Chandeliers design beautiful for interior lighting –

Chandeliers design beautiful for interior lighting

Interior design chandeliers lighting idea

In the past, chandeliers operated by candles to light the homes of wealthy families. Since then, many things have changed with the evolution of morals and society, so that the fixtures of this kind are now accessible to everyone.

And, of course, their mode of operation has been improved over time to guarantee us a much more modern lighting, simpler and more secure than previously available!

design collection of chandeliers remarkable for interior lighting

kitchen design chandeliers dining room deco

The modern and contemporary design chandeliers reflect this evolution and the latest trends in interior design with, in particular, more abstract forms and manufacturing using materials which can not be expected not necessarily. Let's turn to the wonderful world of interior chandeliers that dominate the market now!

original design chandeliers: Cocoon by Romuald Stefanski

deco design modern chandeliers lighting

Cocoon Gloss by Romuald Stefanski is curious not only because of its shape but also because of the way it should come within the room. Indeed, it was designed to go down quite low, which would not be surprising if it was not so impressive size. So the combination of these two aspects, its look and its installation, which makes this pendant luminaire an interesting object, faithfully repeating like a cocoon!

Chandeliers design for lavish decor: Matheny

Interior design modern lamp chandeliers

Matheny is one such design chandeliers that are not looking to move away from the traditional concept of this type of indoor lighting. And that is precisely why it is able to attract our attention: its luxurious and sophisticated form reminds us of the town halls and salons of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Chandeliers design for convenient and efficient lighting: Charles

suspension design Lighting Fixtures

Charles is a chandelier that plot because it includes 20 lamps, half of which is oriented toward the ceiling and the other into the room the floor. In other words, the owner of this luminaire can choose to use it in two ways: to produce ambient lighting or task lighting and focused on an object located below Charles.

Modern compact appearance Chandeliers design: Ike

Design chandeliers contemporary interior fixtures

The Ike suspension is part of the series of products manufactured by means of modern and original materials. In this case, it is the copper and aluminum. Thanks to its small size and its refined form, it would be appropriate to decorate several spaces of the house, such as a dining room, a corner meal, a hallway or entrance and, why not, a wine cellar !

Contemporary Chandeliers design and sophististiqué: Cloud Seed

Lighting lamp design modern design suspension

The design Cloud Seed chandeliers comprise 112 buds cast in bronze. Each bud contains a small drop glass with LED lighting. A wonderful model for the decoration of a room or a contemporary style lounge!

Chandeliers design for luxury decor by Murano Chandeliers Rezzonico

design lamps chandeliers Baroque

Some design and modern chandeliers suspensions do not distance themselves from their predecessors. We take as evidence the beautiful series of models offered by Murano Chandeliers Rezzonico. Rich ornaments, they do not hide their source of inspiration is the Baroque style.

Modern Chandeliers design that adopt the geometric shapes: Pavuk

Lighting design industrial luminaire suspension

Modern fixtures are largely influenced by the popularity of geometric shapes and clean lines. The Pavuk suspension is a very good example.

Pendant luminaire modern vintage-inspired Angelus

Interior design modern deco chandeliers suspensions

Available in four different colors, Angelus is located halfway between the modern design and those chandeliers classic style.

Chandeliers design for a remarkable interior: collection Iron Flowers by Valentina Giovando

design lamps interior deco house

Hanging Lamp for interior inspired by the Baroque style

Interior design lamp suspended luminaire

Valentina Giovando offers us a collection of modern ceiling lights whose production is based on metal jobs. This collection is called "Iron Flowers" (Iron Flowers English) and includes, among others, Nodi, lamp made of organic materials on three levels, and Nudo, chandelier that shows off the beauty of the raw materials it is made.

delicate contemporary suspensions by Roberto Cavalli

hanging lamps modern shade

Contemporary suspended luminaires with geometric shapes

idea fixtures and lamps'interieur

If you want to amaze your family and all your guests, opt for contemporary suspensions composed of small balls by Roberto Cavalli.

Chandeliers design beautiful Liane by Emanuel Ungaro

Design chandeliers lampshade deco interior

Liane lamp Emanuel Ungaro was designed specifically to adorn rectangular shape parts, which probably determined the look of the fixture itself. This suspension design is available in neutral color or crystal amber.

Shade late for interior lighting of zen Llandro

Design chandeliers lighting lamps inside

More than just a luminaire, the suspended lamp with butterflies Llandro is a true work of contemporary art. In addition to reproduce a light and romantic, this indoor chandelier would fit very well with a Zen deco style due to its shape again amplifies the look of wind chimes.

Photo suspended lamp modern style Flowerpot

Modern design interior dome light chandeliers

Sold in a range of different colors, design chandeliers for Flowerpot would be a nice complement to a contemporary interior lighting that is simple but impressive.

Chandeliers design combined in an original suspension: During Curve Ball

interior design lighting design chandeliers

During Curve Ball is an artistic creation made up of several individual lamps of a sculptural look. Proposed by the manufacturer in different sizes, Curve During Ball can be used alone or in combination with other fixtures.

Hanging Lamp reproducing the effect of a spot lighting: Fade

Industrial lighting fixtures interior design

Ceiling Lamp Fade is designed to allow users to direct the light of a delicate and effective way, by reproducing the effect of a spot.

Original design chandeliers for inside: Flask by Tom Dixon

design house interior deco chandeliers

interior lighting Collection of modern style by Tom Dixon

Contemporary interior design chandeliers

The Flask appointed design chandeliers were invented by Tom Dixon. They are inspired containers vial kind one uses in laboratories. These ceiling lamps are part of a collection of light fixtures with cylindrical shapes, spherical and tapered that can be used together to create a really interesting effect.

stylish ceiling lamp for Nature Deco: Paper Foresti

Photo lighting interior design chandelier

Paper Foresti is a modern indoor chandelier that seems to have been inspired by the natural decor and in particular by the appearance of a tree with dense foliage. This fine and original lamp reminds us of the paper suspended Midsummer Light to which we have devoted this publication.

modern chandelier for boutique interior: Living candlestick by Koket

modern chandeliers lamps'interieur

The vintage style is very popular among contemporary designers and homeowners and that's probably why Koket had the idea to market live candlestick a chandelier that embodies the harmonious balance of elements vintage and contemporary style.

contemporary lighting and spherical shaped design suspension: Bubble candlesticks

inside lighting modern suspensions

The luminaries of Bubble series candlesticks are available in a wide range of shapes and designs that interpret in different ways the spherical shape. The beautiful balls that are at the heart of the characteristic look of this suspension can be customized using a gold or silver layer that would give this lamp even more special air.

Modern interpretation of interior chandelier spherical Giotto Burst

modern design pendant lamp lighting

Giotto Burst allows us to see another creative and unusual interpretation chandeliers composed of several spherical fixtures.

Lamps suspended for custom design lighting Mod Shakuff

modern lighting chandelier inside manufacturer

Mod is part of the design chandeliers sold Shakuff. Made up, too, in several spheres, it allows you to choose its appearance, by individually adjusting the height of each of these elements.

interior design chandelier for high ceiling spaces by Iacoli & McAllister

luminaires'interieur eclairage LED

Iacoli & McAllister created this pretty contemporary pendant metal they intend to homeowners with high ceilings.

elegant ceiling fixture Baroque-inspired Ondine

Baroque chandelier lighting inside home

If you like games of light and shadow, you can acquire Ondine, a delicate chandelier in white stems attached to a structure with 12 small bulbs shaped candles.

hanging ball lamp Chandelier Spirit for large open interior spaces

modern interior suspension lampshade

The ball is suspended named Spirit Chandelier. From a very curiously, she would enter well especially in a large open room where she could shine in all its glory.

eclectic design chandeliers to table decor dining Michael McHale

Contemporary pendant light dining room

Ceiling Lamp by Michael McHale tells us that design decorative items can combine several styles and in a successful way. It would be a nice accessory for indoor eclectic design.

Suspension with crystal, an ideal complement for rooms with luxury decor

lighting dining room ceiling lamp crystal

Luxury interior lighting and sense of splendid luster *

modern fixtures deco luxury crystal

The luxury decor relies on fabulous appearance accessories. With their magical presence, design chandeliers with Swarovski crystals are certainly worthy of such a role.

Modern Lamps kitchen interior decoration: Strinh H0 by Rotaliana

modern kitchen fixtures inside lighting

Suspensions and magnificent chandeliers design: Crystal Palace by Tom Dixon in collaboration with Swarovski

Photo ceiling lamps shade inside

* Indoor Lighting design with Swarovski crystals

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