wear forever. First tattoo? Start by choosing a small minimalist tattoo you will develop progressively.

tattoo finger-heart-idea

A geometric tattoo? Great ! Circle, triangle or square, while geometric tattoo is modern, discreet and very elegant. The circle represents infinity, completeness, the cycle life. small-tattoo-circle-finger tattoos

A triangle tattoo? The triangle is different from the circle because it has a orientation. Under his guidance, its meaning changes. Facing up, it represents Mars, symbolizing the masculine, paternity, dynamic. Positioned upside, it symbolizes the feminine, calm, maternity, passivity. Finger tattoo on the image below is composed of two small triangles facing upwards. This tattoo can be interpreted as desire to demonstrate masculine strength of his mind.

triangle-small-tattoo-finger-minimalistoriginal-tattoo-idea alliance-ringFeel like a third eye?finger-tattoo-delta-eye

The tree finger tattoo

is also very stylish. Each tree has a different meaning. The palm, for example, symbolizes energy, sun, vitality. Some say it also represents success. The pine Partners with vitality and persistence, birch is the heavenly, the oak - majesty. No matter what tree you choose, they all have one thing in common: they symbolize the splendid nature.

We particularly like the constellation tattoo. It's really very beautiful and discreet. You can of course tattoo you the constellation of your astrological sign.

tattoo finger-constellation original

A heart tattoo? Very romantic ! You found the love of your life? Tattoo you both a small heart on the finger. Love forever !

finger tattoo-heart-little-finger tattoo

The arrow tattoo is also very common. What it symbolizes? It is often associated with the bow to pull. Indeed, just as like the bow, the arrow is an ancient symbol. The arrow has various interpretations. She joins the male, to the shrine, love, speed. One of the most popular tattoos is that of a heart with arrow.

tattoo-arrow-small-tattoo-finger-original idea

The permanent tattoo scares you? You often change your mind and hesitate if the permanent tattoo is for you? Do not worry ! You can always try a temporary tattoo and go after a permanent tattoo. Henna Tattoo, tattoo tattoo pen, tattoo sticker - there are many possibilities. Henna lasts about 5 days, while the other options usually last two or three. There are a few years, two Canadian found the solution to create a temporary tattoo that lasts two weeks. You can choose from over 300 models and order online. If this temporary tattoo tent option, we invite you to visit their website / online store inkbox.

Tattoo pineapple? Why not ! pineapple-tattoo-idea-finger-finger-tattoo

Sun and Moon
tattoo finger-original-moon-sun

Tree and owltattoo-shaft-tattoo-finger-idea

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