iron lamp design: Wire Wonders woven iron in Forest


Today we continue with the beautiful iron about design objects. After the wrought iron furniture, here iron in lamp design, creating Forestier Paris.

What impresses right away is the extraordinary idea to superimpose woven wire and fabric scrim. We need this innovation to the founder of Bernard Forestier. Voci how it is presented by his successors: "He has a taste for beauty but also the love of the material being carved. This creative spirit shakes up tradition and brings the art of botany in the house. It gives life to wire woven objects before turning to subjects as different as rusted metal, zinc or iron to present still air creations, structured, combining poetry and humor. Over time, Forestier won by his research and his mastery of a delicate balance between nature and design, the refinement of its clean lines, its bias raw and authentic materials optimized by the work of artisans. "Today ay, twelve designers Forestier continue this tradition. The iron lamp design, like all of the company's creations reflect a poetic and aesthetic spirit. In the words of Jean Dominique Leze, "A design object is primarily a right object, beautiful, useful, quality, responding to a function. The invoice must be simple to make better use of form, the material aspect, the technological know-how and craftsmanship. "Here, for your pleasure, we present the wire fixtures woven wire collections Iron Mesh , bodyless and Antenna.

Forestier Paris - master of thread design woven iron

iron in lamp design Imperatrice Forestierexcept iron lamp design

iron in lamp design Opium

painted black iron suspended lampForestier suspension iron lamp designwire lamp woven Tibet

lamp design Tibet iron

Gloria Luster, Iron wire collection Gloria Forestier Luster

Suspension bodyless, iron design

Bodyless Forestier suspension

Bodyless collection Lamp

Lamp bodyless Forest

Table lamp collection Mesh BlackLamp Mesh Black Forest

Mesh suspension fixture designMesh Forestier suspension

Suspension, Antenna collection bunk iron son

Antenna Forestier suspension

Antenna broken lamppost in gray

lamppost Antenna Forest

Collection-Fil-de-Fer Forestier

Fil-de-Fer Forestier-lamps

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