Ideas metal fixture contemporary and original design

mini bulbs metal luminaire

Any interior designer will tell you that lighting is something quite important to the layout and decoration of a house.

In this post we have chosen to focus on a particular type of lighting object: the metal luminaire design. We present you 30 unusual models, surprising and aesthetic of different designers.

gold metal fixture by Jean de Merry

luminaire design golden metal

elegant design chandelier by Megaluks

elegant metal luminaire design

lighting effect suspension aged by Villaverde

metal luminaire design chandelier

Black metal design chandelier by Brand Van Egmond

lamp black suspension metal

Luminaire made of black metal and glass

glass black metal luminaire

original idea of ​​orange metal luminaire

Cantilever luminaire

original design metal fixture

luminaire metal suspension

Dining room with contemporary lighting design by Mantra

Contemporary metal luminaire design

elegant chandelier outstanding design by Ingo Maurer

Contemporary metal fixture deco

glass and metal luster by Illuminati Lighting

contemporary design metal luster

metal fixture by Tom Kirk Lighting

magnificent metal luminaire design

Lighting design by unusual Serien

original design metal luminaire

development of thin metal chandelier by Foscarini

original design luminaire metal suspension

Gloss manufactured by metal son Willowlamp

large metallic luster luminaire

by Terzani

metal luster decoration idea

by Autoban

idea metal lamp bulbs

by Modiss

lamp original contemporary design

Tom Kirk Lighting

luminaire design metallic aluminum

Lou Blass

metal luminaire design

by Lirioblack metal suspension luminaire

by Quasar

metal deco salon luminaire

spherical design metal luminaire

suspended luminaire metal house

by Moooi

Contemporary spherical design luster

Gaetano Sciolarigloss silver metal Design luster metal suspension

by Gino Sarfatti

Modern metal chandelier bulbs

design silver metal suspension luminaire

metal suspension luminaire LED