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Vinyl floor tile cement imitation: retro and modern

imitation vinyl floor tile cement idea

The vinyl floor tile cement imitation is back! Inspired by the subtle beauty of Moroccan tiles, cement tiles are again place in modern living spaces.

This time in a form easier to install, maintain and less costly. Discover our selection of 30 cement floor tile imitation of ideas as well as our advice and pricing information.vinyl ideas soil cement tile imitation

First, we will see what are the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl floor tile cement imitation. Thereafter, we will present other imitation cement tile solutions carpets, tiles, wallpaper, tiles and other adhesive.

tile cement-design-model-idee

The flooring is essential for any room - its color, its maintenance, its look. No matter what part of your living space it is, living room, dining room or the bathroom, cement tiles embellish any interior. They dress not only the floor but also the walls, backsplash in the kitchen and even countertops. cement tiles and original patterns are being very attractive for many people. At once retro and modern, it installs them everywhere: in the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and even the bedroom.

vinyl floor lounge cement tile imitation

Want to revamp your home without spending much money and no heavy work? The imitation coating cement tiles come in many colors, patterns and forms and allow you to refresh the decor of your home.

gray imitation vinyl floor living room white cement tile

If you simply want to refresh your interior, there is no need to dress all your cement floor tiles. You can do it only for an area to define a specific space: the kitchen island, entry, fire etc. It can also be installed as floor mats to create a beautiful decorative accent. Even in small quantities, the price of cement tiles remains quite high. Fortunately, there are other more economical solutions that mimic successfully authentic beauty of cement tiles.

vinyl soil cement tile imitation

Vinyl: the universal solution at a low price that allows you to enjoy the authentic look of cement tiles, but modernized. Vinyl is indeed a chameleon material. Sometimes it imitates wood, sometimes it mimics tile cements. It takes many forms and its great advantage is always easy maintenance. Vinyl is available in a wide variety of colors, textures, finishes. Moreover, it is durable and very resistant. It is often seen in outdoor design as flooring terrace or balcony. The price of vinyl imitation cement tiles varies from 10 to 32 euros per square meter.

design imitation-tile-to-tile cement

Choose vinyl imitation cement tiles to coat the floor of her kitchen, a lounge, dining room or other room, is an economic and aesthetic wise choice.

interior-design-sol-sol-vinyl-tile imitation of cement

The adhesive tiles are the second most frequent choice when it comes to choosing an option imitating cement tiles. Visually, they have the same look, it is only touched one feels the difference between adhesive tiles and floor tiles true. Such as vinyl, adhesive tiles are easy to maintain and cheap compared with the price of real cement tiles.

vinyl floor blue cement tile imitation

The tiles imitating cement tiles: another practical and economical choice. Its price is higher than that of vinyl, but still quite accessible to small budgets. The tiles imitation cement tiles can dress up the floor and walls. For the kitchen backsplash, it is preferred wallpaper. This will spoil faster than the tiles.

living-wall ideas-cement tiles imitation

Floor mats: another option to enjoy the beautiful grounds of cement tiles at low prices. The great advantage of floor mats is that you can install it everywhere. When you want to change your decor, you remove it, you find him another location or storing.

soil vinyl imitation blue cement tile

If you want to dress up your kitchen backsplash or wall of your pieces in cement tiles, there is a third option of imitation: the wallpaper. We love the fabulous blue backsplash of this contemporary look of kitchen:

vinyl soil cement tile imitation

What cement tile? The cement tile is a type of coating of colored cements. Its manufacturing technique, appeared for the first time in the mid-19th century France, is unique because it does not require cooking. Cement tiles are actually made using a hydraulic press.

cement tile flooring idea

The Holy Nail company offers a range of aspects of flooring solutions cement tiles: vinyl, tile, laminate flooring.

coating-tiling-floor-vinyl imitation

What it owes its charm cement tile? It is thanks to its varied and unique patterns that is so appreciated by contemporary designers and design lovers. It is able to embellish and bring a touch of incomparable originality to any room.

vinyl slanted entrance cement tile

A contemporary kitchen backsplash dressed in imitation tile cement tiles: a beautiful decorative accent, but not only, it is very convenient when cooking. The tile is easier to maintain and more durable than wallpaper.kitchen backsplash idea-basement-vinyl-tile imitation-of-cementPhoto and source: Team kitchen imitation tile cement-ideePhoto and source: Team

A kitchen with floor covered with cement tiles: this is a dream! To a large kitchen or medium, this coating require a significant investment. With imitation cement tiles options (vinyl, tile, tile adhesive), enjoy beautiful artistry of the tiles is possible even for those on a budget.

design imitation-idea-design-sol-vinyl-tile imitation of cementPhoto and source: Team

What motive and what color to choose to dress her floor or walls? Pick-lez depending on the style and furniture already in your room. If it already has a well-defined style and several accents deco colors and patterns, it is better to opt for a clean look cement tile imitation black and white or gray and white.

If the opposite is true and you enjoy a clean space where the decor is very present and you want them to add a little color, so opt for an imitation floor tiles with colored patterns.

design-vinyl-vinyl floor tile imitation-de-ground cement Interior-design-cement tiles imitationPhoto and source: Team

What a great imitation cement tiles in blue and white, look: idea-tile-sol-sol-vinyl imitation imitation

Integrating an imitation cement tile floor in his living space is rather easy. His aesthetic adapts well to many different design styles: industrial, minimalist, modern and even classic. Below, we see an interior room with industrial style workspace that has integrated flooring imitation gray and white cement tile. interieur-industrial-design-imitation-tiles of cement

What imitation coating cement tiles for the bathroom? In the bathroom, we opt for tiles or vinyl. This piece is very often exposed to moisture and both materials are the only ones who can no problems resist water. bath-tub-idee-ground vinyl imitation-tile-to-cement

The imitation coating cement tiles is often used to define and visually separate open space. This is the case of modern living, pictured below, which was defined by the installation of a floor and original wall cladding. This coating created the impression of a cocoon and welcoming. When you live in a very open space, it is often necessary to look for visual separation of practical solutions.

lounge imitation tile-of-cement-ideas

You will not believe, but the cement tiles imitation coating, pictured below, was handmade by the owners of this house!

coating-soil-vinyl-tile imitation-de-cement tiles

A contemporary living room that takes advantage of the beauty of the cement tile patterns in small steps. It's stylish! The floor of this room was dressed tiles in light and dark gray. The space around the sofa and coffee table, was visually separated by laying a tile row imitation cement tiles. This interior room is seen very harmonious and trendy.

ground-vinyl-tile imitation-of-cement-design-ideaPhoto and source: Team

The blue coated white graphic pattern you see pictured below, was indeed homemade. And yes, it is even possible to create oneself its own coating imitation cement tiles! All you need is the motivation, time and someone to give you a hand.tile-to-cement overhang idea-sol-vinyl imitation

You got it: the cement tiles are back and very fashionable. We increasingly see them in modern interiors, but in a more modernized form - vinyl, tile, wallpaper. Which option you choose depends on. It is advisable to compare in real life, to see the visual differences and touched. In any case, enjoy the beautiful patterns of cement tiles at affordable prices and you will not need to invest in labor because it is easy to ask yourself.

sol-vinyl-tile imitation of cement

Vinyl floor tile cement imitation: a beautiful set of patterns and colors

tile-to-cement-imitation idea-interior-coating-soil

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