Modern carpet striped in black and white –

Modern carpet striped in black and white

Modern carpet white black stripes offices

The modern carpet is a good way to complete your interior decoration or exterior. We invite you to discover the striped white and black carpet. In the world of design and fashion, there are combinations of colors and shapes are timeless.

The carpet with black and white stripes is just a timeless object that can ally with a variety of decorations and decorate several spaces of your home. Not convinced? Here is the proof in pictures!

Living room with modern carpet in black and white stripes

carpet modern living room black white stripe

The natural place of a black and white striped modern rug is the living room. When it is decorated in white, this type of carpet is an artistic and beautiful addition to the rest of the furniture. In this case, it can focus on its look with cushions laid on a couch. striped cushions are a good choice, but you can also choose those red or even those with other geometric shapes. You can see examples of nice visual effect of such a decoration on basqui follow in pictures

Scandinavian living room with modern carpet in black and white

Scandinavian modern striped carpet Deco

The carpet striped in black and white is often associated with the decor, trendy, so-called "Nordic" or "Nordic". And for good reason: this type of interior decoration is relieved of view of all the useless ornaments, but beautiful and bright. The dominant white and pale wood that are typical for Scandinavian interiors are accented by the rug. Watch the show on the picture above, is it not as informed by the perfect combination of black and white?

modern carpet in black and white stripes Stockholm Ikea

Scandinavian white black carpet deco salon

If you think a modern carpet in black and white would not be appropriate for other spaces in your home, you will probably change your mind by discovering our decorative proposals below. You will be convinced that this type of carpet may well be part of the decor of a bedroom and even in rooms for children and babies. Yes, its timeless look also suits the decor of a wooden deck, as you'll see in our gallery!

Carpet with black and white stripes for modern living

modern design exhibitions carpet

Dining room with modern carpet in black and white

Modern carpet white black ikea

modern carpet in black and white with harmonized wooden table

carpet lined ground white black wood tables

Bedrooms with modern striped carpet

striped rug bedroom design

Bedroom decor with black and white striped carpet

mat rooms modern black white decoration

Modern Carpets in black and white stripes in a bright dining room

mat white dining room

Modern striped rug for dining Scandinavian style

Scandinavian modern design rugs Dining

mat black to white lounge

idea to design living room carpet

carpet salon white black cushions

floor mats modern sofa cushions salons

terrace carpet outside black white decorations

design carpets for floor seating

deco ikea carpet stripes Scandinavian interior

carpet striped black white blue interior decor floor

floor dining room modern white furniture

carpet modern bedroom floor

Scandinavian modern lounges striped rug

floor mats Scandinavian leather furniture for living room

modern Scandinavian office checkerboard carpet

large checkerboard rugs design exhibitions

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