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Dining yellow room: the very warm examples

dining room fixture yellow chairs

Dining yellow eat: give new life to an essential part of the house. Yellow, feng shui is a color that makes friendliness, sociability and dialogue.

It is a color that brings joy and dynamism. In some cultures, yellow was the color reserved for emperors and other high dignitaries.

A well stylized yellow dining room

dining room wallpaper yellow

In interior decoration, yellow helps make a brighter room. Yellow is a strong color that attracts attention, but nice because it blends well with other colors, and can be used with black or white. A yellow dining room is like having the sun at his table. But attention to the choice of shades, there are electric or neon yellow which may cause fatigue you even before you have passed the second layer.

A lovely shade of yellow prevails in this dining room

dining chairs yellow lighting

Yellow and white are delicate shades that can tend to be monotonous if they are not well developed. If you decide for a yellow dining room, pay attention to the tone of the furniture you will place in front. We need the contrast comes the furniture, opt for example crude wooden furniture in dark colors like mahogany, burl, cherry, walnut or rosewood, to name a few.

The walls painted yellow radiate hospitality

dining room spacious yellow

For a yellow dining room, you can of course keep your white walls, and play exclusively on the decor, fabrics, cushions or furniture. To give your room a somewhat eclectic look, feel free to use different shades of yellow. Put the yellow in your curtains, the carpet, like wallpaper, and on the cushions of the couch. Yellow is ideal if your dining room is a bit dark, or exposed to the north. Remember that yellow is a color that calls, use it sparingly and balance.

marine style, slightly rustic but contemporary

dining marine style wood furniture

A yellow ceiling for a room with white walls

dining room yellow ceiling

Shades of yellow in harmony with all

dining room yellow shades

The yellow carpet sharing decoration

dining room wall blue yellow carpet

A modern dining room with black and yellow

black yellow dining room dining room luxury yellow tint riach design architects dining modern design dining room dining room chairs yellow industrial loft styledeco room idea has yellow eat dining chairs yellow room dining chairs yellow colorees table dining room yellow

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