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imitation parquet tile 48 awesome ideas

tiles imitation parquet floor coating design idea mirage idea

When we think of covering our soil and our walls, often considering two alternatives: either tiled or wooden flooring. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The tiles are durable and modern. It comes in variety of styles, colors and patterns. It is ideal for the bathroom and toilet. Wood, meanwhile, is natural and provides a touch of warmth in the room. And if you want a flooring that combines the warmth of natural wood to specifications tiles?

porcelain tiled effect flooring design idea exterior coating ground wood furnishings

Have you ever heard of imitation parquet tiles ? It has all the technical features of a modern tile. In addition it has the aesthetics and the authentic charm of natural wood. To illustrate this contemporary wedding, we selected more than 48 examples bathrooms, living rooms, dining room and bedroom furnished with porcelain stoneware tiles imitating wood to perfection.

imitation parquet tiles by Marazzi

tiles imitation wood flooring design flooring design concept restaurant marazzi development

Today, we present six Italian companies specialized in manufacturing design porcelain stoneware tiles. All with great expertise and offering collections of faux wood tiles. We begin by presenting you the Marazzi company, Mirage Atlas Concorde and end with ABK, Vives and Fap Ceramiche.

gray imitation parquet tiles by Marazzi

imitation tile flooring wood design idea marrazi living room furnishings

Marazzi is a company recognized internationally, specializing in the manufacture and sale of ceramic tiles. This manufacturer has a wide variety of porcelain stoneware flooring and crystallized stoneware, as well as mosaics, marble, granite, natural stone and others. On their website, you can discover the wide range of colors, sizes, thicknesses and designs. The strength of the company is that it offers both ceramic high-quality products while paying attention to the environment.

dark wood floors imitation tiles by Mirage company

tiles wood effect flooring idea floor lounge coating

Mirage is a company specialized in coating projects floor and walls in porcelain stoneware. For 40 years, the company is present in more than 130 countries worldwide. Through its expertise and its know-how, designs Mirage ceramic solutions while maintaining a sensitivity to the environment. Noon Their collection is a collection that combines the warmth of natural wood with the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware. It comes in 5 colors, 2 finishes and 3 sizes. Porcelain stoneware is very resistant and compact material. It can imitate not only wood but also the concrete and slate. Porcelain stoneware is a material from the mixture of clay and silica.

appointed lounge with imitation parquet floor, design Atlas Concorde

porcelain tile effect parquet floor lounge coating interior design

The Italian company Atlas Concorde is one of the largest players in the ceramics market. Synonymous with quality, style and technology, the company offers a wide range of ceramic and porcelain tiles. Their collection includes Noce Hickory stoneware imitating wood floors. They also offer fabulous imitation marble look, stone, cement, texture, and a variety of colors. All their products are qualified and have a finely worked aesthetics.

Bathroom with tiled porcelain flooring effect, Atlas Concorde

bathroom porcelain tile flooring idea atlas consistent design imitation

modern and functional space covered with porcelain tile flooring effect, Atlas Concordeporcelain tile design modern interior design wood effect atlas concorde

The wood look porcelain coating is a perfect solution for outdoor use. The latter, often exposed to moisture, requires the use of strong, durable materials.

Tile flooring porcelain effect, Atlas ConcordeOutdoor wood flooring modern design imitation tile

Tiles imitation parquet with aged look by ABK

lounge tiled floor coating wood look old idea

ABK is a producer specialized in the sector of the ceramic coating. The company also produces floor tiles porcelain stoneware. Internationally recognized since 1992 the company manufactures products and modern design thanks to its strategy focusing on aesthetics and quality. Aside from imitation parquet coatings, the company also offers coating marble and stone effect. signed Quality: Made in Italy!

Dining room furnished with antique flooring tile appearance by Ceramica Vives

parquet tile design distressed effect living room idea coating

Vives Azulejos y Gres is a company specialized in the manufacture of ceramic products. It produces china, enameled stoneware, porcelain tiles and special pieces. The ideology of the company is based on continuous research in order to anticipate market trends and new technologies. The company is also known with their environmental policy. She regularly invests in environmental protection. To make their sandstone floors and coating in red paste, they still use local materials and recycled materials.

gray flooring tiles imitating by Cerdomus

bathroom flooring idea bathtub deco tiles imitation wood

Cerdomus The company is a major player in the production of porcelain stoneware. The Italian manufacturer is working with many partners internationally. Dynamic, innovative and modern, the company offers a range of all products made in Italy. Cerdomus was founded in 1969 by Cesare Biancini, son of the sculptor Angelo Biancini. Initially, the company works with glazed tiles. Gradually, she goes to a new technique for fast cooking with white paste. It was only in 1996 that the production with porcelain for Cerdomus begins. The company does not stop to evolve and seek new technological solutions to improve the everyday.

Tile imitating wood by Marazzi

Modern design room Interior Round coffee deco tiling wood effect table marazzi

FAP Cermaiche belongs to one of the biggest names in ceramic production sector, Gruppo Concorde. The history of the company starts to the 60s with over 50 years experience in the manufacture of the coating solutions of soil and wall design, today the company is a major player in the ceramic market. All their products are signed: 100% made in Italy.

Tile imitating the effect of wood Italian design Cermaiche FAP

tiled flooring tiles imitation Italian design

Discover remaining suggestions of the six tile companies ceramic and porcelain imitating wood:

faux wood tile bathroom

tile imitation parquet ideas shower coating

The great advantage of imitation parquet tile is its easy maintenance. On the one hand, the timber is a material having a unique aesthetic. On the other hand, it requires special care. While the tile is very durable and easy to clean. Through imitation parquet floor, you can enjoy the aesthetics of wood and easy maintenance tiles at a time.

tiles imitating idea for parquet flooring and wall

tile imitation wood parquet tiles

The aesthetics of the wood grain tiles is so hard that it is difficult to believe that it is not wooden floors.

Decoration furniture and covering with tiles imitating wood

imitation parquet tiles coating wood floor

kitchen flooring tiles imitating wood

parquet kitchen floor tiles imitation tile

Light wood imitation by Marazzi

imitation wood tiling marazzi modern idea lounge floor coating design

gray imitation parquet tiles by Marazzi Design

gray imitation tile flooring design lounge chair design wood table marazzi

dark wood imitation parquet tiles by Marazzi

imitation tile dark brown wooden floor design leather sofa lounge marazzi

light wood flooring imitation by Marazzi

tile design idea coating floor lounge imitation parquet wood marazzi lounge

Beige and gray, Marazzi

imitation tile flooring bedroom idea coating bed cushions white coffee nightstand

gray imitation parquet tiles by Marazzi

imitation tile design idea interior wooden table wooden white chair marazzi

Coffee fitted with tiles imitating parquet beige, Marazzi

imitation tile flooring beige design idea wooden table white wooden chair design marazzi

Even up close, the coating seems made of wood and not of stoneware.

tiles imitation wood black designer coffee table design idea marazzi lounge flooring

coating tile floor idea imitation wood floor covering interior design living room

wood flooring tiles imitation wood floor idea interior design marazzi coating

Fitted inside with wood imitation tile Marazzi tile design idea imitation wood floor covering design marazzi

tiled effect flooring marazzi modern interior design

Tile porcelain flooring effect by Atlas Concorde

porcelain tiled effect flooring wood furnishings design interior wood floor coating atlas concorde

Bedroom with tiled flooring effect Mirage

tiled effect flooring wood design idea bedroom bed headboard wooden wall decor wood look tile idea interior living room flooring plant modern decor idea

wood appearance tile design modern wood floor coating mirage idea wooden chair bed cushions

coating tile floor idea woodgrain design room Interior design floor coating

tiles wood effect flooring living idea couch cushions white wooden table chair white chair

inside white appearance design tile floor wall covering table chair design room decorative wall luminaire suspension coating bedroom floor tiles imitation wood flooring design idea

We love this imitation wood coating with aged effect by Ceramica Vives: aged wood look tile bathroom floor covering idea dining chair wood dining table decoration idea

We see this in a rustic interior or industrial style.

flooring tiles imitation aged idea dining room flooringtiled effect flooring wood floor living room design idea wall coating bathroom tile effect flooring tiles imitation wood mirror shower

tiling wood dining room idea indeed fake wood floor coatingtiles wood look design bathroom flooring

The bathroom is a part of our large house. We often feel the wooden dress to give it a homey feel. Unfortunately, wood is certainly not the most suitable material for this part. Fortunately, contemporary manufacturers have invented the imitation wood coating. Vives innovations!

bathroom coated with gray wood effect tiles

wood look tile bathroom shower idea floor coating tiled effect flooring idea bathroom design coveringstiled effect flooring idea interior bathroom flooring tile design wood effect Cerdomus planning room lamps idea tub baths interior bathroom tiled floor white gray wood effect coating design bathroom idea false floor flooring coating

Living room with tiled flooring effect Ceramica Vives

wood look tile living idea coating white sofa Design coffee table red

tiles imitation wood floor bathroom floor covering idea

floor coating bathroom tile wall wood effect

imitation parquet tile 48 awesome ideas

parquet design imitation porcelain stoneware

imitation parquet tile 48 awesome ideas

imitation parquet tile 48 awesome ideas

exterior wood parquet tile imitation

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