Industrial suspension: 50 ideas and models within –

Industrial suspension: 50 ideas and models within

Industrial suspension decorating ideas

The industrial-style decor is increasingly present. Here are our ideas of "industrial" suspension to complement the interiors decorated in this style. In the past, the decoration in this style was mainly reserved for bars, restaurants and cafes.

Today, she is conquering new areas, such as kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. We also discover the industrial style accessories in other rooms of the house, such as the bedroom. With this article, we offer some decorating ideas for these areas and you do discover suspension models "industrial" design.

Industrial luminaire suspension: suitable for all spaces

home interior decoration industrial design

The pendant light is an essential feature of industrial design. It comes in sizes and in different sizes to suit the tastes and different needs. Lamps suspended Industrial Design are generally made of metal, copper or glass. They come in different colors: natural shades of metal and copper with dark, traditional tone for the accessories of Industrial Design. Like other suspended luminaires, these lamps can be used in different ways in the most diverse areas.

Light industrial suspended Aldo Bernardi: decorating idea in the kitchen

industrial kitchen decoration suspension

The kitchen is often open industrial style and has, frequently, a bar or a central island around which is organized the triangle of activity in this space. Here, one can place industrial suspensions over the bar or center island for an effect that reminds us of old countertops in cafes or bistros.

Industrial suspension of the collection I Lustri by Aldo Bernardi and decorating idea for dining

industrial suspensions lamps

In the dining room, industrial suspension can become accent, placed in the space above the table. Moreover, here, as in the kitchen of industrial design, we can use some sort of larger suspension or series of lighting such small, as seen in the picture above.

decorative idea for living and industrial lamp suspension

Deco black industrial lamp idea

In the living room, the suspension can enhance the decorative elements of vintage industrial style, such as brick walls and metal furniture. The enhancement effect can be obtained, firstly by lighting: for example, the decoration can be designed space so that the industrial suspension illuminates a part of the decoration is desired to transform accent. On the other hand, industrial suspension is often a thin, elegant form, allowing you to play with the more sober atmosphere of the rest of the elements in the room.

Industrial suspended lamps Ideas: Tosca, Iola and Tesa by Aldo Bernardi

industrial style pendant lamps

As we have said, the decor in industrial style has now won as the bedroom and there are elements of the same industrial design in the bedrooms modern or vintage. So why not use one or more industrial suspensions in this space? If you like this idea and if you are wondering how to use a hanging lamp in a bedroom, here are some suggestions.

Suspension and industrial decoration idea for bedroom

B luminaire vintage industrial design

First, the suspensions can be placed in the space around the bed There, you can install two suspensions in the space above the bedside tables, which is a good solution for bedrooms small. Second, this kind of lamp may be suspended in space around a console or on top of a small table in a room or suite.

Bedroom with industrial lamps suspended

ideas industrial suspensions

Pretty, delicate and elegant, this suspension luminaire can complete industrial style decor in every room of the house. At the same time, it blends perfectly with vintage or modern style decorations and saves space in the rooms where you can not use uplights. Discover all our ideas of brands and industrial models suspension in the gallery above!

Industrial suspended by Si2 intueri

industrial suspensions

Paxton industrial Suspension Glass by Pottery Barn

Industrial suspension decoration

Industrial suspended Calhoun by Pottery Barn

suspension decor industrial design

Idea of ​​industrial Lampara suspension by Fontana Arte

home interior industrial suspension

Example of industrial suspension Joseph Large EOQ

interior decoration industrial house suspension

Industrial Suspension: Heavy Metal collection Buster + Punch

interior design industrial suspension

Fuore industrial suspension luminaire Supergrau

interior design industrial suspension

Bedroom with industrial Flute Magnum suspension by Fontana Arte

Industrial suspension luminaires

Industrial pendant lamp by Arne Domus Santa Cole White

industrial white color suspension

Industrial Design Suspension by Arne Domus Santa Cole

industrial metal lamp suspension

Industrial pendant lamp Tram by Life Space Journey

luster industrial design and suspensions

Industrial suspension Stem Mount by Barn Light Electric

supendus Deco industrial design chandeliers

chandeliers hanging decoration industrial design

industrial lamps chandeliers

vintage interior luminaire suspension

Industrial Deco chandeliers and designer lamps

industrial suspensions lamps

Industrial deco pendant luminaire

industrial lamp fixture design

decor idea industrial luminaires

Industrial Design suspension interior lighting

lighting and home lighting industrial style

luminaire suspensions deco industrial kitchen

industrial interior decoration luminaire

and suspension lamp house industrial design

Deco ideas suspensions lamps industrial style

white lamp industrial fixtures

Deco chandelier house industrial design

industrial lamp house

ideas lamp industrial décor

interior lamp Industrial Design

Hanging chandeliers and industrial lamps

deco salon industrial lighting idea

interior decoration industrial luminaires

ideas industrial lighting suspension deco

Deco dining rooms inside industrial lamp

modern luminaire industrial decoration

decorative lighting industrial style dining rooms

decoration and lighting Designer pendant kitchen

kitchen decoration design industrial luminaire

Designer pendant lamps design industrial

room hanging lamps Deco vintage style

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