Lighting vintage old cars or motorcycles headlights –

Lighting vintage old cars or motorcycles headlights

lighting tripod vintage motorcycle headlights

Everyone loves the headlights of old cars and motorcycles, you know, the ones that look like big eyes staring at you, and give the vehicle a human expression.

It's almost a shame that in our modern frames, designer lamps are integrated into the cover for obvious aerodynamic reasons. Fortunately, the company Urban Light Factory, based in Berlin, found an original and ecological way to get them, transforming them into design and vintage fixtures.

Lighting design and vintage

vintage fixtures exposed tripod headlights

Each lamp model is unique and comes from lighthouses left in their juice. That is to say that none of fixtures has undergone renovation, repair or painting. The first material comes from all kinds of abandoned conveyed in motor morgues: old cars, motorcycles and even tractors. These luminaires are available in different versions: hanging or tripod.

Rust original warranty

Vintage rusty fixtures hanging lights

Although the exterior is left in its original state, all wiring is replaced and all components are reassembled to answer of course to modern safety standards. What gives these lamps a truly authentic, keeping damage bygone era, claws and humps endured throughout their use on the road and in the fields.

All cables are replaced

Vintage lighting tripods flagship models

The final product is sent to customers in charming wooden boxes and recovery from discharges from industry. And the customer service is very complete: you will receive with these lamps the tools needed to replace their bulbs, and a user guide and a brochure. This brochure gives an accurate overview of the specific of each lamp lived, where it comes from, and what is its history; That is the class !

A cool wood packaging also recovered

vintage fixtures packed tripod headlights

Historic lighthouse and tools to replace the bulb

Recycling lamps vintage brochure tools

So cute !

Recycling lamps tripod vintage wooden box

Model suspended blue

Recycling blue vintage lamps suspended

The lovely patina of passing time

Vintage black headlight lamps Recycling

A BMW lamp

Recycling lamps tripod vintage bike black bmw

Vintage lamps Urban Light Factory

lamps Urban Light Factory tripod

lamps Urban Light black bmw detail

Urban Light Factory red lamps suspended

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