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outdoor flooring: choose the best space – 23 ideas

outdoor flooring idea original garden

If you are looking for lа d`idées outdoor flooring, this article is for you! You will contemplate a beautiful collection of photos, and find, no doubt, your inspiration.

A wooden flooring, stone or paved - c`est your choice. You need to spend just a few minutes to find out what suits you best. So enjoy!

outdoor flooring - style for your garden

coating ground-outside-original-idea-paved

If you choose to have a outdoor flooring pavers, you n`allez not regret. Such a coating, with paved properly installed, can hold hundreds d`année still. In addition, a solution that respects c`est l`environnement, and requires no maintenance. You can also make beautiful decorations pavers of different colors, so d`apporter more freshness in your space. So enjoy!

outdoor flooring - a nice mix between tiles and the grass

coating ground-outside-original idea-great-tiles

Concrete tiles are also a very good option. You can embellish your outdoor flooring leaving the space between the tiles so that the grass can grow. Thus, you will beautify your outdoor flooring d`une naturally. Of course, if you prefer sleek options you n`avez that look at the picture below; you can also add stone balls as qu`accents on the floor. Whether you are looking d` coating ideas of soil in your garden or terrace, you will find full d`idées for ideas. Dare also make beautiful combinations, and create a space full of comfort!

stone balls for the garden

coating ground-outside-original-idea-great-rectangular tile-shaped

Geometric shapes for your floor exterior coating

coating ground-outside-original-idea-stones-geometric shape

Allow yourself to your imagination and create nice shapes for your floor exterior coating!

coating ground-outside-original-idea-stones-chairs metal

nice carpet stone

coating ground-outside-original-idea-stones-border brick

stone cladding for garden steps

coating ground-outside-view-original-garden vegetation

Beautiful exterior cladding for garden l`allée

coating ground-outdoor-garden idea original alley-vegetation

The wood covering - always in fashion!

coating ground-outside-original idea terrace wood-bankiraï

Pebbles as a decoration in your garden

coating ground-outside-original-idea-rollers tiles

Ball stone and pebbles to beautify the floor of the terrace

coating ground-outside-original-idea-pebble tiles

coating ground-outside-original-idea-rollers

coating ground-outside-original-idea-forms, geometrical

coating ground-outside-original-idea-form geometric-stone garden

coating ground-outside-original-idea-sheets

coating ground-outside-view-original-tile-vegetation

coating ground-outside-view-original-tile-square-stone

coating ground-outdoor-wood-original-idea-bankiraï

covering ground outside original idea alley-garden

coating ground-outside-view-original-tile

coating ground-outside-original-idea-alley-garden vegetation

coating ground-outside-original-idea luxury-style garden

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